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LOTRO Forester Event Guide | Combe Crafting Event | I'm a Lumberjack!

Welcome to my LOTRO Forester Event Guide! Here, I want to give you an overview of the first crafting event in The Lord of the Rings Online, as well as help you navigate how it works. Taking place in Combe, Bree-land, this is a different style of event compared to the usual festivals. Let’s take a closer look together.

I will try to keep the start/end times updated throughout 2024. But I’m not always on the ball, but usually the LOTRO community help me out on that score!

What is the LOTRO Forester Event?

It is a special daily repeatable quest based at Combe Lumber Camp that sees you in a race against other Forester players to win special ribbons (such as Winner Ribbon) to exchange for rewards.

While it is a daily quest, it’s only on for a set number of days when it’s live.

It is the first of crafting events that The Lord of the Rings Online are creating. They will eventually be available all year round. While the one for the Forester Gathering Profession one won’t be on all the time, once other crafting/gathering professions are included, there will be ways to earn rewards daily.

“Remember this is the first of what should end up as 10 events that will be in rotation, 4 days on and ~21 days off.”

OrionExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Orion also mentioned that this may not be the only Forester Event either. But my guess is they will want to get one event per gathering/crafting type out the door first, before they introduce another in the same class.

When Is the Next Forester Event?

From 13th January 2024(Ref) at 10am /servertime until 23rd January at 3am /servertime.

This means we can enjoy two completely different events as this runs alongside Yule Festival 2023.

As per the Update 37 Release NotesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) it may then be offline for 2 weeks before returning for another 10 days. And for now, it will continue at that frequency. As it’s still pretty new, we’ll see if that pattern’s in the system yet.

You can reset the daily timer with Mithril Coin Mithril Coins if you wish.

How Do I Take Part?

1. Are You A Forester?

No, seriously. I sent my Armourer there and wondered why I couldn’t pick up the quest. Since LOTRO Crafting Professions got an overhaul, you can now choose which three individual professions you want to pursue.

So any character can pick up Forester if you want. There is still (currently) a maximum of 3 professions per character and you can exchange one whenever you want to. However, you will lose progress on the one you drop.

Remember you can use your other characters, or you can switch crafting skills. Just don’t lose years of work for the sake of one event!

2. Head to Combe Lumber Camp

Unless you’ve timed it perfectly, you will have to wait for a bit. A regional broadcast is sent out 15 minutes beforehand, in a similar way to Stomp-a-Shrew from Spring Festival.

3. Wait for the Event to Open

There are two stages to go through before the race is on: the event to reset and registration. Both of these are reported in Regional Chat.

You will also notice red and blue flags around Combe Lumber CampExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

These are part of the event, but their presence also indicate the event is on too. That will matter more when other similar events are introduced.

4. Register for the Event

Once the the Forester event is active, registration is open. Pick up the quest I’m a Lumberjack from Wilkin Thorn, and “complete” it with Aldith Bauman, daughter of Old Bauman.

Bau-man, Bough-man, where Bough means “branch”. That’s my guess anyway!

5. Wait for Go!

There is then a delay for other participants to join.

It is a race, so everyone has to start at the same time.

Important Note:

If three players register for the event, there is another announcement that alert all players that there are 2 minutes before the event begins.

So, if you’re signed up to the race, don’t forget to check for it starting!

How Often Can You Take Part?

That depends on how you define “you”! Each Forester character can take part once/day.

So “you” can take part as many times in a day as you have Forester characters. As the Ribbon awards are account-bound, all their ribbons go into the same place

This event lasts about 15 minutes all told, if you include waiting for a bit at the start. With the aim being making them on regularly, you can pretty much dip in/out whenever you feel like it. This also means the rewards are around for your convenience too and there is no hurry to earn them.

Mithril Coin Mithril Reset

You can use Mithril Coins to reset the quest. But, to be honest, if you have more than one Forester, then run it on those and just wait for the reset.

Failing Timer

If you fail to complete the race in the time given then you can re-attempt it around 10 minutes later.

