Blackroot Steed
LOTRO Midsummer Mount

Mount Description

The Blackroot Steed is one of the original Midsummer Festival mounts, which took their names from different regions of Gondor. These horses/ponies are in full ceremonial regalia.For the standalone mount, this one is a mid-brown and white pinto/paint horse with a simple harness. It has some plates down its nose and the back of the neck. The caparison, glaf and saddle all sport colours to represent the Blackroot Vale - white and black.

War-Steed Cosmetics

You can also obtain the Blackroot War-steed Cosmeticsexlink:
  • Caparison: Midsummer Tokens × 16
  • Flag: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Head-Piece: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Saddle: Midsummer Tokens × 10
or the whole set for Mithril Coin × 70.

Extra Details

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