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FFXIV Seasonal Events List - FF14 Events 2024

Since I started playing Final Fantasy XIV a few years ago, I’ve loved taking part in their Seasonal Events. Questing, levelling and running the MSQ can be intense at times and FFXIV events offer a great little respite and rest from that.

I’ve been putting together event guides for a wee while, but I never managed to make a proper “guide of guides” to serve the FF14 community well. So here we go!

What are FFXIV Seasonal Events?

My FFXIV Miqo'te doing the /consider emote. I just figured it was relevant to questions about FFXIV Events!

They are time-limited in-game events your character can choose to take part in – or not! They usually offer a short but meaningful story and, as you would expect, offer a range of rewards. These can take the form of outfit glamours, minions, mounts or other items.

How Events Work

As I said, they are time limited and the dates are always clearly announced by FF14.

For some of them, the only aspect is the story and the experience. Plus any rewards on offer, of course.

Occasionally FFXIV events include other activities, such as unique FATEs, jumping course (in the case of the Moonfire Faire) or a specially-created dungeons. SquareEnix tend to swap and switch the mix of activity types and rewards too.

A Note About Final Fantasy XIV Event Rewards

For many seasonal event rewards if your character did not get them during that event, you will not be able to obtain it for free in-game after the event ends.

Instead they are released later on the FFXIV store. Sometimes a lot later.

Some 'rewards' may be available from an event-specific NPC vendor. If you feel you are missing a reward, that is probably why.

Minimum Levels

I can only bring to mind two different minimum-levels:

Level 15

Most seasonals have a minimum of Level 15, meaning you can take part really quickly in your FFXIV Adventures.

Level 30

The Moonfire Faire is almost always Level 30. I think this is because the enemies around the beach are about that level. Examples are the Apkallu and Bloodshore Bell.

Level 15 But…

While it is true that level 15 is the quest requirement, you may need to fulfil another one before you can take part in a particular event. If the next one in the FFXIV Events Calendar is not in the City State you started in then you need to jump through another proverbial “hoop”.

You need airship access. To get that, you have to complete – or be in the process of completing the Level 15 Main Scenario Quest MSQ “Envoy” quest.

Click/Tap Your Starting City:
GridaniaExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) | Limsa LominsaExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) | Ul’dahExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

2024 Seasonal Events in FF14

With that out the way, let’s see what the normal, recurring seasonal events are throughout the year.

I have yet to find any pre-announced list of event dates. However, we usually get a week or so’s warning before one starts. So I will aim to update this calendar whenever that happens.

Here is roughly when they happen, based on last year. I’ve linked to my most recent guide below, which will be replaced by the next event as it occurs.

Note: these are the current seasonal events that almost always run.

If any others are announced for 2024, I’ll make sure to add them in.



Event Ends: January 15th 2024 at 2:59pm GMT (6:59am PST)

Welcome in the start of a new year with the Heavensturn Event. Whether you have hope for a brighter future, are worried about what it holds or somewhere in between, come along with your fellow FFXIV players for company.

2024 is the Japanese / Doman year of the Dragon. And we have a decidely weird and/or cute minion to adopt.

Read Now →

FFXIV HeavensTurn 2024 Event Guide | FF14 New Year of the Dragon


Valentione’s Day

Date: 7th February 2024 (8am GMT, 7pm AEDT) – 21st February at 2:59pm (GMT)/22nd February at 1:59am AEDT.

Love comes in many different forms and the story focus changes each year. Last year was much more about learning to love yourself, regardless of your strengths or apparent weaknesses. To be fair, that’s a message I needed.

In 2024, the focus shifts back to the romantic type, but it’s not all soppiness either! See my latest guide below.

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This Year’s Guide
FFXIV Valentione's Day 2024 Event - Rewards, Love Heart Emote and Guide


Little Ladies Day

Little Ladies Day can either be deep and meaningful or just cute. Or both. The idea is to celebrate the younger girls in Eorzea, to encourage them to become strong people and to remind them just how important they are.

Sometimes they are older girls, but one year we visited a little girls’ orphanage project. So the scope is pretty broad.

It’s interesting that we don’t have a little gents’ day, though.

Little Ladies Day 2024

This year, little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-tide are one event. It runs until 15:59 (BST) on 1st April 2024.

Speak to Jihli Aliapioh in New Gridania to get started.

A screenshot from the Little Ladies Day and Hatching-tide Joint Event in 2024



It’s Spring-time and all things predictably springy appear across Eorzea and in player-glamours.

Things like bunnies, chickens, eggs and…Tonberries.

Okay, the Tonberry thing was just last year and isn’t at all expected at a Spring event. Much like a Polar Bear at Moonfire in fact.

Hatching-tide 2024

Speak to Jihli Aliapoh in Gridania (Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre) to begin the story that involves Peatie the Goobbue. This year, however, Hatching-tide is a joint event with Little Ladies’ Day.

It runs until 15:59 (BST) on the 1st April 2024.

Peatie the Goobbue is the main attraction at the FFXIV Hatching-tide Event 2024. Though this year Hatching-tide runs as a joint centrepiece with Little Ladies Day.


