How to Make LOTRO Outfits Guide – With and Without Wardrobe

How to make LOTRO Cosmetic Outfits - With and Without Wardrobe

When I first started playing LOTRO, I was really confused to find a “Cosmetics” vendor. Playing a male Hobbit, I didn’t check what that vendor sold. To me “cosmetics” meant “makeup”. It was only after I joined a kin that I was gently informed that cosmetics underpinned the entire outfitting system in LOTRO! So, to […]

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Wood Elf at Heart – LOTRO Outfit for a Female Character (Race of Man)

Wood-Elf at Heart - LOTRO Outfit Idea for Woman, (Female Race of Man)

To any LOTRO players that follow my tweets about Glinmaethor, my Guardian, will understand her conflicted mind about her identity and loyalty. She is a Dùnedan Woman – so, long-lived but very much mortal. But most of her life she’s had an affinity with Elves. So here is the first of a few simple LOTRO […]

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LOTRO Farmers Faire 2020 Guide – Enjoy the new Summer Festival!

FJ's LOTRO Farmer's Faire Event Guide - vive the new Summer Festival!

From 2020, The Lord of the Rings Online merged Summer Festival into the Farmer’s Faire. This creates one huge food and fishing celebration in LOTRO! I will keep my old Summer Festival Guide running until I’ve ported all the quests into this guide. Your old Summer Fest tokens will now be Farmer’s Faire tokens and […]

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