How to Make Mara Sandydowns’ Frostbluff Outfit in LOTRO

LOTRO How to Make Mara Sandydowns outfit from Frostbluff

The Hobbit Mara Sandydowns is one of the first people you see when you first visit Winter-home. Wrapped in warm clothes (even shoes!), she can found constantly warming her hands at the fire while she helps people with Yule Festival. Since I first played Yule Festival probably four years ago I wanted to make Mara […]

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LOTRO Dualboxing – How to Set it Up and Why I Prefer the term Duoquesting

LOTRO Dualboxing (Multiboxing), How to get started with Duoquesting

Since very early in my adventures in The Lord of the Rings Online MMO, a rather unique feature intrigued me. That was the ability for one player to simultanously control more than one character in the game world at the same time on the same computer. The term “multiboxing” often has negative connotations, but this […]

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Bree Worryingly Subdued – Caethir LOTRO FanFiction

Bree Worryingly Subdued - Caethir LOTRO FanFiction

Lore Note: This episode takes place two mornings after the attack of the Nazgul on the Prancing Pony as they search for the Hobbits.___Dawn broke with an apparent sluggishness and an unwillingness to yet again banish the darkness. The mist over the Barrow Downs was clearing but the howls and cries of the night still […]

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24 Positive Life Lessons from Gaming in MMOs

Positive Life Lessons in Games - a Gamer's Perspective

It comes in waves, but gaming rarely gets positive media attention. Whether it’s the latest in the lootbox saga or games being blamed for allegedly altering human behaviour, the perception being published is that gaming is mostly negative. In reality, gaming – both as a passtime or as a career – is a life choice […]

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