Apologies for the delayed update to this schedule, here’s what I’ve picked up about FF14 Events in April 2024.

The Path Infernal

Ends: 8th May 2024

This FFXVI Crossover Event sees you meet up with Clive who appears to have fallen and lost part of his memory.

Work with the Wandering Minstrel to help him regain his memory and purpose. This event’s reward is a full array of a glamour outfit, mount and minion too.

  • Minimum Level: 50 (and have completed Main Scenario Quest The Ultimate Weapon).
  • Starting NPC: Neophyte Adventurer, Ul’dah (X:8.9, Y:9.8)
Clive from the FFXIV Event - The Path Infernal, a Crossover collaboration with FFXVI

Yo-kai Watch Collaboration

Start Date: April 24th 2024
End Date: When Patch 7.0 Launches

I can’t remember when the Yo-kai event last ran, but I do know my main character still uses the watch itself as a glamour. Other watch glamours use the hand slot, which doesn’t work for me as my Miqo’te uses the Claws. The Yo-Kai watch is a bracelet slot item, which is where all watches should go IMO!)

You can now find my new Yo-Kai Watch Event Guide here.

FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event Guide - how to get Yo-Kai minions and weapons | FF14


Reminder: The Path Infernal event finishes on the 8th May.

Moogle Treasure Trove – The Second Hunt for Genesis

Start Date: May 14th 2024 (at 08:00 GMT, 09:00 BST)
End Date: June 24th 2024 (at 14:59GMT, 15:59 BST)

The second half of the Treasure Trove is underway! I’ve now updated my guide and have most of the rewards available to preview.

FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2024 | The Second Hunt for Genesis | Moogle Tomestone Event 2

Make It Rain Campaign

Start Date: May 15th 2024 (at 08:00 GMT, 09:00 BST)
End Date: May 31st 2024 (at 14:59GMT, 15:59 BST)

The event that brings you bonus MGP in the Gold Saucer returns with… duck suits? Nope, that’s the tiny imp critter that looks like a duck.

You can read my Make It Rain Campaign guide and I’ll update the reward screenshots and story components once the event is udnerway.

NB: They’re pretty much running all possible events between now and DawnTrail, hahah. I’m not surprised.

FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2024 Guide - Gold Saucer Event FF14

Fall Guys Collaboration

Start Date: May 23rd 2024 (at 08:00 GMT, 09:00 BST)
End Date: June 10th 2024 (at 14:59GMT, 15:59 BST)

Time for the brightly-coloured competitions to return, including racing against other players where the course seems against you.

There are a bunch of vivid rewards. I find this event really difficult (slow reactions and stress-timers) but managed to grab the hoodie last time!

FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration - one of my Miqo'tes wearing the glamour hoodie in the quest zone.


Reminder: The Moogle Treasure Trove (the second one) ends on the 24th June at 14:59 GMT (15:59 BST)

Dragon X Collaboration

Start Date: June 5th 2024
End Date: June 20th 2024

Info to follow later…


Dawntrail Lands on the 2nd July. Maybe they'll want a week or two for those passionate enough to speed run it, before a new event comes out. Maybe!

  • The Yo-kai Watch Event ends when Patch 7.0 lands.
  • Nothing else announced yet.


Moonfire Faire

Head to Bloodshore’s beach in La Noscea to take part in the Summer’s Moonfire Faire! From the folks that I’ve seen there it seems to be a firm favourite with FFXIV players.

A jumping obstacle course has featured a couple of times, and once we got a new polar bear mount. Yep, a Polar Bear mount in a Summer Seasonal Event! Who said things had to be “normal” in Eorzea?

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FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2023 Event Guide

The Rising

Timed around the FFXIV Anniversary, The Rising tends to take a “looking back, looking forward” approach.

A primary character in this event is the Wandering Minstrel who will always have a message and a song for you, the Warrior of Light.

Subtly, he delivers messages from FF14 and his song gives snippets about what may await your character in the future. And the whole thing is usually beautifully filled with gratitude from FFXIV for its players. It’s not cringe-worthy at all, and I’m glad for it.

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FFXIV The Rising 2023 Event Guide | FF14


  • The Rising ends sometime this month. Otherwise, September tends to be quieter for in-game FFXIV Events. You know, for that questing thing that’s also available to us!


All Saints’ Wake

Time to get your Halloween glamours on as it’s (already) that time of year again.

As well as whatever the story is this year, the mix of other activities has varied in the last couple of years. Examples include:

  • Visiting the Haunted Mansion (which isn’t at all Haukke Manor-like).
  • Transforming into well-known FFXIV NPCs for fun and laughs.
  • Running an event-specific dungeon (not limited to DPS×2, Heal×1 and Tank×1 I don’t think)

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FFXIV All Saints Wake 2023 Event Guide | FF14 Hallow'een Event


  • All Saints’ Wake tends to end this month as it’s on for about three weeks.


Starlight Celebration

Whatever the December celebrations in the offline world mean to you, if anything, Starlight Celebration takes place from mid-December through until The Rising.

