The Fibromyalgia Used-To-Do Guy, Part 1

FibroJedi - the Fibromyalgia Used-to-Do Guy, Part 1

Post Sections Hide Show It’s Never Just Fibromyalgia What I Used to Do → Playing the Clarinet → Playing Piano/Keyboard → Driving → Socialising → Normal Work and Running a Business → Gaming Streaming → SWTOR Influencer/Content Creator → #LOTROfamily Management & My Facebook Page Remnant Feelings Trying to Find Positives TL;DR The Used-To-Do Guy […]

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Drawing Despite Chronic Pain – My Colourful Journey

Drawing in Chronic Pain - My Colourful Journey

Post Sections Hide Show Starting Off Slowly → Reignited Enjoyment Early, Rough Gaming Characters Early Animals → Painful, but Necessary A SWTOR Gift for a Friend Character Caricatures Categorically Characterised → True & the Rainbow Kingdom → My LOTRO Characters So Long, and Thanks for all the Frozen What’s Next, Then? TL;DR Drawing Despite Chronic […]

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The Sickness Conundrum

The Sickness Conundrum - a SWTOR FanFiction Episode by Fibro Jedi

Comm terminals beeped quietly but persistently, the occasional astromech whirred through doing their daily tasks and the allies of the Alliance held their usual conversations and exchanged intelligence and ideas. As she followed directions to the meeting room, Mar’yssi could not help but feel this was more a calm before a storm, rather than business […]

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I Don’t Have Three Hands

I Don't Have Three Hands - What I am Keeping and What I'm Dropping

Post Sections Hide Show I Don’t Need Psychiatry, but it took a Psychiatrist → Pain and Depression → Potential High-Functioning Autism How To Focus? → Decision Paralysis → “Results” Don’t Matter What’s Staying – Positives → Playing LOTRO → LOTRO Posts and Guides → LOTRO FanFiction → Drawing → My Fantasy Book Project → Playing […]

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