LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Guide – Events, Hedge-Maze, Mounts and Cosmetics!

LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Event Guide: Quests, Mounts, Cosmetics and many other RewardsWhile here in Scotland we can still get snow and hail storms when the temperatures should be increasing, the LOTRO Spring Festival aims to welcome in brighter and warmer days in Middle Earth! As various regions have their own events and Spring customs, this festival sees you travelling around. So you can enjoy the journey and experience of the event, rather than simply the rewards.

Here is my guide to the quests, the Hedge Maze and the many rewards you can exchange your Spring Leaves for. Enjoy!

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When is Spring Festival 2020?

The 2020 Spring Festival will take place from 19th March (10am /servertime) to the 14th April (3am /servertime)

This means, for many of us, the last full day of the event is the 13th April 2020.

Spring Festival Encore 2020

The Encore dates for 2020 have not been announced yet! Keep an eye on my LOTRO Events Calendar for when the dates are decided.

Where Are Spring Festival Quests? Where are the Wrappers?

There are two ‘main’ hubs of festival event: Bree-land near the Horsefields and Duillond in Ered Luin. The main one in The Shire is the Bullroarer’s Challenge – aka Drunken-Fence-Walking! At Thorin’s Hall, there is the Dancing Emote quest plus Inn League/Ale Association NPCs.
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How to Pick Up The “A Taste of Spring” Daily

Don’t make the mistake I did on day 1! The Map you’re given transports you to outside the Hedge Maze. You need to backtrack to the Spring Festival Rewards Vendor to pick up “A Taste of Spring”. Pick this up from Sergeant Tom before you turn in any actual festival quests so that they all count!

If you want information about the Spring Festival Wrappers, you can find them in the hidden section below.
Spring Festival Wrappers

A Bustling Bloom

One of the event’s “wrapper” quests, likely with multiple ‘stages’. The first one just requires you to complete A Taste of Spring four times.


  • Legendary Item XP (if Applicable)
  • Figments of Splendour: 400
  • Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll

Splendor Of Spring

New since last year is The Splendor of Spring. This is the wrapper-of-wrappers! You gain rewards for completing A Bustling Bloom a number of times.

The first stage requires you to just complete A Bustling Bloom once.


  • Legendary Item XP (if Applicable)
  • Figments of Splendour: 500
  • Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • Spring Leaves: 5
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Spring is Dandy Deed

The title Spring Dandy is available for completing:

  1. Bree-land Festival Run (Horse Track)
  2. The Shire Festival Run (Horse Track)
  3. Bullroarer’s Challenge (Advanced) – 21 Second Timer
  4. A Fool’s Errand
  5. A Laugh At the Lost
  6. Misplaced Companions
  7. Stomp-a-Shrew for the Leisurely Gardener
  8. Stomp-a-Shrew for the Practised Gardener
  9. The Stomp-a-Shrew Challenge
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How to Save Spring Leaves

During this event you can barter your leaves for a variety of items. Remember that cosmetic gear and items are Bound to Account and can be applied to multiple characters at once. So only purchase each item once per account (or per server). That frees up Leaves to spend on other things!

Also you may not have to barter Spring Leaves for a Shrew Cosmetic Pet. The Quest Terrible Tweens grants a Festival Box. Usually this one grants 2 Spring Leaves but I have had Dusty Shrew pet land from this box!
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Bree-land Festival Quests

In Bree-land, you can find Festival Quests in the Festival Grounds, the Hedge Maze and near the Boar Fountain in Bree-town.

Pretty-Parched Party-Goers (2 Spring Leaves)

Arn Bulrush is your quest-giver. He is near the stage in the Bree-land Festival Grounds. This quick quest sees you retrieving 3 bottles of Spring Wine and delivering them to 3 different tables. Must make sure people keep thirst at bay with wine…which makes you thirsty! Hmm.

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Borne Aloft in Spring-Time (18 Spring Leaves)

Arn Bulrush also has a new story/quest-line available, which was new last year. I won’t post any spoilers of the story itself though! A quirky plot which starts with some uppity herbalists from Gonder, who recruit you to pick plants from the Festival Grounds. This leads to an Elf talking about a sacred flower he thought had died out for ever. You’ll need to help the herbalists first, before speaking to Haerandel and hearing his story. A final journey to near Woodhall in the Shire is needed to pass a message to a group of Elves preparing to depart for the Undying West.

Borne Aloft in Spring-Time does not take long to run, but give yourself time to enjoy the story!

Cooldown is over 2 months so view this as a once-yearly questline.