It takes a traditionally Christmassy-themed approach and will feature the Saint of Nymeia and probably some children too.

But take some time just to chill out – literally and metaphorically. If you don’t have the /throw emote yet, you can get it from the L36 quest Normal Quest Toss Fit WorkoutExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) in the Coerthas Central Highlands. Then find fallen snow on the ground to throw snowballs at other players.

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FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2023 - Guide, Rewards and the Santa-style outfit Glamours | FF14 Starlight Event


Until the 2024-5 Heavensturn Event date is announced, I won’t fill this out here! I don’t need to repeat what I put in January‘s slot!

But making this kind of FFXIV Events Calendar and writing 2025 does make me uncomfortable! Time goes past fast enough, thanks.

Other Events

These ones are not really Seasonal Events as they have no, well, season! Instead they happen as/when and may not occur in any given year.

Moogle Treasure Troves

What Are They?

Moogle Treasure Trove events are special – and intense! The aim is to complete various group content (multiple times, naturally) to earn randomly-named Irregular Tomestones. These are then traded with Itinerant Moogles for exclusive rewards.

When are the Moogle Events?

They typically start a month before a large or huge game update. And in 2024 you might say that Dawntrail classes as a “large” game update!

The latest one arrived far sooner than I anticipated, so we are actually in one now!

FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2024 - the Hunt for Genesis | How to get Irregular Tomestones of Genesis

The Current/Next Moogle Event

We are currently in a Tomestone event, hunting for Irregular Tomestones of Genesis!

But this one has been named the First Hunt for Genesis and the Mogpendium shows a second one is on the way.

So, stay tuned!

A Nocturne for Heroes

This really cool story-driven event is running again from 28th February 2024.

Join Noctis on his journey to discover where he is and why he’s wound up in Eorzea. Confront a familiar-yet-strange foe and walk away with his clothes.

…the rest I leave to you.
(Lahabrea to Gaius van Baelsar)

Thanks to the FFXIV community on Mastodon, the new A Nocturne for Heroes guide includes:

  • Walkthrough Notes
  • Glamour previews on various races and body shapes
  • Showing the Regalia mount with and without additional passengers
  • Hints/Tips for the Solo Duties
FFXIV A Nocturne for Heroes Event Guide | FFXIV-FFXV Collaboration | Noctis Event

The Maiden’s Rhapsody

Last Ran: Jan – Feb 2024

Join a Lalafellin reporter who is covering a story about a lost warrior who is carving her way through Eorzea.

The maiden has not merely lost her way, but has forgotten her mission too. Help her unravel the mystery, get the reporter the story they want and gain an awesome glamour outfit to boot.

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FFXIV The Maiden's Rhapsody Event - FFXI Collaboration Guide, Walkthrough and Rewards

Fall Guys Collaboration

Last Run: 31st October – 31st December 2023

A new event in 2023, the Fall Guys CollaborationExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) event features repeatable jumping and obstacle courses. You race against other players and it works through three knock-out stages.

Thankfully, you get some partial reward even if you’re knocked out in the first round! If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten anything. I’m not exaggerating.

Due to health issues, I didn’t manage to do a guide for this one, but I’ll aim to whenever it next runs.

Why You Should Do FFXIV Events

Okay should is totally my opinion. But I’ll give you my Gil×1’s worth:

  1. They Don’t Take Long to Do (Usually)
    I saw a player’s reply to a thread recently offering the idea of some form of large group combat instead of stories. If that’s your thing, then great. But Seasonal Events don’t take much time out of your fighting time!
  2. Some Parts are Tailored
    The more I’ve progressed through FFXIV, the more I’ve noticed this. Some aspects change depending on where your character is at in the MSQ:
    • Extra dialogue options
    • Certain NPCs appearing in the event area
    • More NPCs to ‘meet and greet’ in the secondary parts of events

    So I like to see who has been included this year compared to last.

  3. Chill With Other Players
    I often see players just mingling around an event’s area, even a few days after it has started. It’s good to see people just “being”, living in the world and spending time with others.
  4. Time-Limited Rewards
    Very often, if you miss an event, the only way you’ll get that reward is by paying for it with real money. Maybe that’s not so bad for the random minions, but you may regret it for mounts and glamours.
  5. Unique Storytelling
    The stories mean something at FFXIV Events. From self-acceptance, to gratitude, to helping the children, to raising up strong women, to putting others first – there is strong, positive messaging. The stories are coherant and not “preachy”. After so much doom and gloom in EndWalker, events were a breath of fresh air for me.

TL;DR Come and Enjoy the 2024 FFXIV Seasonal Events!

You have plenty of time for reputation-earning, levelling, questing and battling. Take a refresher and a breather and join in the FFXIV Seasonal Events.

Read the full story on at least one character and take it in. There’s no need to power through on your first run. But that’s just my opinion.

Above all, enjoy your time in FFXIV and do your best to make sure others do the same.

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My main Miqo'te in Limsa during the Heavensturn FFXIV Event

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