Site Work and Issues

Hey all. Here, I intend on keeping a fairly up-to-date log of work I’m doing on the site as a whole, along with any known or reported issues. Producing content regularly matters, but so to does your experience while on my blog. In a world of short attention spans (mine included), bugs and annoyances can quickly put us off. I am trying to minimise both of those!

If you come across an issue please report it on either Twitter or Facebook and I’ll either fix it quickly, or add it here.

Note: for obvious reasons, security issues will not be posted here.

Work Ongoing

Aspects I am proactively working on.

Hunting Log Targets Not Indexed by Search Engines

Date Added: 4th October 2022
Date Updated: 17th October 2022

It’s all in the title, really. A mess-up on my part meant individual database entries for FFXIV Hunting Log enemies were not indexable. While I’ve fixed the issue, I won’t remove it from here until said search engines have started indexing them again.

(UPDATE: 8th November)

  1. 8th Nov: Other items not addressed by redirection have been, or are being, resubmitted URL-by-URL. Fun times!
  2. Found many enemy listings were duplicate entries were required by the database were not redirecting to one page for the user. All these are now fixed. I think.
  3. Search engines were not processing the 301 in place of throwing a “noindex” error. So, I’ve removed “noindex” and added the 301, which should clear the issue.
  4. Process of manually re-requesting indexing has started. It’s a long and, frankly, dull task. But it is needed.

Error 520

Date Added: 4th October 2022
Date Updated: 17th October 2022

I am aware that sometimes “Error 520” crops up. This is a communication techy thing between Cloudflare and my server. Refreshing the page nearly always loads it the second time. But you shouldn’t have to do that.

(UPDATE: 17th October) After some back-end tweaks, I think, I’ve fixed this. Please reach out to me on social media if not.

Removing Tags

Date Started: 3rd October 2022
Updated: 8th November 2022

The removal of ‘tags’ from posts, pages and database items. This process cleans up low-quality “pass-through” pages on the site. While I could delete them en masse, it will cause Error 404s (Not Found), so I am redirecting them to the most appropriate destination URL before deleting them.

8th November:

  • All tags have been removed and their content redirected. Some landing pages have been created where something worthwhile would be useful.
  • Redundant Categories are being worked on.

Progress: Completed

Known Issues

Minor annoyances and/or bugs I will move to Work Ongoing in due course.

Current issues are now either ongoing or resolved. Contact me if there's anything new I have not yet spotted.

Reported & Fixed Problems

No reported issues that are not queued already.

Date Fixed: 4th October 2022

This seems to only happen on individual item pages, but error in making the Buried Treasure event guide link.

04/10/22: This should be fixed, but I’ll monitor it.

Missing EXP Granted for Rank Completion

Date Fixed: 4th October 2022

Ranks 4 and 5 were missing the overall EXP given for clearing the whole rank. Individual stages were fine.

This has now been corrected.

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