Personal Conquest in SWTOR: Get Rewarded Simply by Playing the Game!

SWTOR Personal Conquests - What are they and how do I complete one?

The last few SWTOR patches (at the time of writing) brought updates to the Conquests System in the game. Importantly, Personal Conquests had a huge overhaul, making them accessible to all players. Yes, even players just starting out on Tython, Korriban or Hutta. But if you’re new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may […]

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SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Event Guide (Part 1)
The Bounty Brokers Association Needs You

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week 2020 - How to Get Started, and the BBA Rewards Available

SWTOR’s Bounty Contract Week Event calls people of all races and professions to be a Bounty Hunter for week. The Galaxy is full of criminals (just ask a Smuggler) but some are far worse than others. The Bounty Brokers Association (BBA) calls you to join them to clean out the worst of the scum. Jedi, […]

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