See Screenshots
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The Bree-land Hedge Maze

This little beauty is great for people like me who get lost in real life! There are a few quests that take place in the Hedge Maze. However not all can be picked up at the same time. Repeatable Quests here are:

  • Terrible Tweens (Grants a Spring Fetival Box): Catch 4 Tweens in the maze. They are running riot and must be caught! When another player catches one, you have to wait for the cheeky hobbit spawn to re-spawn. The box always has at least 2 Leaves in it.
  • Misplaced Companions (2 Spring Leaves): Find some wandering Elves in the maze. These follow similar walking patterns so you can find them relatively easily.
  • A Laugh at the Lost (2 Spring Leaves): place signposts in various locations to misdirect lost maze-wanderers.
  • The Chicken Dash: (1 Spring Leaf) Retrieve 2 stray chickens from the maze, before they escape!
  • A Fool’s Errand (1 Spring Leaf): once you unlock it, the 1 minute maze challenge is repeatable daily. To unlock it, you will first need to pass the 5-minute and 3-minute challenges.
  • Disorientation (2 Spring Leaves): find and drink Dire Brews in the Maze!
    @SWForce4EU said in this tweet:

    See how many are in the maze before you accept Dire Beer quest. If there are a lot…wait until there aren’t!

The Chicken Dash

This Hedge Maze quest deserved a little more, to help you maximise the chance of finding those two chickens!

  • The “Event Broadcast” which says The chickens are running through the Hedge Maze begins a 15 minute timer. This seems to occur at the top of each hour.
  • To know what time that happened, turn on Enable Timestamps on Chat option.
  • You may need 5+ minutes if the Maze is busy with players. So if the 15 minutes is nearly up, you would be better waiting until the next reset.
  • Use the F10 Key which will find the nearest NPC. This may select a Wandering Elf, or Terrible Tween, but may still help you locate a chicken!

See Hedge Maze Screenshots

A Fool’s Errand: 1-Minute Speed Run

Here’s my video of the route through the maze from start to finish:

Spring Festival Hedge Maze Maps

I thought I was going to have to draw this map myself but as usual lotro-wiki comes into its own and saves the day. There are two maps below, but the most recent one can be found here. It contains the most recent quests and their locations within the maze. It is on the small size so I may make a higher resolution one in the near future.

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The Green Challenge (Inn League)

If you’re a member of the Inn League, then Tob Sandyman outside the Hedge Maze has a quest for you. Though he appears too…erm, tipsy to know it!

This quest is straightforward, provided you know the route out of the Hedge Maze.

Find an “Inn League Artifact”

This is the Sinister Keg in the middle of the Maze.

Get Out of the Maze in 3 Minutes

Provided you have done a Fool’s Errand a few times, finding the exit is easy. Even drunk, and staggering!

Green Challenge Rewards

  • Inn League Reputation: 700
  • Legendary Item XP (If Applicable)
  • Inn League Sinister Keg homestead decoration or2 × Spring Leaves

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Spring Fest Quests at Duillond

In the Festival Garden at Duillond, there are a few repeatable quests. So here they are outlined for you!

A Proper Festival – 2 Spring Leaves

An Elf called Forlad is so offended by the Shrew-Stomping he nearly didn’t come. Instead of killing creatures of nature, he proposes that you pick flowers near Duillond then plant them in the Festival Gardens!

How The Shire Shoos Shrews – 2 Spring Leaves

Bodo Burrows is convinced that the Hobbits have a better grasp of Shrew Control than the Elves. The Elf he sends you to speak to…doesn’t think much of Bodo! But she sends you off to the Shire to learn how to get rid of Shrews. Here are the Hobbit “Tips” you receive:

  • Nibs Cotton: Nibs uses his cat to catch Shrews. At least if he can get the feline to wake up!
  • Wald Sandson: Talk VERY LOUDLY about Winter being just around the corner!
  • Gaffer Gamgee: Trap them or…chuck an apple at them! But aim at the head if an apple is your preferred weapon!

Boot Demand, Boot Supply (Daily) – 2 Spring Leaves

Shrew-Stomping can only happen if people have enough boots! Santmereth, in the Duillon Festival Gardens sends you to help Deluraw with his supplies so he can make more boots. For this you’ll need

  • 4 × Flax Plants
  • 4 × Cherry-Wood Branches
  • 4 × Elf-made Twine

Flax and Cherry-Wood Branches are found not far from the Festival Grounds. The Twine however can be picked up at Celondim Docks.

Stomp-a-Shrew at the Festival Gardens in Duillond

Enjoy a visit to the picturesque region of Ered Luin and enter the Festival Gardens (looks like a cave entrance). Here you can participate in Shrew Stomping (!) and also flower collecting for the festival gardens! This is a great piece of fun, although it is a popular event so you have some competition for your Shrew Stomping! (Click/Tap image to enlarge)

There are 3 difficulty levels with scaling rewards, along with a separate “Stomp Huge Shrew with a Huge Boot” thing. I’m pretty poor at this event so I won’t try to give you all advice!
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Other Spring Festival Activities Available

Other activities which I personally don’t do because some are timed (I’m not very good with timed quests!) are:

  • Pie-Eating (Bree-land): though I am reliably informed this can also be available some in-game mornings all year around.
  • Dancing: Bree-land and Duillond
  • Large Shrew Stomping (Duillond): you have to use Huge Boots to stomp the Huge Shrew before other players! You then have a chance of winning the Large Shrew pet, rather than saving up Spring Leaves to get it.
  • Bullroarer’s Brew (Brockenborings): two, non-repeatable quests given by Sigismond North-Took. Make a special clover-brew in honour of Bullroarer himself! (Quests: Bullroarer’s Brew, Paying Your Respects)
  • Bullroarer’s Challenge (Brockenborings): aka Drunken Fence Walking! yeah, me and “sense of balance” don’t get along! The challenge is repeatable!
  • Horse Races (Bree-land and the Shire): Make it around the race track before the time runs out. Avoid the mud and water!

