Steed of the Jester
A LOTRO Spring Festival Mount

Mount Description

The Steed of the Jester is an unusual mount in terms of how you acquire it. It is only available during the LOTRO Spring Festival but it cannot be bartered for using Spring Leaves Spring Leaves. There are two methods to acquire them:

The Sure-Fire Way

Instead you need the following "currencies":

  • Marigold Marigold ×100
  • Primrose Primrose ×100
  • Violet Violet ×100

These are collectable only during the 1-hour quest A Fistful of Flowers. It may take a few days of running this quest to amass the necessary blooms.

LOTRO-Wiki has the full walk-through hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Steed of the Jester by Random Chance

You can barter your flowers for Red, Blue and Green Flower Gift Boxes. The Wiki says there is a "chance" the mount can drop from those. I'd just be tempted to go the "long way" and take time smelling the flowers. Literally. Well, by "literally", I mean "digitally"!

Extra Details

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