LOTRO Yule Festival 2017 – Celebrate Yule-Tide in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Yule Festival - Celebrate Yule Tide in Middle EarthIt’s Yule Tide! Time to honour the past and look forward to the future in Middle Earth! So it is time for the LOTRO Yule Festival! Packed with quests from helping the poor (or not), eating competitions and more, it’s time for all species and level players to converge on Winter-Home in Frost-Bluff for some Yule celebrations!

Note: this post is accurate up to Yule Festival Encore 2017. I will make any rewards or quest changes for Yule Festival 2017 when it re-launches in Winter!

So get into your best Winter-garb, save plenty of tummy space for home-cooked goodness and head out to the party. Even the most grim-faced dwarf couldn’t help but raise a tankard at the festivities!

This post will cover a few aspects of the Yule Festival Event – my personal highlights, along with a bunch of screenshots and a couple of videos!

Community Comes Together

One of the encouraging things about the LOTRO Yule Festival (and other events, such as the Farmers Faire) is that the attract players of all levels. I saw Levels 7-105 in Frost-Bluff, which is awesome. Oh, and it’s not just a crazy rush for gear and Yule Festival Tokens. People just have fun, hence these Minstrels playing music for others to enjoy – love it!

Shared Quest Goals (Mostly)

What I like about the Game Mechanics of this festival is that most goals are shared. You can set off the same box of fireworks as another player. You can pick the same food ingrediants. The main exceptions to this surround the beggars. Beggars can receive gifts and stay in place, or be told to move off and they do. These can’t (usually) be shared. Respawn time is about 1 minute, so be patient! And for the Cold Weather and Unwilling Firewood, respawn times seems much quicker than this.

Yule Festival Mounts 2016

There are two main Yule Festival Mounts on offer. Both can be purchased with Festival Tokens: the white and beautiful Steed of Ithilian Winters, and the Steed of Winter’s Light, fashioned to be a cross-breed of horse and reindeer! Both steeds give a 68% travel boost (higher than Farmers Faire Steed at 62%). The Reindeer costs a few more tokens, but quests pay well, especially if done daily:

Generous Festival Tokens

Spirit of Yule Daily Quest
Spirit of Yule Daily gives 2 Tokens and some Essence Fragments
Most Yule Festival Quests give 4 Yule Festival Tokens.

There is a daily, cunningly called “Yule Festival” – you get an alert about that gives 2 Tokens and a Bag Of Presents when you complete any quest in Frost-Bluff.

The bag of presents so far has yielded: Marks, Medallions, a Decoration and the odd Essence Fragment.
Edit: the Essence Fragments you get from the dailies can be bartered in Winter-Home for a chest letting you choose which Essence Masterial you want. You need 4 Fragments for one whole Essence crafting material.

And in the Spirit of Yule-Tide, there is one in which you sacrifice 5 Tokens as gifts to the poor folk of Winter Home.

As well as the Daily Quests there is one Yearly Quest which reveals the Mayor has been less than honest with Frost-Bluff’s Finances. You then need to choose to side with the Poor and defend their rights. Or side with the Rich. You cannot do both in the same year (which makes sense!). Either way you get a reward of cosmetic gear and a few other bits and pieces.

And the Yule Festival, as with other LOTRO Events, gives XP. Very handy for getting a small boost before hitting the class quests you’ve hit the Pause Button on for Winter!

The Rollercoaster Ride of the Beggars

Having played the LOTRO Yule Festival for a few days you have to feel sorry for the beggars around Winter Home. In the same hour you can:

  • Give the beggars gifts of festival tokens.
  • Tell them to get away and stop degrading the tone of the Celebrations
  • Either give them their jobs back, or prevent them doing so (part of the Yearly Quest)

Yule-Tide is not easy on the poor (as is true in the real world). Are they part of your community or not? Well, that’s for you to decide!

Eating Competition – The Biggest Stomach of Them All

Eat the Wrong things and get the Overly Full Speed Debuff!
Eat the Wrong things and get the Overly Full Speed Debuff!
I’ve tried this a few times and managed to reach the third table in the end. Timed missions don’t work well with me. However, @Teriadwyn gave me these couple of tips:

  • Swifty & Hammo have some ways to maximise your stomach’s capacity!
  • As always LOTRO Wiki has an excellent guide
  • Teriadwyn also pointed out: “there is no timer at the first table, so you can wait out the debuffs. You can also wait out your competition, since there is a limited amount of food available.

GLOBE Theatre of Winter Home

While the longest way to earn just 4 Yule Festival Tokens, you can go and watch a showing of “Mad Baggins” at the GLOBE Theatre. There is also a random chance of you being selected to play a part in the production!

