LOTRO Anniversary 2021 Event – Guide to Quests, Mounts and Rewards for the 14th Anniversary!

2021 Marks 14 Years of LOTRO – so it’s time to celebrate LOTRO Anniversary Event! Quests and events are being held across Middle-Earth with the main and Eriador Scavenger Hunts literally seeing people trekking across most map regions. But even if you don’t (or can’t) do Scavenger, there are plenty of ways to rack up those Anniversary Tokens and enjoy the the rewards available!

When is the 2021 LOTRO Anniversary?

The 2021 Anniversary Event is from 21st April at 10am /ServerTime to the 12th May 2021 at 3am Server Time.

This means the last full day is, for many, 11th May 2021.

If I have my timezones correct then it kicks off at 3pm UK-Time (BST) rather than the usual 2pm.

Why Do I Keep Receiving Fireworks?

Every week the Anniversary Event is on, you’ll receive the quest The Anniversary Celebration Has Arrived!. As part of that you’ll get a box of fireworks. Keep one of each type for Farmers Faire. Yes, you heard me right! If your character has not completed the Celebrating Sunshine Deed (for the title “Sunshine”), then use these free fireworks to complete it when Farmer’s Faire arrives.

Where Are LOTRO Anniversary Quests Found?

As the whole of Middle Earth is celebrating the anniversary, you will find yourself in three main map regions!

  • Bree Town Centre and Bree Race Courses
  • The Shire: the Methel-Stage and the Shire Racing Track
  • Thorin’s Hall Ale House (also called Thorin’s Hall Inn in some quests)

Hunters with travel guides rejoice! The rest of you will need to use Swift Travel to ride around everywhere. (Thankfully there are LOTRO Plugins that can help you with that!). I have removed previous info on Swift Travel and Festival horses and I will amend that today or tomorrow when I know which ones apply – as it varies event-to-event.

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Another Lovely Year (Daily) and Quest Wrappers

folded corner final

Where’s the Daily ‘Wrapper’ Quest?

Before you pick up quests in Bree, you need to pick up the quest Another Lovely Year from Waldo Rumble at the Party Tree. You then can participate in 7 Anniversary Events and gain a bonus 3 Anniversary Tokens.

You can also earn Figments of Splendour by completing the various ‘wrapper quests’. These can also be picked up from Waldo Rumble.

Update: thanks to this fab tip from @knitonepurrtoo external-link-alt:

…suggest that they log out by Waldric Rumble so the next day they don’t forget to pick it up.


Pro Tip:

Remember to turn in the daily when you complete it! Don’t “do an FJ” and forget just because the quest-giver is away from all the other Anniversary events.

Wrapper Rewards

Loads of rewards to grab for just enjoying the festival! LI XP, Virtue XP, Figments of Splendour and more. Have a looksie:

Another Lovely Year (Daily)

  • 3 × Anniversary Tokens
  • (Legendary Item XP)

A Yearly Yield (Intro)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 3 times.

  • 400 × Figments of Splendour
  • 1 × Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • 1 × Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient
  • 1,000 Virtue XP

A Yearly Yield (Intermediate)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 6 times.

  • 500 × Figments of Splendour
  • 1 × Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • 1 × Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient
  • 1,000 Virtue XP

A Yearly Yield (Final)

Complete Another Lovely Year a total of 9 times.

  • (Legendary Item XP)
  • 600 × Figments of Splendour
  • 1 × Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • 1 × Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient
  • 1,000 Virtue XP

The Anniversary Adventure

This completes when you have finished A Yearly Yield (Final):

  • (Legendary Item XP)
  • 500 × Figments of Splendour
  • 1 × Scrap of Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • 5 × Anniversary Tokens
  • 1,000 Virtue XP

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How Do I Hit 7 Daily Quests?

I get asked this nearly every year, so I’ll finally write the answer! The full question is actually:

When the Gifts Quest Chain is on cool-down, how you complete the Daily 7-Quest wrapper?

Really, really easily! See the box on the right, or below if you’re on a smaller device.

Do Horse Races Count for the Daily?

Yes! From 2021 the Horse Trials at Bree and in the Shire both count towards the daily now.