I “failed” because our grocery delivery came early so I was stuck part way around the Caber track. Typical timing.

Combe: I’m a Lumberjack Guide

If you’re new to this, then I’ll walk you through a race…in a manner of speaking!

The race has a few distinct stages. It’s going to be a case of – once you’ve done it a few times – you’ll get into the rhythm of it.

  1. Wait for Aldith to say “Go!”
  2. Chop and Process Wood
  3. Skin Bears and Tan Hides
  4. Swig strong drinks and carry a caber around a marked-out course.

You have about 15 minutes to complete everything, I think. One condition in the quest is that the NPCs must not be recruiting in order not to be disqualified.

Early Tip

You cannot “use” your regular tool, nor does right-click work on items that require your axe.

Instead, target the log pile or the Crafting Table, then use the axe in your quest log.

So, during the race, the “action” will change between needing the axe in your quest log and using your “use item” key, or right click.

Grab an Axe

Once Aldith says “Go!”, pick up one of the Forester’s Axes laying on the table.

Your equipped tool or toolkit is irrelevant here.

Note: I’m not sure it matters which axe you pick up. I’ve had different speeds for the same axe. Or I’m unobservant!…

Once you have your axe, go to the side of Old Bauman’s cottage where the stacks of wood are.

Chop & Process Lumber

Using the axe in the quest tracker, select and use it to cut five pieces of wood. Caw-caw, pieces of wood.

Do this five times with the same pile of wood.

Then go to the “Crafting Tables” (Workbenches) in the middle of the yard. Select one table then use the axe in the quest tracker five times.

Take them back to Aldith, who makes a snarky comment and lets you continue.

Skin Bears and Tan Hides

Next up you have to prove you can tan hides. First you have to skin them from bears already killed. You know, the stage you skip when questing because they magically drop their skins into your loot?

There are three bears (no further comment) behind Old Bauman’s cottage.

Use the same bear five times. This is just with your “Use” keybind or right-click. No, do not axe the bear. It’s already dead.

Head to the “Hide Stretchers” on the opposite side of the yard. “Use” it five times.

Run back to Aldith.

Carry a Caber

Aldith has you end on a challenge of strength and speed. But first, gulp down three “Mystery Drinks”. They have different effects, but I ended up with “Completely Sloshed” both times!

Anyway, You’re over the legal limit to drive a horse and cart, but not to carry a potentially deadly piece of wood if you dropped it on someone’s head.

So, carry the caber through red-flag gates. The next gate sparkles, if you’re unsure. Eventually, you’re told to go through the blue gates – that’s the finish of the Caber-carrying and the race. If you have won, the Winner Ribbon Winner’s Ribbon is awarded once you pass the gates.

When I got “sloshed”, the effects lasted 1 minute, but then wore off. If another player does not have that effect on them, or a lesser one, they will have a huge head-start.

Difference in Drinks?

The paler drinks seem to be better. But when I had 3 of the white ones it was worse than two yellow and one white. Mixing your drinks…interesting strategy!

That’s my experience anyway. I’ll have to test various theories I reckon.

Carrying the Caber Route

I saw some say that it was hard to work out the route when carrying the caber. So, in case it helps you, I’ve recorded it.

Carrying The Caber Route Combe Forester Event
Play this video
Carrying The Caber Route Combe Forester Event

It’s not a perfect run, but I did it in time.

I’m a Lumberjack: Quest Rewards

If you complete the objectives within the remaining time, then you are guaranteed the following rewards:

  • Runner-up Ribbon Runner-up Ribbon × 1
  • Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbon × 1
  • Crafting XP Crafting XP: Forester
  • Silver Coin 14, Copper Coin 34 (Don’t spend it all at once, now!)

I totally forgot to record how much crafting XP, or what proportion, as it may not be the same for all tiers.

Winners and Runners Up

If you win, you get a Winner Ribbon Winner’s Ribbon and 1×Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbon.

