How Can You Support Me? Be Part of FJ’s Community!

If you want to support my endeavours via Fibro Jedi here's howSince starting Fibro Jedi, which began simply as an outlet for me to vent about Fibromyalgia and the various symptoms, it has grown way more than I had ever considered possible. With that growth I have made new friends, whether through the games directly, SWTOR and LOTRO, or via Social Media – and even people I have only ‘met’ while streaming! And that is massively humbling and I am grateful to anyone who has connected with me, especially over the last year or two where mine and my family’s challenges have greatly increased.

If you would like to support and encourage me and my family, there are many ways you can do so – some don’t even involve your money at all!

(NEW!) Buy a FibroJedi Mug!

New in Autumn 2018, you can now get your hands on an FJ mug! I’ll be adding variants and more designs when I am able to focus on it. I do this via Streamlabs’ system so that’s done on a profit-share basis with them. For a $15 much I get about 20%. Win-Win!

And yes that is Aurabesh script: May the Spoons Be With You!
View Now!

(NEW!) Get Your CBD Oil via FJ

Sometime after I did my blog post on CBD Oils and Fibromyalgia, the company invited me to their affiliate program. If you enjoy, or would benefit health-wise from CBD oil, please consider bookmarking my affiliate link. Then I can earn a small percentage commission on your orders.

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Provide Moral Support!

Above everything else, encouragement and moral support is the most in need right now. And here are some ways you can do that!

  • Share my blog posts on your own social media feeds.
  • Whitelist from any Adblocking extensions or apps you may use. (this would help a LOT)
  • Follow me on Twitter: @FibroJedi
  • Follow me on Twitch: which you can do Right Here and get notified when I go live!
  • Come Along to a Stream: even if you just want to lurk while you do other things, seeing folks ‘in the room’ is real encouragement to me!
  • Subscribe to My YouTube Channel: My channel is too small to actually earn money (since YouTube changed the rules anyway) but every user and view makes a difference! Visit FJ on YouTube

Want to Go Further?

If you feel you can support financially, there is no pressure to do so. My focus will always be enjoyment, adding value to the Internet and gaming communities and on the quality of the content. There are ways you can support even more if you wish:

  • By a small monthly contribution: on Patreon: knowing how much will come into the family ‘pot’ next month can be really helpful as my wife manages the finances. Join my Crew!
  • Leave a Tip or ‘Cheer’ during a stream!
  • Give a one-off Gift: via StreamLabs

In all these cases, I don’t know/receive anything to do with your payment methods. Your real name may be revealed to us (being my wife and I) via PayPal but that is all.

Thank You

As I said, moral support and encouragement is priority number one, and always will be. So however you choose to support, please know it is massively appreciated and I am grateful.

Look after yourselves and please do reach out and chat with me – I’m not hard to find!