Suggested ‘Quick 7’

The easiest time of day to start your wrapper is at Gloaming.

If you have time left during Gloaming, then go do the Horse Race, then pop back to the Hill.

Suggested Daytime 7-Quests

Daytime is obviously achievable, but just needs more time and patience. Do remember it’s a festival and not a dungeon to grind, yes? Start during Foredawn

  • Foredawn:
    • 1. Fireworks in Bree

    Dawn Onwards

    • 2. Sparking an Interest
    • 3. Bree Horse Race
    • 4 & 5: Thorin’s Hall: 2 × Beer Brawl
    • 6. Shire Horse Race
    • Possible 7th: Check the Methel-Stage to see if players are at the Fireworks there. You could try recruiting some through chat too.

For the 7th Quest:

  • Progress one of the Scavenger Hunt quests
  • or The Mastermind’s Minionexternal-link-alt
  • Alternatively, if you have more than one character, go do some of the quests with one or more of those then return to finish it off.

Other Things That Count

folded corner final

  1. If, for some reason, you haven’t done the intro tour, then grab it from the Bree Fireworks field. It counts.
  2. Fireworks Shire, if there are enough enough people.
  3. Any Scavenger Hunt Card (Eriador or Main one)
  4. If you’ve done at least one Scavenger card for years 1-11, then The Mastermind’s Minion can be done one day. It counts towards your 7 quests, but isn’t repeatable.
  5. The actual storyline quests for the main or Eriador Scavenger Hunts appear to count also.

There is no shortage of things to do at this, or any, LOTRO Event!
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The Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt also offers Anniversary Tokens and counts towards your 7-quest daily. If you’re below level cap you should be able to start the Eriador Scavenger Hunt, though you may still need a friend to help out.

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Earning Anniversary Tokens

Below is your guide to repeatable quests you can earn for tokens. I have put in the number of tokens and the approximate cooldown of these quest to help you know what can be repeated and when! OK let’s get to it!

Fireworks in Bree

2 Tokens, Repeatable Every ½hr At Nighttime

In the North-West of Bree at night time (from Evening until the end of Foredawn) you can participate in the fireworks show! This quest involves listening to the Fireworks Announcer and following the instructions to send up the correct firework. Or to not send up an incorrect firework! These can be worded “Time to send up a red firework” or “This is not the time for yellow, but any other colour will do”. So pay attention!

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Fireworks in the Shire (Methel-Stage)

1 Token, Repeatable Every ½hr

A really quick one this time – simply keep setting up fireworks for 3 minutes to keep those pesky local Hobbits from complaining to their neighbours! May as well do the Shire Horse Race while you’re in the area!

Weirdly this quest can be completed during day-time, unlike the Fireworks quest in Bree.

Important: the Quest text says you will need more than 1 or 2 people to impress the local Hobbits. So you’re best holding off accepting the Quest until a few people are at the Methel-Stage with you. Unless you want to disappoint a whole bunch of fickle Hobbits! You can decide!

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Sparking an Interest (Bree)

2 Tokens, Repeatable Every 3hrs in the Daytime

Quest Giver: “A Young Took” (near Bree Fireworks) – From Dawn until end of Dusk.

Entrepreneurial Hobbits want you to go and find places in Bree to set off a random firework. Their hope is that by doing so it will encourage the locals to attend the show at nighttime! I highly recommend showing floaty names (N Key) as these can be tricksy to spot. They also despawn when a player puts a firework down, and they respawn later.

Where are the Ideal Locations?

Example locations are in the thumbnails (tap ‘View Example Locations’ below), but there are others!

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Fireworks Exploration (Non-Repeatable)

1 Token

Gandalf at the Methel-Stage in The Shire wants you to launch different coloured Fireworks in various locations. This is because colour invokes different emotions depending on the setting!

A Few Tips

  • All locations are technically accessible at any level BUT Level 15+ to safely get up Weathertop
  • Tom Bombadil’s House is in the North of the Old Forest, so there may be some mobs around L18-20. Just be aware!
  • The Fireworks in question can be purchased from the Fireworks Vendor in Bree for 6 Silver each

Quest Rewards

  • Anniversary Token × 1
  • Title: Firecracker

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Master Blaster Title Deed

7 Tokens, Once per Character

You can earn LOTRO Anniversary Tokens and the Master Blaster title once per character during the Event. The deed that grants the title only triggers once you set off fireworks purchased from a vendor. If you do Fireworks Exploration you will have received 6 separate deeds (if you didn’t start this last year, of course) – one for each colour of fireworks.

