Meet my Patreon Supporters!

Huge thank you to my Patreon Crew from FibroJedi (FJ)

Everyone in the world relies on someone or something to be able to live. Even the most independent people may still have a job, or want a home delivery or need to see friends. It’s just part of how we’re built, I think. Even if we don’t identify as being part of a community, it’s rare not to still be in one. You could find a mountainside hideaway cave, cut off from people, live off the land, make your own clothes and generate your own electricity and still you’d likely need advice or supplies that you can only acquire from someone or somewhere else! And so it is for me, living in a random country village, practically in the middle of nowhere, yet supported by people around the world via Patreon. This is my thanks to them. And if you’re one of my Patrons reading this – this is my thanks to you, on top of those I give in Patron-only posts!

Meet my Support Network

People can also (and sometimes do) donate via Ko-Fi – and if that’s you, I want you to know that your giving is noticed and massively appreciated

The FibroJedi Patreon Crew!

But here, it is to those people that commit to regular support via Patreon I wish to give special thanks to.
BeyondTheShire @BeyondShire Twitter: @BeyondShire | Website
BornToEatBacon @BornToEatBacon Twitter: @BornToEatBacon
Buddy Buddy LOTRO Legacy team
CelynTheRaven @CelynTheRaven Twitter: @CelynTheRaven
Eldalleth @Eldalleth Twitter: @Eldalleth | Twitch
Ether @queer_of_swords Twitter: @queer_of_swords
EverlastScribe @EverlastScribe Twitter: @EverlastScribe
Gwaerendes @Gwaerendes Twitter: @Gwaerendes
JLSigman @JLSigman Twitter: @JLSigman
Kayeri @Kayeri Twitter: @Kayeri
OurManOnEarth @OurManOnEarth Twitter: @OurManOnEarth
SableFlame @SableFlame Twitter: @SableFlame
ShadowOfEterna @ShadowOfEterna Twitter: @ShadowOfEterna
SnarkQueen @SpottedSnark Twitter: @SpottedSnark | Website

The Amazing Anonymous

Some have chosen not to be named, or have not responded to my question about whether they’re happy to be named – in that case I haven’t. If you are not named, this is to protect your freedom to choose, not to value you less. Get in touch on Twitter or through Patreon if you’re happy to be named.

Why These Folks Are Awesome

When the COVID crisis and world-wide lockdowns hit, I had steeled myself against the very real possibility of people no longer being able to continue support. You must use your finances to look after yourself and those people and causes close to you first. Although I would have found it hard, I would have also totally understood, sympathised with, and supported that decision. But it didn’t turn out like that. So, thank you!

Equal Appreciation Society

I am not a “sales person”. I never have been. Because of Fibromyalgia symptoms, chronic fatigue symptoms and all the other things, I don’t have capacity for making tiers of supporters with “special rewards”. I don’t judge anyone who can do this but for me personally, I don’t want to “upsell” or “incentivise” people to give more. So although I technically have 3 “tiers”, I don’t treat someone who gives £2 differently to someone who gives £1. And I’ve had Patrons who gave between and above the tiers. I appreciate all my supporters in equal measure.

Why Join My Patreon Crew?

As I said, I’m not a salesperson. So the following is what all Patrons get as a thank you for their support.
Early Access to most blog posts Your opinions and input requested Featured on this Page (Optional) Padawan, Knight and Master “Reward” titles.
My Patreon Landing Page
See My Patreon Page

One-Off Gift?

Ko-Fi page for FibroJedi
If you’d like to make a one-off gift, you can do so via my Ko-Fi page. All the coffee I drink in the office is FairTrade and funded from funds generated through Ko-Fi! Visit My Ko-Fi →

Other Ways?

For other ways (not necessarily about finances) you support me, see How Can You Support Me?

You Support By Being You!

If you’re not in either of the groups, I can guarantee that I feel your support. Every tweet you like, every social media chat, and every website visit and reshare is massively appreciated. It helps me know what I am making here is useful to you – which is my top priority in my content. So, whether it’s financial or not – you support me by being you and doing what you do just by reading my small contributions in an enormous gaming community.

TL;DR Humbled and Grateful

That so many people have chosen to support my family and myself through such tough worldwide circumstances is humbling. I am massively grateful to all of you who have donated in the past – whether on-offs or by months of Patreon support. It’s wonderful to know I’m supported and cared for by so many. I cannot hold down a “normal job” so my blog is the closest thing. So thank you, with everything I have.
All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!
Tip me a Coffee, please.

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