Steed of Odogil
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Well, after clearly wondering what the heck an "Odogil" was when doing the Anniversary Cosmetics I'm not much further on a year later! So, now I'm working on the LOTRO Mounts database, the Steed of Odogil raises the question again!Odog seems to be Sindarin for "seven", while the -il suffix may translate as "all". While there are seven stars on the caparison (one of which is larger than the other six), I don't know which stars they represent. Maybe someone out there knows?

Steed of Odogil Description

This pure black horse (or pony) is probably one of the nicest mounts I've had the pleasure of not owning. This is because it is only available for Mithril Coins Mithril Coin Mithril Coin and was released years before I started playing. The mount is draped only with a caparison made of elegant black material with a broad golden-leaved border along the bottom edges. It features one huge star watching over six smaller ones, a motif repeated on the strip around the base of the horse's neck.

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