How to Get the Master Blaster Title

To gain the Master Blaster title you need to set off 50 of each colour of firework. This deed may not suit F2P players because it can be expensive to do it during the one event. But you could consider doing it during the event, the Anniversary Encore and next year’s event, to spread the cost.

  • Red Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver
  • Green Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver
  • Blue Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver
  • Orange Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver
  • Yellow Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver
  • Purple Fireworks: × 50 = 300 Silver

That makes the total cost: 1 Gold, 800 Silver, which is why I said F2P-ers may want to approach this deed over a longer period of time.

Quest Rewards

Anniversary Tokens × 7: One for each colour and one for the final Master Blaster Deed.

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Lost Invitations (Bree)

2 Tokens

  • Quest Giver: Percy Bywood (near Anniversary Vendor)

Clumsy folk have lost their invitations to the festivities! So you need to run around Bree (seriously on-foot is easier than mounted for this one) to find the lost invitations.

What’s With the Flying Envelopes?

For this quest, you are looking for Envelopes. Some are flying about in the breeze but many are located in fixed positions. Although you only need to find 6 lost invitations, not all envelopes contain invitations, so you’ll need to collect more than 6 (unless the dice are in your favour anyway).

Some example envelope locations are in the collapsed section below. Just tap it to open the gallery.

What Else You Can Find in Envelopes

How to Get the Toast Emote

One of the rewards you can get in the Envelopes is the Toast Emote.

It doesn’t drop very often, so make Lost Invitations one of your daily quests.

LOTRO Toast Emote Video Anniversary Event
Play this video
LOTRO Toast Emote Video Anniversary Event

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Horse Racing

Bree and Shire Horse Tracks – 2 Tokens Each, Once Per Day
Or, if you’re bad at the Horse Racing as I am, you can re-try every hour! Take the challenge and navigate the course. You have to avoid the boggy bits and get through each gate before the timer runs out!

  • If you navigate the wooden walk-ways without falling in the bog you get a speed boost!
  • If you fall in the bog you get a speed reduction (and I always fail the race if I fall in, though this is not necessarily true for others!)

2021 Note: the Horse Trials do now count towards your 7-Quest target Another Lovely Year daily.
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Beer Brawling

Thorin’s Hall Ale House, 1-3 Tokens Repeatable Every 9 minutes

Pick up a giant club and beat up other players! This is the quickest activity to “grind” for tokens and counts towards the 7-quest wrapper. But other players may not make it easy for you – so play nice. This Anniversary Event has 3 Difficulty Levels:

  1. Basic Level (1 token): successfully whack 8 players. If you’re knocked out the arena you don’t fail the round, but you do get a ‘fall limp debuff’.
  2. Intermediate Level (2 tokens): successfully whack 8 players. If you’re knocked out the arena you fail the round and have to wait for restart.
  3. Expert Level (3 Tokens): successfully whack 8 players and stay inside the arena. Plus you must retrieve a Glorious Beer before the round ends.

A few times I was whacked out the arena at the start of the round! On the other hand I accidentally selected Expert once and won it! So there are a lot of tokens you can earn in an hour here, but other players may stand in your way!

How Many Tokens Can I Get?

You can earn 18 tokens/hour so long as you don’t fail a round (Good Luck!).

