Lissuin Steed
A LOTRO Spring Festival Mount

Mount Description

Having only obtained the War-Steed Cosmetics that match this mount a couple of years ago, I had not realised how old the Lissuin Steed was! And I still think it's well-designed. My opinions are my own, yada yada, etc. This horse (or pony for the Little Folk) is a grey-ish brown but comes with a multi-green caparison and headpiece. Both invoke the feeling of Spring Festival with not only leaves clearly printed on them, but the edge is also leaf-like too. That makes it still one of the more unusual caparisons available.

The War-Steed Cosmetics

While the mount itself is Mithril Coins Mithril Coin only, you can obtain the Spring Lissuin War-Steed Cosmetics.This is done via picking flowers of various types across the starter regions of Middle-Earth. These flowers can only be picked during Spring Festival.

Extra Details

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