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The Water Wheel in the Works of Moria

Hey all. Here, I intend on keeping a fairly up-to-date log of work I'm doing on the site as a whole, along with any known or reported issues. Producing content regularly matters, but so to does your experience while on my blog. In a world of short attention spans (mine included), bugs and annoyances can quickly put us off. I am trying to minimise both of those!

Recent Tweaks

I have made the following minor site-wide changes. You may need to do a 'hard refresh' to see these:

  • 22/03/24: On screen resolutions wider than 1920px, I have limited the site's width to 1920px. I do not have a monitor with a higher resolution, so I would rather you need to zoom than for my content to be all over the place. Given the exponential cost increase from 1920×1080 screen to a 4k one, it may be some years before I can afford to own one!
  • 22/03/24: The Table of Contents (TOC) or 'Article Sections' has been made a little wider for those on 1920px screens (and above). This should resolve the occasional random letter appearing between the header image for an article and the TOC. Hopefully!

Report an Issue/Bug

If you come across an issue please report it using any of the social options below:

For security reasons, if you can PM/DM me the issue please do. If you can't "prod" me publicly, then I'll make sure I open dialogue with you!

Known Issues

Minor annoyances and/or bugs I will move to Work Ongoing in due course.

  • Due a plugin update of my own, some tabbed content may be bizarrely displaying "no-title". If you spot any of these, please let me know. I have fixed a bunch of them already.
  • The ToC has a gap on the left. This is currently intentional as it prevents paragraph text from running into it when the ToC is deeper than the header image. My aim is to find a workaround to also remove that gap.

Recently Fixed Problems

  • March 2024: You should be able to now search for words that contain hyphens. This is kinda important when searching for places like bree-land for example!
  • March 2024: Fixed some tabbed pages that showed "no-title" and/or could not be selected.
  • January 2024: LOTRO Events Schedule cascading should be fixed. Please tell me if this is not the case.

New and Updated Content

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