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Anniversary Gifts Quest Chain

7 Tokens, Resets Monday/Thursday at 3am /servertime
Throughout the three Anniversary Regions are people sending gifts to each other! Although you can pick up the Gifts Quest Chain at any stage, there is a logical route you can take while you deliver the gifts:

  1. Bree to Combe: A Delicate BraceletQuest Giver: Roger Hazeltwig (Bree Centre)
  2. Combe (to Combe!): Delicious Pastries
  3. Combe to Michel Delving: Wooden Carving
  4. Michel Delving to Hobbiton: A New Hammer
  5. Hobbiton to Frérin’s Court: A Dwarf Shield
  6. Frérin’s Court to Thorin’s Hall Ale House: A Lucky Goat’s Horn
  7. Thorin’s Hall Ale House to Bree: A Pint of Ale

If You Just Want the Daily

If you just want to do the Gift-Giving quest line to achieve the daily, I suggest starting from #5. This way you can pick up the daily at the Party Tree and by the time you return to Hobbiton for A New Hammer, you’ve hit seven quests. Then you just have to nip up the road to turn in the daily.
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How Many LOTRO Anniversary Tokens Can You Earn?

On a calculation of the above, if you just did one or two Beer Brawls, you can earn 25-30 LOTRO Anniversary Tokens in the first 2 hours you play the Event!

Beer Brawling is the quickest way to earn tokens – but a LOTRO Festival is not just about earning fast tokens. Experience the celebrations – relax and enjoy!

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LOTRO Anniversary Event Rewards 2021

Where are the Anniversary Barter Vendors?

You can find three barter vendors in Bree (near the Boar Fountain), in Thorin’s Hall Inn (arena) and in Michel Delving. You’re looking for “Games Masters”.

Bree: 30.2S, 51W
Vendor Name: Frithbert
Thorin’s Hall Inn: Arena
Vendor Name: Anniversary Vendor🤦
Michel Delving: 34.1S, 75W
Vendor Name: Ingwaldur

Anniversary Mounts / Steeds

Steed of Remembrance (40 Tokens)

War-Steed Cosmetics: 40 (Caparison), 30 (Head Piece), 20 (Saddle)

Steed of Regal Revelry (40 Tokens)

War-Steed Cosmetics: 30 Tokens per piece, except the saddle, which is 20.

Sea-Ward Steed (40 Tokens)

I had presumed the Sea-Ward Steed would move into the Mithril Coins section only this year, but that’s not the case. For 40 Tokens you can pick it up. War-Steed components are:

  • Caparison: 40 Tokens
  • Head-Piece: 30 Tokens
  • Legs: 20 Tokens

Mithril Coin Mounts

If you’re thinking of acquiring one of the older mounts from Anniversary, then check out my Mithril Coins Steeds Tool.
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Cosmetic Outfits

This year, the theme is the highly-appropriate one of Remembrance! Again, a gorgeous set of plate armour for you all to enjoy. Here are the shots I have so far (more/better ones to come!).

Last Year’s Cosmetics

The theme for 2020 was Ceremonial and this plate armour is stunning. You can pick up each item of the cosmetic outfit for 10 Tokens a piece. There is a hooded version of the cloak, but I almost never acquire those!

New: How Well Does It Dye?

Really well, have a look!

Older Cosmetics Outfit Rewards

I have finally compiled most, if not all, the Anniversary Token cosmetics and added them to my LOTRO Events Cosmetics Library. To view the Anniversary Cosmetics only, click/tap the button below.

There are cosmetics available from Anniversary Tokens vendor and also the Steel Tokens vendor.

You can now view all (hopefully!) the outfits available for both Anniversary and Steel Tokens. Head to Anniversary Cosmetics Library to have a window-shop.

Anniversary Cosmetics

What are Gift Boxes?

Gift boxes of cosmetics are special items that are not bound. This enables you to gift an item of cosmetics to another player (or to another account of your own). The player then can choose out of the items available to them, which it is they want. Their selection becomes Bound to Account as all event cosmetics have been for a number of years.

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Carrying Torches!

(New to 2021) You can now acquire two Carrying-Torch consumables, which come in stacks of 5.

  • Finely-Wrought Carrying Torches: 5 Anniversary Tokens (1 Token = 1 Torch)
  • Simple Carrying Torches: 10 Steel Tokens (2 Tokens = 1 Torch)

It looks like they last a very long time while you carry it too.

Finely-Wrought Carrying Torches Deed

No, really, that’s the shortened name of the deed! You can get a permanent ability if you use 150 Torches. And they have the super-quick cooldown of 20 seconds, so if you’re determined, 3 per minute((If you have 150 tokens, you can clear the deed in an hour if that’s how you want to do it!))!

