Ill Omens – LOTRO Skirmish Event Guide

LOTRO Ill Omens Skirmish Event Guide

What’s the only thing worse than a hoard of Orcs, goblins, spirit beings and rampaging beasts attacking you when trying to defend your allies? A big ugly dead thing getting involved, of course! That’s the premise of LOTRO’s Ill Omens Event. I had initially thought this event was locked to L120+ so hadn’t looked into […]

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Just a Girl in Hard Times

Just a Girl in Hard Times - LOTRO FanFiction

What was she even doing here? Was this just another fruitless endeavor or was there tangible merit in it? She sighed and pulled Athearyn[1]Name made up of athea, meaning “helpful” and ryn, meaning “chaser” or “hound of the chase” – See the Sindarin reference I use, her hound, close. The water rippled gently down the […]

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LOTRO Events Calendar 2020 – Schedule of Festivals, Boosts and Events

LOTRO Events Calendar Schedule 2020

I’ve been meaning to create this wee post for probably two years! So, I’ve finally done it – a visual up-to-date, 2020 LOTRO Events Calendar. I’ve broken it down by month and will try to keep the current month at the top to make it easy and useful. And I’ve peppered it with lovely LOTRO […]

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LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Guide – Events, Hedge-Maze, Mounts and Cosmetics!

LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Event Guide

While here in Scotland we can still get snow and hail storms when the temperatures should be increasing, the LOTRO Spring Festival aims to welcome in brighter and warmer days in Middle Earth! As various regions have their own events and Spring customs, this festival sees you travelling around. So you can enjoy the journey […]

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