Hello There!

Welcome to the digital home-from-home of FibroJedi (Catch Me on Twitter). Here I will occasionally blog about life with Fibromyalgia.

However the bulk of my posts centre around gaming on The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO!) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). I also write FanFiction based in both games.

Who Am I?

I am thirty-something, fighting many symptoms of Fibromyalgia and I live in Scotland. I have a wife, a daughter and a cat. I also drink far too much coffee (coffee being pretty bad for Fibromyalgia). Due to a sharp decline in my health I can no longer hold down a ‘normal job’, so am looking to support my family through other online ventures now.

Why FibroJedi?

I chose the name FibroJedi as ‘Fibro’ is the shortened version of ‘Fibromyalgia’ and I have somewhat more in common with the Jedi philosophy than the Sith Code. Though as you’ll see from this site, I’m not averse to role-playing or writing FanFiction about the Sith. I’m enjoying both sides in my gaming time!

My ‘Projects’

As my pain levels mean a ‘normal’ job no longer works, instead I have other projects which I hope will help support my family in the long term! These are:

  • Patreon: Get early access to nearly all blog posts and a chance to input on some, too!
  • Streaming: These happen now when I can do them, depending on pain and energy levels. But when I do, come and chat while I game!
  • YouTube: Containing past streams, SWTOR Cutscenes and my LOTRO Warden Series
  • This Blog: of course this site is a project too! Gaming guides, Fibromyalgia stuff and FanFiction. Along with doing all I can to keep it running smoothly!

Find Me In-Game

If you want to find me in-game, then feel free!

  • In LOTRO, I play mostly on Evernight except on Sundays when I am on Crickhollow. Feel free to add Myrlas to your friends list (on either server) and send me a mail if you want to chat!
  • In SWTOR, I am usually on Darth Malgus and occasionally on The Star Forge. Again you can send me in-game mail to Cor-Jhan or Talitha’koum. I have loads of characters but I usually check on these two!

SWTOR & LOTRO FanFiction

From time-to-time I write Star Wars FanFiction, based on characters I have created in SWTOR. My longest/deepest story revolves around Sith Healer Talitha’koum starting right from her trials on Korriban.

I have also been writing LOTRO FanFiction for a while, tracing the journey of one of my Elves, Caethir. I’m also weaving some of my other characters into his story as it progresses!

Thank you for visiting my site, I really appreciate it!

May the Force Be Ever With You, may it make you strong.

Fibro Jedi

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