Simple Carrying Torches Deed

This works the same as the Finely-Wrought deed, so you need 150 uses of the consumable to get the permanent ability.

This means you need 300 Steel Tokens to complete it – so better get cracking on those slayer deeds, yes?!

PS, thank you to @aventurarse external-link-alt and others for correcting me about how many torches there are.

How to Drop a Carrying Torch

Well, I feel really dense now! Took me a few minutes to figure this out – because certain actions and emotes are, understandably, not possible with a flame-stick in your hand.

To drop a Carrying Torch, right click the progress-bar (wherever it is on your UI) then click Yes on the dialog box that asks “Are you sure you want to abandon?”.

Please dispose of your carrying torches in a responsible way. In a field of crops is not responsible.

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I don’t collect kites in LOTRO (personal preference) – as I don’t think I’d use them much. Animal pets however, is a TOTALLY different thing! However, see below for screenshots of Kites.

Pets are not character-bound so you can obtain on one character and pass over to another if you want.

Tome of the Cozy Grey Cat

20 Anniversary Tokens
Your own purrfect, ball of floof!

Tome of the Beaver

15 Anniversary Tokens
Cheeky chappy, wood-chompy!

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Dragon Kites

If you do want to pick up other Kites, here are the two Dragon kites. My thanks to @delphs for the screenshots!

Sky of a Perfect Day Kite

This, blue sky and white, fluffy clouds kite is called the Sky of a Perfect Day Kite and costs just 20 Tokens

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Eagle Firework

New last year was the reusable Eagle Firework, which you can barter 40 Anniversary Tokens for. Here’s the video!

LOTRO Eagle Firework Consumable Anniversary Event
Play this video
LOTRO Eagle Firework Consumable Anniversary Event

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You can obtain two Fiddles at the Anniversary celebrations the Bardic Fiddle and Traveller’s Trusty Fiddle (a plucked Fiddle). Liliopal Magpie in the comments pointed out that both Fiddles are suitable for bands/groups, saying that the Bardic Fiddle is

…suitable for accent parts that may originally have been for a ukulele or mandolin.

Thank you for that helful info, Liliopal!

Bardic Fiddle (7 Tokens)

Traveller’s Trusty Fiddle (14 Tokens)

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Homestead Decorations

As per usual, I do not feature homestead decoration available at the LOTRO Anniversary. Instead, I point you to Déco du Milieu’s excellent website, where they specialise in decos!
View Anniversary Decos

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What are Anniversary Steel Tokens?

At the event vendors stall in Bree, you will find a barter vendor who sells various things in exchange for Steel Tokens. These are character-bound currency that drop from mobs. Although the official line is that these drop from harder foes, that is no longer true and tokens can fall from any mob – even gray ones.

If you don’t want any of the cosmetics you can convert them

  • To Carrying Torch Consumables (10 Steel Tokens/Stack of 5)
  • To Marks: which can be bartered at a Skirmish Camp for armour, weapons, cosmetics – and to enhance your Skirmish Soldier
  • To a ‘Battle Box’ (which, if you get Marks is twice the value of directly converting them)
  • To a ‘Legendary Box’ which helps with Legendary Items

So you can always put them to good use even if you don’t want any of the other rewards!

You can exchange Steel Tokens for a variety of cosmetic and other items items.

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The Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is a series of quests available from The Party Tree. There is a story behind their mysterious appearance too, but the main draw is for you to visit various places in Middle-Earth in search of rewards. In fact, there are some pets and decorations you can only obtain via Scavenger (aside from Auction House).

  • For Lower-Levels: there is an easier/lower-level version of this called the Eriador Scavenger Hunt. I managed to do something from years 1-11 last year so I hope my sort-of guide helps.

There is no need for me to detail the full Scavanger Hunt in this guide, as you can simply search LOTRO-Wiki for each year’s walk-through!
Show Me the Wiki!
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TL;DR Enjoy the 14th LOTRO Anniversary Event!

There is a lot going on even if you can’t, or don’t want to, do the Scavenger Hunts. You can obtain all the rewards as a solo and/or low-level player. So enjoy beating up other players, setting off fireworks and celebrating the 2021 LOTRO Anniversary with the community!

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