All-in-all there are a lot of Festival Activities to earn those much-needed Spring Leaves! Pick and choose what you want to do!
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Flower Picking Like Crazy

In Bree-Town Central Square you can find Avery Crabapple. He starts a questline (which is rewarded with Spring Leaves). He sends you flower picking in Bree-land, Ered Luin and The Shire. These are special flowers for someone special. Once you get to the end of the questline, you can obtain a repeatable quest – A Fistful of Flowers. In that quest you travel round picking flowers from Festival-activated flowerbeds. These flowers are barter items which you exchange with Gretlang Mugwart for items (and the Steed of the Jester) that can only be purchased using these barter flowers!

LOTRO-Wiki has a great walk-through and notes for where to find each kind of flower.

But you can run this daily during the Festival.

Update: you also have a chance of picking up a Tome of the Spotted Shrew from flower patches, so you can acquire these pets this way too!

Spring Lissuin War-Steed Cosmetics

You can barter the flowers from the repeatable A Fistful of Flowers with Gredlan Mugwort. here you can obtain the Spring Lissuin War-Steed Cosmetics. They are beautiful, so below you can see what I mean!

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Spring Festival Rewards

2020 Note: As always I aim to update the rewards on day 1 of the event. Until then you can see what was on offer last year!

There are a LOT of different things to pick up at this event and I can’t feature them all! From the usual cosmetic outfits and steeds, there are decoration, emotes, a cosmetic ‘weapon’ and pets. And that doesn’t cover everything! So here are some of the rewards you can pick up:

LOTRO Spring Festival – 2019 Mounts / Steeds

The steeds that are obtainable from the Barter Vendor during the 2019 Festival are: Travelling Goat of the Mountain Meadow (40 Spring Leaves) and Lasgalen Spring Steed (30 Spring Leaves). Click/Tap images below to enlarge. I have shown these from two angles to help you.

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Spring Fest Cosmetic Outfit Rewards

Here is a selection of the cosmetic outfit rewards available at Spring Fest. I am now adding the 2018 Festival Cosmetics. I know Hobbits don’t wear shoes (usually) but this was the quickest way for me to get them in there!

2019’s Cosmetic Outfits

The Theme for this year is The Mountain Meadow!
This Section is being updated RIGHT NOW

Previous Year’s Cosmetic Rewards

Show Cosmetics
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Cosmetic Pets

The Spring Fest has loads of pets available! So here’s the run-down:

Non-Shrew Creature Pets

  • Female Pheasant
  • Male Pheasant
  • Hedgehog

Kite ‘Pets’

Thanks to @delphs for providing the Kite pets and shrew images!

Shrew Pets

There are a number of shrew pets available at the Spring Festival. Some can be obtained through the daily reward box, though you can barter for all (I believe) with Spring Leaves. The Large Shrew has a chance of dropping if you stomp the Huge Shrew! here are some of the available Shrew pets:


As I do on all my LOTRO Event guides, I have @decodumilieu to thank for featuring all homestead decoration rewards on their website!


Below you can see which dyes are available for Spring Leaves this year. Bear in mind that which are token and which are Mithril Coin purchases rotate each year. So if you use these colours, you’ll need enough for 2 years.

  • Lavender Dye × 6: 15 Spring Leaves
  • Dark Purple Dye × 6: 15 Spring Leaves
  • Shire-Plum Dye × 6: 10 Mithril Coins
  • Bullroarer’s Green Dye × 6: 10 Mithril Coins

/fishslap Emote (13 Spring Leaves)

At this event, you can pick up the /fishslap emote, hurrah! Just be careful to purchase the Cold Fish and not the ‘Slapper Fish’. Confusing I know, but Slapper Fish is a cosmetic weapon.

And here’s the emote. If you don’t have a target, it says that you’re slapping yourself with a cold fish!

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Amazeling Title

If you complete the Hedge Maze quests and The Green Challenge, you unlock the hidden deed and title: Amazeling!

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TL;DR The 2019 LOTRO Spring Festival Round-up

As always there are a variety of events for you to choose from. With the extra travel, LOTRO Spring Festival 2019 is one of the more relaxing relaxing events in LOTRO. With a little bit of Shrew-Stomping, wandering around Middle Earth and geting lost in the Hedge Maze, I hope you enjoy the Fest as much as I do!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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