Unlike udner Bullroarer originally, all participants who do not win get 1×Runner-up Ribbon Runner-up Ribbon and 1×Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbon for turning the quest in.

You can exchange ribbons to get the rewards you want.

Tips to Improve Race Performance

The Crafting/Gathering Tool or Toolkit you have equipped has no influence over chopping/tanning speed. You pick up an axe at the start and it's the same for everyone.

There aren’t many tips, at least that I can think of right now. I’ve seen on the Forums that some think an element of RNG-slowness (or quickness) may be in play too. But here are a few ideas, at least.

  1. Return Later: I’m not joking. If you really want a Winner Ribbon Winner’s Ribbon, then if there are three or more people, maybe pit yourself against fewer. Or even wait until you’re on your own.
  2. Chop from the same pile of wood and skin the same bear five times.
  3. Keep your cursor over the axe icon so you can press it as soon as the current action has completed.
  4. Orion saidExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) that the drinks are not all spiked to the same strength. As with the food race at Yule Festival, different drinks will have different effects on you.
  5. It is possible to process more wood/hides than you should for the race. Do 5 of each then move on!
  6. Apart from carrying the Caber, there’s no set route you must take. When going to the workbenches and hide stretchers, take the most direct route – over any barriers.

All movement-enhancing buffs have rightly been removed from the area. This includes Racial passives, Class skills, gear and other effects.

While the event is on, mounts are not allowed at the Lumber Camp either. You are dismounted on the approach to it.


The event “currency” for the LOTRO Forester Event takes the form of “Ribbons”. It makes sense as various competitions around the world give ribbons for placing at the top of a competition.

There are three types of ribbon:

  • Winner Ribbon Winner Ribbon: for coming first in your race.
  • Runner-up Ribbon Runner-up Ribbon: for finishing the race, except for winners. (Note!)
  • Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbon: for completing the race and handing in the quest.

The event rewards you can barter for are often a combination of all three, so you can also barter-exchange ribbons with Old Bauman too.

Note: these ribbons are filed in your wallet under “crafting”. They are likely to be the currency you earn during any/all crafting events.

All these ribbons are account-bound. They also have currency caps, as follows:

  • Winner Ribbon Winner’s Ribbons: 10
  • Runner-up Ribbon Runner-up Ribbons: 50
  • Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbons: 500

Ribbon Exchange

Because different rewards require various combinations of Winner’s/Runners-up and Participation Ribbons, LOTRO have provided a “currency exchange”:

  • Exchange Runner-up Ribbon 10 × Runner-up Ribbons for Winner Ribbon 1 × Winner Ribbon
  • Exchange Participation Ribbon 100 × Participation Ribbons for Winner Ribbon 1 × Winner Ribbon
  • Exchange Participation Ribbon 10 × Participation Ribbons for Runner-up Ribbon 1 × Runner-up Ribbon
  • Exchange Winner Ribbon 1 × Winner Ribbon for Runner-up Ribbon 10 × Runner-up Ribbons
  • Exchange Winner Ribbon 1 × Winner Ribbon for Participation Ribbon100 × Participation Ribbons
  • Exchange Runner-up Ribbon 1 × Runner-up Ribbon for Participation Ribbon 10 × Participation Ribbons

This actually means, for the first time I am aware of, there’s no loss of currency between the types here. You may find this system helps you maximise your currency caps.


While I only managed a couple of runs, I did get the Title Competitive Forester title. This was attached to a deed, so I would imagine plenty of other deeds and titles will follow.

Forester Event Rewards

Once you have amassed plenty of ribbons, either through immense character-alting or in a chilled over-time approach, the time comes to spend them. Old Bauman is the LOTRO Forester Event’s Rewards vendor.

He is also the currency exchange for ribbons.

What follows here is a sample of the types of rewards. Orion said that some/most of the icons were placeholder, so I didn’t want to spend ages on the graphics/screenshots when they could all change.

What are the Prices in Ribbons?

I have included some prices here, but there are loads of different things to get from the Combe Forester Event.

