LOTRO Beorning Class Changes – What Was Updated and How Did I Get On?

LOTRO Beorning Class Changes 2018-2019 Overview

A huge multi-stage class “re-balancing” effort by The Lord of the Rings Online has been ongoing for some time now. One of my favourite classes – that of Beorning, recently underwent multiple updates. So I want to look at the major parts of the LOTRO Beorning class changes and how I feel playing my Bears […]

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The Futility of War – LOTRO FanFiction

The Futility of War - LOTRO FanFiction based in Annùminas

Chaos reigned supreme in Annùminas. While the Dùnedain, accompanied by the occasional Elf or human ally, fought bravely, they also fell bravely. And often, Callodhir mused, too easily. He was stood on a crumbling wall, surveying the battle below in order to pass messages back to the camp. His head was pounding, threatening to cave […]

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