LOTRO Anniversary 2021 Event – Guide to Quests, Mounts and Rewards for the 14th Anniversary!

LOTRO's Anniversary Event 2021 Guide is here! Full of mounts, cosmetics, pets - and even new info on torches and how to complete the daily!

Post Sections Hide Show When is the LOTRO Anniversary? Why Do I Keep Receiving Fireworks? Where Are LOTRO Anniversary Quests Found? Another Lovely Year (Daily) and Quest Wrappers → Wrapper Rewards → How Do I Hit 7 Daily Quests? → Do Horse Races Count for the Daily? → The Scavenger Hunt Earning Anniversary Tokens → […]

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LOTRO Spring Festival 2021 Guide – Events, Hedge-Maze, Mounts and Cosmetics

LOTRO Spring Festival Guide 2021 - Quests, Seasonal Instances, and the Cosmetics, Mounts, Pets you can earn as rewards!

Post Sections Hide Show When is Spring Festival 2021? What’s New for 2021? → Updates Done Where Are Spring Festival Quests? Where are the Wrappers? → How to Pick Up The “A Taste of Spring” Daily Spring is Dandy Deed Bree-land Festival Quests → Pretty-Parched Party-Goers (2 Spring Leaves) → Borne Aloft in Springtime → […]

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LOTRO Spring Festival Cosmetics

LOTRO Spring Festival Outfit Cosmetics - Screenshot Pictures to Help You

Post Sections Hide Show Head Cosmetics Upper Body Cosmetics Back Cosmetics & Cloaks Shoulder Cosmetics Hands/Gloves Cosmetics Lower Body Cosmetics Feet Cosmetics Held Items & Cosmetic Weapons Spring Festivity Token Cosmetics Spring Cosmetics Page is WIP From 2021, I am collating all the cosmetics from the Spring Festival for my LOTRO Event Cosmetics Database. This […]

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LOTRO Yule Festival 2021 Guide

LOTRO Yule Festival 2021 Guide - All the Yuletide Quests, Mounts, Cosmetics and Winter fun!

Post Sections Hide Show What Are the 2021 Yule Festival Dates? What are the 2021 New Rewards for Yule? Gold and Silver Hobbit Presents Earning Festival Tokens Bringer of Good Cheer Deed Festival Quests In and Around Winter-Home → Stolen Sweets → Winter-Home’s Beggars → Moving them Off → A Charitable Spirit (Deducts 5 Tokens) […]

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