Caethir – Time to Regroup – LOTRO Fan Fiction

Caethir - Time to Regroup - LOTRO Fan Fiction in Evendim

Caethir rode into the refuge of Tinnudir, his tattered black cape billowing out behind him, after thwarting another raid of the local tombs by the robbers and brigands. A seemingly relentless tide of a people bent on looting the dead for their own enrichment. It wasn’t so much the loss of valuable items that caused […]

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LOTRO Fall Festival 2017 Guide – Celebrate Harvest in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Fall Festival 2017 Guide

Autumn has come to Middle Earth! Along with another bumper Harvest comes the LOTRO Fall Festival! This event is jam-packed (hmm, jam) with activities, jokes to play and a scary, haunted burrow which has mysteriously appeared under Bag End. So time to put down your swords, shields and armour and enjoy the festivities of the […]

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Bingo Boffin Seeks Treasure in the Lone Lands! Story and Puzzle Solutions!

The Ballad of Bingo Boffin in the Lone Lands - Time to Seek Treasure!

Recovered from his drunken ‘illness’ at the Prancing Pony in Bree-land, Bingo Boffin finds himself at the Forsaken Inn on the edge of the Lone Lands. He can’t quiet believe the difference between the festival feeling at the Pony compared to the ‘dark and dreary’ feel of the Forsaken Inn! However there are some very […]

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