Sage in the Dark – Black and Red Jedi Consular SWTOR Outfit

Sage in the Dark - Female Chiss Jedi Consular Outfit for SWTOR

Not all Jedi are do-gooders, at least by the Jedi Code description anyway. This is the case with my Chiss Jedi Sage, core name Khalida, which incidentally means “eternal“. She’s aggressive, a little arrogant and loves to hit foes hard in the face with rocks. Who wouldn’t? And yes, she falls to the Dark Side […]

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24 Positive Life Lessons from Gaming in MMOs

Positive Life Lessons in Games - a Gamer's Perspective

It comes in waves, but gaming rarely gets positive media attention. Whether it’s the latest in the lootbox saga or games being blamed for allegedly altering human behaviour, the perception being published is that gaming is mostly negative. In reality, gaming – both as a passtime or as a career – is a life choice […]

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