LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Guide – Events, Hedge-Maze, Mounts and Cosmetics!

LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Event Guide

While here in Scotland we can still get snow and hail storms when the temperatures should be increasing, the LOTRO Spring Festival aims to welcome in brighter and warmer days in Middle Earth! As various regions have their own events and Spring customs, this festival sees you travelling around. So you can enjoy the journey […]

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LOTRO Yule Festival 2019 – Celebrate Yule-Tide in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Yule Festival 2020 Guide - Quests and Rewards from Winter-Home and Frostbluff! Mounts, Cosmetics, Pets and more!

It’s Yule-tide: Time to honour the past and look forward to the future in Middle-Earth! Let the LOTRO Yule Festival begin! Packed with quests from helping the poor (or not), eating competitions and more. It’s time for all races and players to converge on Winter-Home in Frost-Bluff for some Yule celebrations. As we gear up […]

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LOTRO Fall Festival 2019 Guide – Celebrate Harvestmath in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Fall Festival Guide 2019 - Harvestmath Rewards and Quest Guide

Autumn has come to Middle Earth! Along with another bumper Harvest comes the 2019 LOTRO Fall Festival! This event is jam-packed (hmm, jam) with activities, jokes to play and a scary, haunted burrow which has mysteriously appeared under Bag End. The LOTRO Fall, Halloween and Harvest Festival is back! If you’re in a rush and […]

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