LOTRO Anniversary 2024 Event Guide

LOTRO Anniversary Event Guide, Quests, Rewards and more - 17th Birthday

It’s time to celebrate 16 Years of gaming in Middle-Earth at the LOTRO Anniversary 2023! Quests and events are being held across Middle-Earth with the main and Eriador Scavenger Hunt literally seeing people trekking across most map regions. So whether you’re after Anniversary Anniversary Tokens, Steel Steel Tokens, or Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens, sit back, relax and enjoy.

When is the 2024 LOTRO Anniversary?

The 2024 Anniversary Event is from 28th April at 10am /ServerTime to the 6th May 2024 at 3am Server Time.
The last full day of the celebration is, for many, 5th May 2024.

I’m Just Here for the Rewards, Man!

Well, fair enough! Here are your shortcuts:

LOTRO Anniversary Guide – Quests & Wrappers

Another Lovely Year (Daily) and Quest Wrappers

Where’s the Daily ‘Wrapper’ Quest?

Before you pick up quests in Bree, you need to pick up the quest Another Lovely Year from Waldo Rumble at the Party Tree. You then can participate in 7 Anniversary Events and gain a bonus 3×Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens.

You can also earn Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour by completing the various ‘wrapper quests’. These can also be picked up from Waldo Rumble.

Thanks to @knitonepurrtoo for this tip from last year:

…suggest that they log out by Waldric Rumble so the next day they don’t forget to pick it up.

Pro Tip:

Remember to turn in the daily when you complete it! Don’t “do an FJ” and forget just because the quest-giver is away from all the other Anniversary quests.

Wrapper Rewards

Loads of rewards to grab for just enjoying the festival! LI XP, Virtue XP, Figments of Splendour and more. Have a looksie:

A Yearly Yield (Intro)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 3 times.

A Yearly Yield (Intermediate)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 6 times.

A Yearly Yield (Final)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 9 times.

The Anniversary Adventure

This completes when you have finished A Yearly Yield (Final):

Do Horse Races Count for the Daily?

Yes! Since 2021 the Horse Trials at Bree and in the Shire both count towards the daily.

See Horse Racing for more details.

How Do I Hit 7 Daily Quests?

I get asked this nearly every year, so I’ll finally write the answer! The full question is actually:

When the Gifts Quest Chain is on cool-down, how you complete the Daily 7-Quest wrapper?

Really, really easily! Here are a couple of approaches you can use:

Suggested Quick 7

The easiest time of day to start your wrapper is at Gloaming. You can track this on your minimap or via a LOTRO Plugin, such as TitanBar.

If you have time left during Gloaming, go do the Horse Race then pop back to the Hill.

Also Remember: the new Seasonal Instance A Flurry of Fireworks has a daily quest called Sparkling Sparklers.

Suggested Daytime 7-Quests

Daytime is obviously achievable, but just needs more time and patience. Do remember it’s a festival and not a dungeon to grind, yes? Start during Foredawn.

For the 7th Quest:

Due to the way a couple of the quests work you can do a “split method”, where you achieve your daily in two or three different sessions. This way is useful if you don’t have the time to invest in a Scavenger Hunt card, or find the beer brawling difficult. How you split it will depend on the time of day it is in-game. But as I just started my daily today, this is what I’m doing:

If you start during the nighttime, you’ll likely swap Sparking an Interest for the Bree Fireworks.

This method also works well if you’re running the LOTRO Anniversary on multiple characters as it allows in-game time to pass without feeling like you’re waiting around. Simply do the same session on two different characters, then when the day/night cycle re-unlocks Sparking an Interest or Fireworks in Bree, you can rerun them.

  1. If, for some reason, you haven’t done the intro tour, then grab it from the Bree Fireworks field. It counts.
  2. Fireworks in the Shire, if there are enough enough people.
  3. Any Scavenger Hunt Card (Eriador or Main one)
  4. If you’ve done at least one Scavenger card for years 1-11, then The Mastermind’s Minion can be done one day. It counts towards your 7 quests, but isn’t repeatable.
  5. The actual storyline quests for the main or Eriador Scavenger Hunts appear to count also.

There is no shortage of things to do at this, or any festival in the LOTRO Events Calendar!

The Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt also offers LOTRO Anniversary Tokens and counts towards your 7-quest daily.

The Scavenger Hunt is a series of quests available from The Party Tree. There is a story behind their mysterious appearance too, but the main draw is for you to visit various places in Middle-Earth in search of rewards. In fact, there are some pets and decorations you can only obtain via Scavenger (aside from Auction House).

  • For Lower-Levels: there is an easier/lower-level version of this called the Eriador Scavenger Hunt. I managed to do something from years 1-11 last year so I hope my sort-of guide helps.

There is no need for me to detail the full Scavanger Hunt in this guide, as you can simply search LOTRO-Wiki for each year’s walk-through!

LOTRO Eriador Scavenger Hunt - Tales, Trifles and Travels

Earning Anniversary Tokens

Below is your guide to repeatable quests you can earn for tokens.

Sparking an Interest

2 × Anniversary Tokens, Repeatable Every 3hrs in the Daytime

Quest Giver: “A Young Took” (near Bree Fireworks) – From Dawn until end of Dusk.

