Painted Skeleton Steed
Haunted Burrow Mount

Mount Description

One of the most coveted mounts in LOTRO is the Painted Skeleton Steed. Until the Legendary Item Reward Track came in, the only ways you could obtain it were from Fall Festival and occasionally in the LOTRO Store for 1,495 LOTRO Points (see the Wiki link below).

How to Get the Painted Skeleton Steed

You cannot exchange Fall Festival Tokens Fall Festival Tokens for this mount. Instead it is a very rare drop from the Poorly-Hidden Chest in the Haunted Burrow, which can be only opened once/day per character. I've heard of gamers playing every day of Harvestmath for years and never getting it. I played on multiple characters for a few years before it dropped on one!

The Reward Track Method

Per the Wiki:
This item is also contained within the Legendary Coffer of the Painted Steed, which can be obtained by claiming tier 100 of the Legendary Item Reward Track during season 3.

Extra Details

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