Sledge of Perpetual Winters
Yule Festival Mount 2024

Mount Description

The Sledge of Perpetual Winters is a brand new type of mount coming for Yule Festival 2024. It is the first LOTRO Sledge Mount, with SSG's only other non-organic steeds being the Winter Hobby-Deer, the Hobby-horse from Yule PresentsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and the one for Figments of Splendour Figments of Splendor from the Curator's Mounts.

The Authentic Forochel Feeling

For Tall and Short People

My Elf Ayrthir, as he is tall, uses the top handle bar rather than the lower ones.

This sledge mount is taken from the model used by the Lossoth of Forochel. So it has two ways for your characters to hold onto it.

The first are the lower "handle bars". The shorter Lossoth are seen to use these, whereas taller people can rest on the top "crossbar".

Is It Pulled By Rabbits?

Radagast's Rabbit Sled from the LOTR Movies

No. You are not Radagast. And some of you aren't even Lore-Masters, however much pipe-weed you may or may not smoke.

Sadly, I do have to declare this is an April Fool's creation for 2024. I will probably keep this here forever as a spot of fun among the Mounts.

How Much Does the Sledge Cost?

Yule is still a long way away, but most mounts at that event come in at Yule Festival Token 80 tokens. It's possible that, because it is so different from anything else in-game, that they could make it only available for Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens.

How It Works

As it is manually pushed along, I had thought it would depend on your runspeed. But the Winter Hobby-Deer takes mount speed into account and so does the Sledge of Perpetual Winters.

When Stood Still

When stood still, the mount functions as a chair. At least during Bullroarer it did.

During the time I saw it, you sat on the handlebars when not in motion. I'm hoping we can sit on the actual sledge by the time Yule Fest comes around.

In Motion

Sledge of Perpetual Winters ridden in Forochel

As with other mounts, some emotes can be performed on it. After a shout of effort, you then ease into pushing it around at 68% mount speed, or whichever you have unlocked.

Does this LOTRO Sledge Mount go Uphill?

Yes, sort of. Your Mount speed is either halved, or reduced to 34% speed. My maximum is 68% so I could not tell you which is correct. LOTRO have acknowledged here that pushing a sledge uphill is hard work.

And for stairs, you are automatically dismounted. Being dismounted when approaching certain zones has been shown since the Forester Event came in. So it's good to see this sort of realism and immersion working with sledges.

Sledge of Perpetual Winters Revealed in Update 39.1

I spotted this mount after Update 39.1. Spring Festival was well underway and Myrtle Mint had new stock.

Given I primarily cover things in the LOTRO Events Schedule, I don't always focus on what the obvious new items in-game are, and I'm always thinking ahead to other events.

A Simple Map

While the Yule Festival as an Event was not running, the vendors were active, giving an unexpected development. Using a simple Map to Winter-homeExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) (usable all year round), I stumbled on this new mount. Naturally, I had to give it a go.

Sledge Mount Preview Pulled at Update 39.1.1

I'm glad I did because by Update 39.1.1External Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) (about a week later) the vendors had been deactivated once more.

The mount was also (naturally) removed from my account and the collections panel.

The Official Line?

It was odd to see even previews of mounts this early. Presuming it to be human error, I did ask LOTRO Community Manager Cordovan about it.

I cannot confirm anything not officially announced. The mount you saw may be a placeholder, or may not happen at all. We are focused on the upcoming 17th Anniversary after all.

But I do know that we do not feel it is appropriate to bring rabbit-pulled sleds into the game.

It is only Radagast in the movies who uses this method and, if were even to permit it for Lore-masters, that would be seen as favouritism. We already have other lore-supported mounts such as Beornings riding boars and hobbits on Elks.

We do have to draw the line somewhere.

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Yule Festival
  • Species: Other
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Yule Festival Token × 80 Yule Festival Tokens
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