Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO – Explorer, Armourer and Tinker

Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO - Explorer, Armourer, Tinker Crafting

Following on from the Beginner’s Guide to Crafting in LOTRO, here I will cover three of the crafting professions: Explorer (Tailor), Armourer (Metalsmith) and Tinker (Jeweller). This means with 2 characters, if you are Free-to-Play, you can gear yourself up with 14 slots on your character sheet by making armour and jewellery! I will only […]

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Never Alone, Always Alone – Caethir – LOTRO FanFiction

Caethir: Never Alone, Always Alone - LOTRO FanFiction

Caethir’s heart was beating fast and his mind was on overdrive as the Tomb-Robbers bore down on him. His hands gripped his two swords tightly and his eyes darted between each of the assailants. “So you’re the Elf who has been leading those foolish Rangers against us!”, the apparent leader growled. “Do we kill him, […]

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A Final Act – LOTRO Yule Festival Quest-Line

A Final Act: Assist the Rich or Support the Poor?

Once you have completed the deed The More the Merrier a new Quest-line offers itself to you. This is available from almost all Quest-Givers in Winter-Home, but they send you to speak to Mary Sandydowns. This mini-story is called A Final Act. Once you accept the Quest you cannot pick up any other Yule Festival […]

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