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This Privacy Policy page is now functioning correctly and you may once again change your privacy/cookies/ads settings using the link below.

  • I use ads to do what I can to support my family despite seriously struggling through chronic pain. But I take your rights very seriously.
  • You are free to block ads on my site. I do not use any "anti-adblocking" technology like some sites. I hate those, and so should you.
  • My content will always be freely available and what you read is not less without ads than with them.
  • Ultimately I want you to enjoy the content I produce, but I am imperfect and I get things wrong. However, I am tweaking the ads system periodically and have a user-centric not income-centric model. I've also excluded certain categories of ads that I cannot, with a clear conscience, permit on my site (e.g. gambling).
  • If you have questions, I am happy to try and answer them.

Thank you!


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