SWTOR Jedi Consular Companions

SWTOR Jedi Consular Companions - List and Guide of the Consular's Class Companions

Post Sections Hide Show When Do I Get Consular Companions? → No Spoilers Which Consular Companions Can I Romance? C2-N2 → During the Consular Story → C2-N2 Reunion (Lieutenant) Felix Iresso → During the Consular Story → Felix Reunion Nadia Grell → During the Consular Story → Nadia Reunion Qyzen Fess → During the Consular […]

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I Don’t Have Three Hands

I Don't Have Three Hands - What I am Keeping and What I'm Dropping

Post Sections Hide Show I Don’t Need Psychiatry, but it took a Psychiatrist → Pain and Depression → Potential High-Functioning Autism How To Focus? → Decision Paralysis → “Results” Don’t Matter What’s Staying – Positives → Playing LOTRO → LOTRO Posts and Guides → LOTRO FanFiction → Drawing → My Fantasy Book Project → Playing […]

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SWTOR Beginners Guides by FJ

SWTOR Beginners Guides by Fibro Jedi

Post Sections Hide Show Account SWTOR User Interface SWTOR Gearing and Outfits Companion Influence Crafting and Gathering Fleet Maps Credits Events Galactic Solutions Industries (GSI) Taking Screenshots Thinking About Trying SWTOR? TL;DR More SWTOR Beginners Guides Coming Soon If you’re a new SWTOR player, or returning to the game after a long break, then I […]

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Personal Conquest in SWTOR: Get Rewarded Simply by Playing the Game!

SWTOR Personal Conquests - What are they and how do I complete one?

Post Sections Hide Show What is the Conquest System? → Individuals Still Rewarded → My (Now Fixed) Problem with Old Conquests Enter, New Personal Conquests → Update 6.1.1 → New Personal Conquest Benefits Guilds Too Where is the Conquest Information? → Repeatable, Kind of Repeatable, not Repeatable? What? Reset Timers → When Do SWTOR Conquests […]

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