Entrepreneurial Hobbits want you to go and find places in Bree to set off a random firework there. Their hope is that by doing so it will encourage the locals to attend the show at nighttime! I highly recommend showing floaty names (default: N Key) as these can be tricksy to spot.

They also despawn when a player puts a firework down, and they respawn later.

Where are the Ideal Locations?

If you’re not on a small device, hit the “Ideal Locations” tab above. Smaller device people should see the gallery below!

Fireworks Exploration (Non-Repeatable)

1 × Anniversary Tokens

Gandalf at the Methel-Stage in The Shire wants you to launch different coloured Fireworks in various locations. This is because colour invokes different emotions depending on the setting!

A Few Tips

  • All locations are technically accessible at any level BUT be Level 15+ to safely get up Weathertop.
  • Tom Bombadil’s House is in the North of the Old Forest, so there may be some mobs around L18-20. Just be aware!
  • The Fireworks in question can be purchased from the Fireworks Vendor in Bree for 6 SilverSilver Coin each.

Quest Rewards

  • Anniversary Tokens × 1 Anniversary Token
  • Title Title: Firecracker

Master Blaster Title Deed

7 × Anniversary Tokens, Once per Character

You can earn Anniversary Tokens LOTRO Anniversary Tokens and the Title Master Blaster title once per character during the Event. The deed that grants the title only triggers once you set off fireworks purchased from a vendor. If you do Fireworks Exploration you will have received 6 separate deeds (if you didn’t start this last year, of course) – one for each colour of fireworks.

How to Get the Master Blaster Title

To gain the Title Master Blaster title you need to set off 50 of each colour of firework.

If you’re relatively new to LOTRO and don’t have much Gold Coin Gold or Silver Coin Silver to your name, you could consider doing it during this years and next year’s events, to spread the cost.

  • Red Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin
  • Green Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin
  • Blue Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin
  • Orange Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin
  • Yellow Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin
  • Purple Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver Silver Coin

That makes the total cost: 1 Gold Gold Coin, 800 Silver Silver Coin. This used to be an issue for F2P-ers, when there was a low gold cap, but that was removed a long time ago now.

Quest Rewards

  • Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens × 7 (One for each colour and one for the final Master Blaster Deed.)
  • Title Master Blaster

Lost Invitations

2 × Anniversary Tokens

Quest Giver: Percy Bywood (near the Anniversary Vendor in Bree)

Clumsy folk have lost their invitations to LOTRO Anniversary festivities! So you need to run around Bree (seriously on-foot is easier than mounted for this one) to find the lost invitations.

For this quest, you are looking for Envelopes. Some are flying about in the breeze but many are located in fixed positions. Although you only need to find 6 lost invitations, not all envelopes contain invitations, so you’ll need to collect more than 6 (unless the dice are in your favour anyway).

Some example envelope locations are in the collapsed section below (or the next tab along on larger screens).

What Else You Can Find in Envelopes

How to Get the Toast Emote

One of the rewards you can get in the Envelopes is the Toast Emote.

It doesn’t drop very often, so make Lost Invitations one of your daily quests. If you want the emote, anyway!

LOTRO Toast Emote Video Anniversary Event
Play this video
LOTRO Toast Emote Video Anniversary Event

Horse Racing

Bree and Shire Horse Tracks – 2 × Anniversary Tokens Each, Once Per Day

Or, if you’re bad at the Horse Racing as I am, you can re-try every 5 minutes! Take the challenge and navigate the course. You have to avoid the boggy bits and get through each gate before the timer runs out!

  • If you navigate the wooden walk-ways without falling in the bog you get a speed boost!
  • If you fall in the bog you get a speed reduction (and I always fail the race if I fall in, though this is not necessarily true for others!)

The tracks can be found at Bree Festival Grounds and South-East of Michel Delving in the Shire.
Note: the Horse Trials do now count towards your 7-Quest target Another Lovely Year daily.

Beer Brawling

Thorin’s Hall Ale House, 1-3 × Anniversary Tokens Repeatable Every 9 minutes

Pick up a giant club and beat up other players! This is the quickest activity to “grind” for tokens and counts towards the 7-quest wrapper. But other players may not make it easy for you – so play nice. This Anniversary Event has 3 Difficulty Levels:

  1. Basic Level (1 × Anniversary Tokens): successfully whack 8 players. If you’re knocked out the arena you don’t fail the round, but you do get a ‘fall limp debuff’.
  2. Intermediate Level (2 × Anniversary Tokens): successfully whack 8 players. If you’re knocked out the arena you fail the round and have to wait for restart.
  3. Expert Level (3 × Anniversary Tokens): successfully whack 8 players and stay inside the arena. Plus you must retrieve a Glorious Beer before the round ends.

A few times I was whacked out the arena at the start of the round! On the other hand I accidentally selected Expert once and won it! So there are a lot of tokens you can earn in an hour here, but other players may stand in your way!

Do excuse the old avatar screenshots! I don’t play this very often anymore as it tenses my shoulders so it triggers some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms.

How Many Tokens Can I Get?

