Steed of Crystal Resolve
LOTRO 15th Anniversary Mount

Mount Description

The Steed of Crystal Resolve is a Anniversary Tokens token reward for the LOTRO Anniversary Event. In polished heavy plate, both you and your steed can charge into battle with both strength of will and style!

As well as the shiny metal, the caparison features the crystal-shaped motif, with a dwarven-inspired border along the bottom. Apart from some small pieces of plating, the tail of this Anniversary Event mount is the "natural" look.

You'll also find some handy satchels on either side (more pictures below) for those war-time provisions or... pipe-weed. You make your life choices, not me!

Extra Screenshots

Crystal Resolve War-Steed Cosmetics

I've finally had a chance to screencap the Crystal Resolve War-Steed Cosmetics, so here you go:

The prices for the individual items can be found on my Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics page.

How Well Do the War-Steed Cosmetics Dye?

Fairly well. The coloured edges around the plate metal are what dye for the most part. The caparison's fabric takes on the colour choices though, which is great. Here's a shot of the headpiece in red, the caparison in orange and the leg-guards in yellow.

Note: You cannot dye the armour parts of the tail. The dye UI for that slot affects the horse's hair colour (e.g. mane, tail and hair on the hooves, where applicable).

Extra Details

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