  • Many items require a combination of Participation, Runner-up and Winner Ribbons. For example, one emote was: 2 × Winner Ribbon Winner, 5 × Runner-up Runner-up Ribbon and 100 × Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbons.
  • You can exchange between them. Unlike other Festival Token Exchange rates, the Ribbon Exchange is lossless.

Forester’s Tools

Given the extra Universal Toolkits and craftable ones, it came as a surprise that specialist tools were a reward for the LOTRO Forester Event. Also, as it stands, you will need to have a tool/profession if other events do likewise.

In the very least, you’ll need to have two spare bag slots for those you’re not using. While we have a great LOTRO Outfits system, we can’t store sets of equipped gear to switch between like we can for trait trees or mounted combat specs.

Tooltips have been scaled up and smoothed, for clarity on larger screens

Modifiable Forester’s Axe

Price: 1 × Winner Ribbon, 1 × Runner-up Ribbon, 50 × Participation Ribbon

LOTRO are moving towards upgradable tools. So, this starter axe begins with a 3-second reduction of Forester Chopping Duration.

Luck Stone Setting

Luck Stones are a type of currency and appear in your wallet as such. Per the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) they can be exchanged with Old Baumen.

These will be required to add items to your modifiable tools.

They do have a currency cap of 15. So use them to improve your tools!


Wait a minute! Aren’t whetstones what Weaponsmiths use to increase their critical chance? Yes, yes they are!

However, in the context of the Combe Forester Event, they are items in the event that increase your Forester Critical Chance (on processing wood and hide) by 5%. Each colour has the same percentage, but different durations:

  • Black Whetstones: 2 Minutes
  • Blue Whetstones: 3½ Minutes
  • White Whetstones: 5 Minutes

Cosmetic Clothing & Axes

Currently, there are a few outfit variations and cosmetic forester’s hatchets.

Forester’s Garments

The five Forester’s Garments cosmetics are based on the Forester’s Garments, which are available from Outfitter NPCs.

There are two main differences:

  • The one from the outfitter can be dyed, but it does not dye the waistcoat.
  • The event’s cosmetic cannot be dyed, have different waistcoat colours available.

Forester's Garments

13 × Silver Coin

More Info →

Cosmetic Forester’s Hatchets

This is a new one – but it appears to be designed to change the appearance of your Forester’s Hatchet/axe when in use. I kinda wish we could have a toggle somewhere to permanently show it.

As you only have one slot for an active crafting/gathering tool (or toolkit), this is not a cosmetic item. Instead, it is a “setting” that switches the appearance.

At the moment, there is no way to preview these in-game before purchasing them. Given the draft price is: 1 × Winner Ribbon Winner, 1 × Runner-up Ribbon Runner-up and 50 × Participation Ribbon Participation Ribbons, I hope they find a workaround.

Thanks to JZ who sent me these screenshots via Facebook when I put out the call. I only have the Elf and Ornate one right now.

Forester’s Toolkit Recipes

These tools provide an improved Critical Chance on Forester crafting skills. This is one example, but there are loads.

What is really cool is that these axes are crafted by Foresters. Up until now, tools were made by Metalsmiths or Weaponsmiths, depending which thing you’re referring to.

Now, your gathering skill can “gear itself” instead of being held back by a crafting proficiency.

Cosmetic Hide Stretchers

As well as the new hatchets, the hide stretchers have also had mini makeovers. It was harder to make these look good, though!

I don’t need to “show off” to other players. But what I really like about these cosmetic gathering tools is being able to personalise them. And that makes it worthwhile.


Until these are earned by players and myself, I can’t provide previews of these. The one in Collections Panel isn’t really worth recording! But those available are.

  • Logger
  • Lumberjack1
  • Lumberjack2
  • Lumberjack3
  • Lumberjack4

Permanent Crafting Buffs

Similar to your combat tomes (like Tome of Will 1External Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) etc), you can get a permanent buff for your Forester “crafting”.

