LOTRO Reputation Mounts List
24 Horses and Goats You Can Earn In-Game

LOTRO Reputation Mounts List - from the Shire to Pelagir, here are your reputation Horses and Goats!

One of the things that surprised me when I first started playing The Lord of the Rings Online was the sheer volume of mounts you can acquire by playing the game. The primary way outside of Festivals is through acquiring Reputation Mounts from the various factions across Middle-Earth. So, as well as the Mithril Coins Mounts, I thought I’d collect together as many reputation horses and goats as possible. It turned out that, apart from one, I had acquired all of them up to Helm’s Deep in LOTRO!

How to Acquire Reputation Mounts

There are two requirements for being able to buy a reputation horse from a faction:

  1. Kindred Standing: people won’t sell their prized animals to just anyone. You must earn their trust first.
  2. The Right Currency: While many of the early reputation steeds require a large chunk of Coin (gold, silver and copper) that’s not true of many places. Often you’ll need to have some of the local currency. These are usually earnable through quests but may also be awarded for completing deeds in the region.

Reputation Mounts List

Most reputation mounts have the word “Prized” at the start. But that would make for awfully repetative reading! So, I’ve left that word off the steed name. Here are 24 Reputation Mounts you can earn in-game:

Mathom Society Steed

Esteldín Steed

  • Region: The North Downs
  • Faction: The Rangers of Esteldín
  • Vendor Location: Esteldín

Angmar Free Peoples Steed

  • Region: Angmar
  • Faction: Council of the North
  • Vendor Location: Gath Forthnir

Malledhrim Steed

  • Region: Mirkwood
  • Faction: The Malledhrim
  • Vendor Location: Thangúlhad

Grey Company Steed

Helmingas Steed

Liver Chestnut Steed

Rivendell Steed

  • Region: The Trollshaws
  • Faction: Elves of Rivendell
  • Vendor Location: Imlad Gelair , Rivendell

Ashen Steed

  • Region: Angmar
  • Faction: Council of the North
  • Vendor Location: Gath Forthnir

Smoky-Black Steed

  • Region: Mirkwood
  • Faction: The Malledhrim
  • Vendor Location: Thangúlhad

Théodred’s Riders Steed

Steed of the Ship-Kings

  • Region: Central Gondor
  • Faction: Pelargir
  • Vendor Location: Various

by Koffein

Thorin’s Hall Goat

Dark Chestnut Steed

  • Region: Evendim
  • Faction: Wardens of Annùminas
  • Vendor Location: Tinnudir

Nimble Redhorn-Goat

Algraig Steed

  • Region: Enedwaith
  • Faction: The Algraig
  • Vendor Location: Llanuch

Stangard Steed

  • Region: Great River
  • Faction: Men of Stangard
  • Vendor Location: Stangard

Eglan Horse

  • Region: The Lone-Lands
  • Faction: The Eglain
  • Vendor Location: Ost Guruth

Tundra Steed

Galadhrim Steed

Dunlending Steed

  • Region: Dunland
  • Faction: The Men of Dunland
  • Vendor Location: Galtrev

Eorlingas Steed

Special Reputation Mounts

Not all horses related to your standing with LOTRO factions are simply a case of “getting Kindred” with one faction. So far I have encountered two “special reputation mounts”. These are:

Elf-Ambassador’s Horse

You will be automatically granted the Elf Ambassador’s Horse/Pony, once you reach Kindred standing with:

  • Elves of Rivendell (the Trollshaws)
  • The Galladhrim (Lothlórien)
  • The Malledhrim (Mirkwood)

When you have completed these three factions, you will also complete the Ambassador to the Elves Deed. This grants:

  • LOTRO Points: 20
  • Title: Ambassador to the Elves
  • Mount Item: Steed of the Elf-Lords

Steed of Eriador

The Steed of Eriador is granted once you reach Kindred with all 11 Eriador factions. This includes the Grey Company.

Completing these factions completes the World Renowned Deed . This also grants:

  • LOTRO Points: 50
  • Title: World Renowned

A Note to F2P/Premium Players

If you are Free-to-Play or Premium, your ability to buy the reputation steeds that require coin will be restricted. I believe even Premium players have a 5 Gold cap. If you are Premium, you can obtain:

But it will leave you with no coin!

How to Remove the LOTRO Gold Cap

My LOTRO Dwarf mining for gold in the North Downs
To lift the Gold cap, you will need to acquire the Currency Cap item from the LOTRO Store. While this costs 395LP, all it takes is for you to complete some deeds:

And you’ll have points left over!

Also, as faction-specific deeds also grant repuation, you can earn additional LOTRO Points when you’re questing and deeding in those regions.

TL;DR Collect All the Reputation Mounts!

For me, the main motivation behind hitting Kindred with factions is to acquire the Reputation Mounts. This includes even my characters that have War-Steeds. You cannot acquire these horses and goats any other way, so they are a reward for just playing LOTRO. So go forth, make friends and fill those stables with more horses – and goats!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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Michelle Black
20th May 2020 5:01 pm

Thank you for all the lovely BIG screenshots so we can actually see what the mounts look like