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Welcome to the digital home of FibroJedi. I hope you enjoy your journey today, though sadly there is no in-flight magazine or at-seat buffet service.

Here, I occasionally blog about life with Fibromyalgia. However, most of my posts and guides centre around gaming on The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), especially Festivals in the LOTRO Events Calendar.

And over the last year or so, I've been adding FFXIV guides and completed my All Classes Hunting Log Guide.

Who Am I?

FibroJedi - LOTRO Guides - FFXIV / FF14 Guides (and a few other things!)

I am a Dad of one, a Hubby of one. I am an introvert and fight chronic pain, but only rarely write about it.

For anything else, please check out You Behind the Illness and find out more!

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List of my top 14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Busy Categories

LOTRO Festivals and Events

LOTRO Festivals are a great source of outfit cosmetics, all while enjoying community events!

From Spring to Yule, I do my best to keep all of my guides for LOTRO Events up-to-date. Find the latest cosmetic outfits, mounts and pets in one handy place.

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LOTRO Deeds Guides

LOTRO Hidden Threats of the Wildwood Deed Map - by FibroJedi

So where's that tower in Ered Luin, or those hidden threats in the Wildwood? My growing LOTRO Deeds Guides are here to help you. All non-quest deeds in Swanfleet and Cardolan are now ready for you in the Before the Shadow category!

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FFXIV Hunting Logs

FFXIV Hunting Log Guides - Learn Your Class and Level up with fab Class Log EXP

I now have a complete set of Hunting Logs for all Jobs/Classes in FFXIV! And, if that's not enough, all the Grand Company ones are here too. Many individual enemies can be found by using my site's search box too. Enjoy!

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Other Projects

FFXIV Guides

FFXIV Warring Lanner Mount (Flying)

As I've been enjoying Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) over the last few years, I have a growing number of FFXIV posts and guides. Some related to FFXIV Events and others are my Hunting Logs.

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Review of WorldAnvil for Fantasy Writing - How I use their World Building tools.

As I am writing both a fantasy novel and side-stories, I've been utilising WorldAnvil to help me with the world-building side of those. The button below is an external link (but not a sponsored one). Come visit Savàni and the kingdom at its centre, Qal'ath!

Visit Qal'athExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

LOTRO FanFiction

Caethir's Journey: LOTRO FanFicyion

A couple of times a year I add an episode to my LOTRO FanFiction. Utilising LOTRO's dualboxing and speech bubble systems I "illustrate" these with screenshots from within the game. Come join on Caethir's (ongoing) journey from Evendim to Rivendell.

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May The Spoons Be With You.

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