  • As an actor/actress, you need to perform an action when told to (e.g. dance, belch…anything off the chat panel list!). If you are appreciated, the crowd may throw sparkles at you. If you act badly, rotten fruit will come your way!
  • Sparkles and Rotten Fruit are available at the Concessions stand, tendered by the ingeniously named ‘Hobbit’.
  • Apparently there are Deeds (and therefore Tokens) available for throwing the sparkles/rotten fruit. I haven’t tried this yet.
  • So long as you arrive in the Theatre before the production ends, you’ll be credited at having ‘Attended a Performance’ and get your 4 Festival Tokens

Build a Snowman! Build Many Snowmen (well, at least 5)

Best Place for Finding Acorns
Best Place for Finding Acorns
What Yule-Tide Celebration would be complete without building a snowman or … 5. To build your snowman you’ll have to gather materials from Winter Home and also around the Frost-Bluff region as a whole. Only when you have all the components can you build and dress-up your Snowman!

There is a Cold Reception Deed, which grants two things:

  1. Broken Snowman Decoration for your Homestead. Other snowman types (e.g. Mitten-Wearing Snowman) are available from the Barter Vendor
  2. New Title: Gatherer of Cool Company (I think that’s right, I’ll double check tomorrow)

The condition is that you build the 5 Different Types of Snowmen – not just 5 snowmen. Oh and you will need an acorn, or acorns for your snowmen. Turn on Floaty Names, as it makes them much easier to find! There is a cluster of acorns nearby the Quest-Giver, so you don’t need to roam far. Other components are in the screenshots below!

To find out where the best cluster of acorns is, see the standalone screenshot near this write-up (to the right on desktops/laptops, and below on mobile).

Defeating the Cold

You have a quest to go and defeat the cold. I think these are called Cold-Weather Grims, but I’m sure the community will correct me if I’m wrong! You need to defeat 4 Cold Weather Grims for completing. Ranged users will have no problem here. Melee Classes may get blinded! Here’s how I deal with them on my Lore Master!

Empty Keg Emergency – the Quickest 4 Tokens

Empty Keg Emergency requires you to steal a full keg of ale and get it to the patrons before the guards (Watchers) spot you. Having watched other player (in a non-creepy way) this is the quickest way. Turn on floaty names to help you avoid the Watchers!

TL;DR LOTRO Yule Festival

Fun, slightly addictive and with some attractive cosmetic gear from the Barter Vendors the LOTRO Yule Festival is great to attend, even if you just go a couple of times. There are some other tips from the community in the comments, please do read them!

This event has been the first thing this year that’s felt Christmas-y, so I really appreciated it!

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10 thoughts on “LOTRO Yule Festival 2017 – Celebrate Yule-Tide in Middle Earth!

  1. In the theatre, there are also deeds for acting well (“Star of the Show” title) and acting badly (“Laughing stock” title) which reward also LOTRO points plus you get a deed for each role you take (villain, protagonist, extra) plus there is a hidden deed about it which you will complete after many, many visits to the theatre.

    As of this year, there is also a quest which rewards you with a barter item you can exchange for “Ithilien Essence Boxes” after you’ve got four of them. This is the reason why I’m doing 10 festival quests with my capped chars as well – every day πŸ™‚

    Oh, and about the beggars: It counts as having talked to them if you have the chat window open before they walk away, so technically, five players could right-click on them (for some beggars, if they already did “A final act”, they would have to select the quest they’re currently on) and then every one of these players could click on “continue quest” whenever they’re ready (just take care the beggar doesn’t walk too far away for talking).

    There’s also a hidden deed for being generous to the beggars, you need to do the generous quest 10 times total.

    Oh, and did you already do the cheer-up-the-snow-beasts-quest? I think it’s quite funny and another easy 4 Festival coins (you can cheer up the same snow-beast if you’re quick enough, so you don’t take away all three of them for other players).

    1. Hi Gildoriel,

      Thanks for taking the time to add to this! There is a lot going on – and I didn’t want to write about everything in case people lost interest. But I didn’t know about the Generous Deed – good to know (as I’m doing it every day). I have been getting the Essence boxes (yes, new for 2016) but as my highest level is around 31 it will be some time before I need those – having to extend my Homestead’s storage capacity for that!

      Happy Yuletide!

  2. Hi,
    Where can I get/barter for the Steed of Ithorian Winters? I can’t find it anywhere.

    Regards, Maria

      1. Unfortunately not.

        The only two mounts available at the vendors in Frostbluff, aside from the mithril vendor, are Steed of Ithilien Winter (white horse with blue coverings) and Steed of Winter’s Light. None of these match the left hand picture of the “Steed of Ithorian Winters under “Yule Festival Mounts”. The mount in that picture is beautiful and I was just wandering from where it could be aquired.

        1. Ah, thank you, the reason is I accidentally posted the wrong screenshot. Let me fix that.

          The one that was on the left is actually the Steed of Nairie from the Summer Festival – bad brain-fart from me, I apologise.

          Post fixed now.

  3. If you really don’t want to turn on floaty names to find things, pressing the ‘Delete’ key will select the nearest usable inanimate object (unless you’ve remapped it to something else, but you can check your key mapping options). ‘U’ will attempt to use that object, and if you have the ‘Move to use’ option checked, you character will move within range if you’re not close enough. I use this combo frequently, as I sometimes have trouble clicking on just the right spot.

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