Treasure Laden Steed
LOTRO Buried Treasure Mount

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Mount Description

The Treasure Laden Steed was one of the first LOTRO Mounts my now-main character acquired. And I love it. No, not for the many gold bags and coins being flung out from holes in the pouches, but becase it's a really pale steed. Sure, it's based on the probably-original mount template but it still looks great.

How to Get The Treasure Laden Steed

This horse (or pony, depending on your character's race) can only be obtained during the Buried Treasure Event. But you do not exchange Buried Treasure Tokens Tokens for it. Instead, it is a possible drop from a Huge Treasure Cacheexlink. Time to go digging for horses. Ew. Scratch that. The idea, not the horse.
Mount sported by Esilve, one of my LOTRO Beornings.

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