LOTRO Barrow-Downs Explorer Deed Map

LOTRO The Barrow Downs Deed - Explore the Barrows of Bree-land

Post Sections Hide Show Need the Slayer Deed Too? The Barrow-Downs Deed → It’s an Explorer Deed in a Non-Explorer Deed’s Clothing → Which Places Do I Need To Find? Locations in the Northern Barrow-Downs → Northern Barrows → The Dead Spire → The Dead Man’s Perch Locations in the Southern Barrow-Downs → The Great […]

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LOTRO Lone-Lands Slayer Deed Map and Guide

LOTRO Lone-Lands Slayer Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

Post Sections Hide Show What Enemies are in the Lone-Lands Slayer Deed? Bog-Lurker Slayer Deed → The Circle of Blood → Agamaur → Bog-Lurkers in the Arboretum → How Many Bog-Lurkers Do I Need? → Bog-Lurker Slayer Deed Rewards → This Deed on the Wiki Craban-Slayer Deed → The Weather Hills → Weathertop → Talath […]

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