  • Competitive Forester I: Forester Critical Chance +1%
  • Competitive Forester II: Forester Critical Chance +2%
  • Competitive Forester III: Forester Critical Chance +3%
  • Competitive Forester IV: Forester Critical Chance +4%
  • Competitive Forester V: Forester Critical Chance +5%


These are the titles that you can acquire for Ribbons. But these are not the only titles you can earn by playing the event.

  • Title Writ Is a Lumberjack
  • Title Writ Feels Strong
  • Title Writ Sleeps All Day
  • Title Writ Sleeps At Night
  • Title Writ Hacks All Day
  • Title Writ Cuts Down Trees
  • Title Writ Eats Their Bread
  • Title Writ Drinks Their Bread (like, what the heck?? hahaha)
  • Title Writ Hangs in Taverns

Skill Writs

These are a fun type of emote: One where you randomly carry a caber around with you. One quickly and the other slowly.

  • Skill Writ – Caber Carry Slow
  • Skill Writ – Caber Carry Fast

This event is supposed to be chilled so you don’t have to do it all the time. In the same vein, rewards do not need to be practical. They can simply be whimsical instead.

Changing Your Forester’s Hatchet Appearance

Now the event is up and I’ve started earning Ribbons, I think I can see how the tool cosmetic appearance works. If this is your first Forester’s tool, then start from “get the basic tool”.

Get the Basic Tool

You will need to first exchange your ribbons for the Modifiable Forester’s Axe and more for whichever cosmetic appearance you want.

Make sure you also barter for the crafting recipe you need too. As there’s no “confirmation dialog” on the barter screen, check the recipe is for the right look.

You begin with the basic tool, then over time use crafting to improve its stats and change its appearance.

Craft the New Look

Get to a crafting bench and use your Forester’s axe to make the first level of tool.

You should notice, that your Modifiable Forester’s Axe is one of the ingredients. You are upgrading your own tool. That logic follows for the first real upgrade, as we’ll see.

Upgrading It

When it comes to upgrading it, again you will need the crafting recipe for the next stage.

You will also need Luck Stones. As an example, to go from the Ornate Forester’s Axe to the Fine Ornate Forester’s Axe, I needed 2×Luck Stones. I don’t know what the price of the later tiers will be as I used most of today’s Ribbons!

And this is why you should do the event steadily over time. Each bit requires Ribbons. The initial tool, Luck Stones, crafting recipes.

And I haven’t used Whetstones yet either. But I’ll dip in and out of it as I feel like it and gradually upgrade the tool. That’s how I believe it’s been designed.

I don't believe you can switch between appearances - e.g. from Elf to Dwarf - so be sure of your choice before you begin the tool.

What Do I Think of the LOTRO Forester Event?

It is fun and not time consuming at all. And, as I have patience and am unlearning ‘FOMO’, I have no need to rush for rewards either. The Forester Event is not a smash-and-grab festival. The aim is to provide something chilled and fun that eventually leads to rewards, as well as granting Crafting XP Crafting XP along the way.

The prices may seem high, but remember that the aim was never to get all the rewards in one event! You’ll be able to earn Ribbons at future ones introduced, too.

However, I am really looking forward to mixing this into my questing and to see what crafting events look like as they’re developed!

TL;DR I Like Where This is Leading

This is a total side-step on a path untrodden by LOTRO. And I love it for that alone. During beta, I struggled because of being generally bad at races and having slower reactions. But as all non-winners also get a Runner-up Ribbon runner-up ribbon, it feels much less stressful and more rewarding.

I may reach out to the LOTRO community for screenshots or information too. I always want my guides to be as good as I can make them and that means sometimes, we have to make them. While all Foresters on a server contribute to your balance of Ribbons, they’re spent in one go by one character.

I’ll updates yous on Social Media when this guide is updated again. Until then, enjoy your time in Middle-Earth!

Do You Have Close-Up Shots of the Cosmetic Hatchets?

If so, please reach out to me on social media. I’d love to include them and I will credit any and all I choose to use in this guide.


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