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FibroJedi as Cor-Jhan Arcturus
FibroJedi as Cor-Jhan Arcturus
Welcome to the digital home-from-home of FibroJedi (Catch Me on Twitter). Here I will occasionally blog about life with Fibromyalgia, the occasional piece about gaming on Star Wars: The Old Republic (henceforth: SWTOR) and the Lord of the Rings Online (henceforth, LOTRO!). I have also picked up a long-lost love of writing fiction behind various characters I have created – Tap here for more on that!

Who Is FibroJedi?

I am a thirty-something Fibromyalgia sufferer who lives in Scotland. I have a wife, a daughter and own a cat. I also drink far too much coffee (coffee being pretty bad for Fibromyalgia is a hard slog for me!). I used to work, running my own business, but after a few months break initiated by my doctor our family finances are having to come from other sources now.

I got to love Star Wars when I was about 15 when a friend of mine ran a browser-based game set in the Star Wars universe. I probably understand Jedi philosophy a bit too well, but no I don’t speak Wookiee, Trandoshan or any of the other languages in the world of Star Wars. I’m a half-geek if you will – but I speak Basic (English).

I chose the name FibroJedi as ‘Fibro’ is the shortened version of ‘Fibromyalgia’ and I have somewhat more in common with the Jedi philosophy than the Sith code, though as you’ll see from this site, I’m not averse to role-playing or writing FanFiction about the Sith. I’m enjoying both sides in my gaming time!

The Arcturus and Ghiran Legacies

My main way of distracting myself from dealing with high levels of Fibro pain is to play SWTOR, where I have various characters on the EU’s Red Eclipse and the Shadowlands servers. I have also recently picked up LotRO again which is a regular part of my gaming now.

My SWTOR legacies are The Arcturus Legacy (on Red Eclipse) and my main character is Cor-Jhan Arcturus (Jedi Shadow – Tank Class) and The Ghiran Legacy (on Shadowlands).

Fan Fiction

From time-to-time I am writing Star Wars Fan Fiction, based on characters I have created in SWTOR. My main ones are Talitha’koum and Cor-Jhan Arcturus.

Do Stick Around

I will try to add something here most weeks but no guarantees. It depends on my pain levels. But thanks so much for visiting and feel free to Follow on Twitter or ‘friend’ me in-game if you also play SWTOR. My main characters are:

The Red Eclipse (EU Server)

  • Republic: Cor-Jhan (Shadow), Alekah (Guardian)
  • Imperial: Jarr’ol (Agent), Talitha’koum (Sith Healer), Nyha (Assassin), Sojourna (Bounty Hunter), Schelektani (Warrior)

Shadowlands (USA Server)the Ghiran Legacy:
Main Characters Played:

  • Republic: Caethir (Gunslinger), Dzak-Jhan (Sage), Kyi’Yun (Guardian), Sienn’ah (Trooper), Makay’la (Shadow)
  • Imperial: Myrt’n (Healing Sorc), Qan’luga (Mercenary), Nyah Joix (Juggernaut)

May the Force Be Ever With You, may it make you strong.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus

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