Treasure Laden Goat
Buried Treasure Mount

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Mount Description

Channel your inner Dwarf if you're not one outwardly! Rock up anywhere with a Treasure Laden Goat that is as its name suggests. As well as a spacious saddle and all that warm, fuzzy hair, it is carrying many bags of coins and a heavy-looking treasure box. Which does make me wonder if it won't just topple onto its hind legs, but that's my brain.

Its horns also look gold-plated, which just shows how much excess expensive material you're carrying. If you pay close attention when you're riding around, you'll see you're also spilling out coins. All the time. Genuine, magically-replenishing gold coins.

How to Get the Treasure Laden Goat

As with the Cave-Claw Steed, you cannot just exchange Buried Treasure Tokens for it. It too is a possible from from a Huge Treasure CacheExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) during the Buried Treasure Event.

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