Lebennin Steed
LOTRO Midsummer Mount

Mount Description

Now, these colours and style are more to my liking compared to the other steeds named after regions of Gondor. The Lebennin Steed itself is a dark cream colour and dappled with a lighter shade, which is a pretty look.The barding and banner/flag are white, with a two-toned blue border. Other patterns include flowing lines and water ripples.

War-Steed Cosmetics

You can also obtain the Lebennin War-steed Cosmeticsexlink:
  • Caparison: Midsummer Tokens × 16
  • Flag: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Head-Piece: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Saddle: Midsummer Tokens × 10
or the whole set for Mithril Coin × 70.

Extra Details

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