Gondor's Steed
LOTRO Midsummer Mount

Mount Description

Gondor's Steed is a mid-grey horse or pony with a dark great mane and tail. The shape of the barding is the same as the other Gondor-themed mounts for this event but has the iconic White Tree emblazoned onto it, set against a grey background.

How Do I Get Gondor's Steed

Gondor's Steed is an unusual case for the Midsummer Festival - or any LOTRO event really! That's because it does not cost a single Midsummer Tokens token to acquire! Instead you need to complete the full Epic questline of the Great Wedding, which finishes at the end of A Wedding at Midsummerexlink.Once you have attended the wedding (after all, that is the entire point of the Midsummer Festival!) then you'll receive this mount and the War-Steed cosmetics.

War-Steed Preview

The matching items for your war-steed include: Caparison, Flag, Head-piece and Saddle. As I'm not personally a fan of flags on mounts, here's a preview of the caparison dyed black:
The pure black background is what we're used to seeing elsewhere in Middle-Earth. It makes the White Tree symbol much clearer too.

Extra Details

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