LOTRO Mounts
Steeds Available from Events and Festivals

LOTRO Mounts from Festivals and Events

As I’ve been having issues with the “category” page for my LOTRO Mounts database, it turned out to be easier to just create a page that looks like a category one. Here are the various events and festivals in LOTRO. The sections (or tabs on larger screens) are those events I’ve currently loaded in. For all the others, you’ll need to see the specific guide for now.Some festivals have dedicated mounts pages. These group the steeds by currency type – e.g. that event’s tokens, Mithril Coin Mithril Coins and Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens.Thanks for your patience!

Festival/Event Mounts

The current or most recent event is marked with ** (assuming I’ve remembered to do so!).

Reputation Mounts

In case you’re looking for these, you can find them on my dedicated LOTRO Reputation Mounts page.

Plenty of LOTRO Mounts to Choose From!

There are so many steeds, goats, elks and Valar knows what else available. Choosing your favourite among so many LOTRO mounts will be your challenge, methinks!

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