You can earn 18 × Anniversary Tokens/hour so long as you don’t fail a round (Good Luck!).

Anniversary Gifts Quest Chain

7 × Anniversary Tokens, Resets Monday/Thursday at 3am /servertime

Throughout the three Anniversary regions are people sending gifts to each other! Although you can pick up the Gifts Quest Chain at any stage, there is a logical route you can take while you deliver the gifts:

  1. Bree to Combe: A Delicate BraceletQuest Giver: Roger Hazeltwig (Bree Centre)
  2. Combe (to Combe!): Delicious Pastries
  3. Combe to Michel Delving: Wooden Carving
  4. Michel Delving to Hobbiton: A New Hammer
  5. Hobbiton to Frérin’s Court: A Dwarf Shield
  6. Frérin’s Court to Thorin’s Hall Ale House: A Lucky Goat’s Horn
  7. Thorin’s Hall Ale House to Bree: A Pint of Ale

If You Just Want the Daily

If you just want to do the Gift-Giving quest line to achieve the daily, I suggest starting from #5. This way you can pick up the daily at the Party Tree and by the time you return to Hobbiton for A New Hammer, you’ve hit seven quests. Then you just have to nip up the road to turn in the daily wrapper.

Note: apparently, occasionally you could encounter a bug at the Thorin’s Hall Inn stage of these quests. That bug could stop you from continuing the chain into Bree. I’ve never had it happen to me, but others have. So, be aware of that possibility when running it.

A Flurry of Fireworks

This is a Seasonal/Festival Instance introduced last year. In it, you’re helping Gandalf with his (in)famous fireworks. I managed to put a guide together for it, so here you go. It opens in a new window/tab so you don’t lose your place here.

LOTRO A Flurry of Fireworks - Anniversary Seasonal Instance Guide and Walkthrough

Click/tap the image above to load the guide.

How Many LOTRO Anniversary Tokens Can You Earn?

On a calculation of the above, if you just did one or two Beer Brawls, you can earn 25-30 × Anniversary Tokens LOTRO Anniversary Tokens in the first 2 hours you play the Event!

Beer Brawling is the quickest way to earn tokens – but a LOTRO Festival is not just about earning fast tokens. Experience the celebrations – relax and enjoy!

Newest LOTRO Anniversary Rewards

Here you will find the newest rewards for only this year. For everything else please see my Anniversary Celebration Rewards Guide.


This Year’s Mount

Last Year’s Mount

War-Steed Cosmetics

This year, obviously, there are no war-steed cosmetics given we do not have “War Goats” in LOTRO!

You can get last year’s mount’s cosmetics for your war horse, though. The whole set costs: 125 × Anniversary Tokens.

Alternatively, now you can get the whole set for 70×Mithril Coin. For all previous mounts, this was 70/item.

Previous Mounts/War-Steeds

To browse all the mounts from this event, see my LOTRO Anniversary Mounts Guide and Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics.

Outfit Cosmetics

As ever, there are many outfits available for Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens. The last two sets are below, but you can find even more on my Anniversary Cosmetics page.

And don’t forget there are even more outfits available for Steel Tokens Steel Tokens, too!


This Year’s Cosmetics

Boots of Illumination

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Cap of Illumination

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Cloak of Illumination

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Gloves of Illumination

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Jacket of Illumination

25 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Shoulder Guards of Illumination

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Last Year’s Cosmetics

Boots of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Chestplate of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Cloak of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Gloves of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Helm of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve

10 × Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Cosmetic Pets

Here are the non-combat pets you can get from this event – as there was the goat pet in 2023, I’ve kept the three from last year in. You can see all of the other on the Anniversary tab of my Pets from Festivals and Events page.

Held Item

Last year, the Anniversary Blue Sparkler made its debut. This costs 20 × Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens.

LOTRO Anniversary Blue Sparkler Video
Play this video
LOTRO Anniversary Blue Sparkler Video

Housing Decorations

Don’t ask me! Instead, go give Déco du Milieu some love and enjoy their dedicated Anniversary DecorationsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) page!


The following fireworks-based consumables can be acquired for Steel Tokens Steel Tokens.

You can open the video full screen after hitting the “play” button on each video.

Also, thank you to JZ on Facebook for pointing out we can now get the reusable Mighty Ram Fireworks for Anniversary Tokens×40.

This works the same way as the Eagle Firework, so you need to keep it in your inventory/bags to (re)use it.

Carrying Torches

Also, the following items are available for Creeps (PvMP, thanks again @jewahe):

  • Flaming Pinwheel Fireworks
  • Enemy Tears Pinwheel Fireworks

Previous Rewards

To make the main guide more sane, I have moved some sections to their own dedicated pages. Check out:

TL;DR Enjoy the 16th LOTRO Anniversary Event!

There is a lot going on even if you can’t, or don’t want to, do the Scavenger Hunts. You can obtain all the rewards as a solo and/or low-level player. So enjoy beating up other players, setting off fireworks and celebrating the 2024 LOTRO Anniversary with the community!. While you can’t expect the rewards to be on the scale of a big one like last year, the list of new things is still huge. get out there and enjoy the event!

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