LOTRO Farmers Faire 2021 Guide
Mounts, Cosmetics and other Summer Rewards!

FJ's LOTRO Farmer's Faire Event Guide - vive the new Summer Festival!

Last year, The Lord of the Rings Online merged Summer Festival into the Farmers Faire. This created one huge food and fishing celebration in LOTRO! If you’ve recently returned to LOTRO, any Summer Festival tokens you had, have been converted to Farmers Faire tokens. So here’s the low-down on the 2021 Faire – and the gazllion things you can do to celebrate it!

When is the Farmers Faire?

Per the LOTRO Events Schedule, the 2021 Farmers Faire:

However, note there is maintenance that spans the start time so it may or may not start after 3pm.
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Barter Currency and Fish

At the Faire, there are various barter currencies:

  • Farmers Faire Tokens: For Festival Rewards
  • Big Fish
  • Easy Fish
  • Small Fish
  • Puny Fish
  • Other Fish: Possible, Bad, Tricky, Unlikely Fish (These come from the staged Quest Fishy, Very Fishy.

Note: the Summer Festival barter fish can now be exchanged for Farmers Faire tokens. Or, use them in part-exchange for cosmetics from Quartermasters. These are Celebhal, Silver Haddock and Golden Redfish.

Where to Exchange Fish for Tokens?

You are looking for NPCs who have the Quartermaster title. Godo Bracegirdle at Bywater Pond will take your fish and give you tokens in return.

  • Thanks to Sharon for finding that all Quartermasters now exchange all barter fish for tokens. These are at Bywater Fishing Hole, Bree Pond, Celondim Docks and by the river in Thorin’s Hall.
    FJ Note: I’m also fairly sure there is one at the Party Tree.

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Quest Wrappers

You can pick up the Farmers Faire wrapper – A Sunny Faire Day from Capanula Chubb in Bywater and/or the Party Tree.

Make sure you pick up all three quest wrappers. One is a “wrapper of wrappers” and grants bonus rewards for each stage.

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Where Are Festival Quests Found?

Most of the quests for this event are at The Party Tree and at Bywater (the village proper and the nearby pond).

You can also find quests at:

  • Celondim, Ered Luin: “Sitting by the Dock” fishing quest.
  • Duillond, Ered Luin:, “Missing Things” for Lalfor (see below), along with a dancing quest.
  • Thorin’s Hall: “A River Runs Through It”, fishing quest, “Forgotten Errands” for Ambi, along with a dancing quest.
  • Bree-land Pond (just South of the Skirmsh Camp): “To the Pond” fishing quest.
  • The Race Courses: at Bree-land Race Track (near the Festival Ground) and the Shire (Just South of Michel Delving)

There are also standalone race ‘betting’ events that have their own horse transports for: The Keg Races and the Taste of Hobbiton (Click/Tap to Read More).

Horse Racing

Unlike previous years, the new-look Farmers Faire does include the horse “race” time trials. You can find these at:

  • Bree Festival Grounds
  • Near the South Farthing Gate in the Shire (35.0S, 72.8W)

A successful run nets you 4 × Farmers Faire Tokens.

Festival Travel

While most of the events for the Faire focus around Bywater, there are also quests at Sandson’s Farm and Bamfurlong (see Farms of the Shire). You can use the Fast Travel horses at Bywater instead of riding around The Shire, unless you want to of course! There are also insta-travel horses to The Taste of Hobbiton and the Keg Races.
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Fishing Quests

There are a number of fishing quests during Farmers Faire. And from 2020, this number increased as Summer Festival had some too. Some are at Bywater, but you may need to travel around Ered Luin and Bree-land too, so enjoy the travel! The Questgiver dialogues also stress that a few of them are based on random numbers. This means regardless of the quality of your rod or how progressed yor fishing hobby is, you have the same odds as every other player!

Big Fish, Little Fish

The aim of this is to catch 7 Big Fish and not catch 5 little fish. This quest is based on chance/random numbers. That means it doesn’t matter how advanced your fishing skill is, and I don’t think the quality of your fishing rod makes any difference either. Even if you fail this quest, depending on how many fish you catch you can exchange some fish for tokens at the barter vendor – so you don’t really “lose out”.

Community Tip: This quest resets every 24hours, not at the global reset of 3am.
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Fishy, Very Fishy

A variant on the above, Fishy, Very Fishy is a multi-stage quest. The aim is to catch 10 types of “good fish” but not catch one “bad fish”.

Note: this is a Staged quest, with the 10 ‘Good Fish’ being less and less probable – at least as far as I can discern.

I’ve never managed to complete this – and there is a Title available if you do (“Amazing Angler”). But again you can exchange the fish you do catch for Farmers Faire Tokens.

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Pond or Thief?

My FibroJedi Character fishing in LOTRO at the Farmers Faire

Goldie Tunnelly has lost a number of items, having had them “stolen” by the Pond at Bywater! You have to fish for them! This is a straightforward fish-until-you-finish job. You need to catch a chair, some spectacles, a tea-cup, a hat and a list of lost goods!

Note: You may receive “You cannot take that” warnings through this quest. I expect that’s where the “invisible dice” rolled an item you have already caught!

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Hired Hook

Hired Hook Quest - How BIG are these worms?!

Petunia Hornblower has been tasked with catching her own fish for dinner, a job normally reserved for her brother. Not realising how much effort (and disguting-ness!) was involved before she ate the fish meals she enjoyed, she instead asks you to help her catch the fish! This is a multi-stage quest but is not all that time consuming:

  1. Dig Up 5 Worms from Moist Earth nearby. Place these in the provided bucket.
  2. As Petunia hates the idea of hooking the worm, you have to do this for her! At the same Bucket as Stage 1.
  3. Catch 5 Suitable Dinner Fish because Petunia doesn’t want to drown the worms!
  4. Go converse with her brother in Hobbiton and then try to get out of helping Petunia for the rest of the day!

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Stocking the Pond

You only need to do Stocking the Pond once per character. You have to travel around Middle-Earth (specifically Thorin’s Hall, Celondim and Bree-land Pond) to catch fish to replenish the Bywater Fishing Lake.

  • Where is the best place to find Amberjacks?
    That would be Thorin’s Hall on the West Side of the building!
  • Where is the best place to find Drums?
    At the pond just South of Bree
  • Where is the best place to find Luillims?
    At Celondim Docks, not far away from the Stable Master

Once you have completed Stocking the Pond once it unlocks 4 fishing spree:

  • A River Runs Through It (Thorin’s Hall)
  • Sitting on the Dock “of the bay!” – (Celondim)
  • The Pond (Just South of Bree)
  • To the Fishing-Hole (Bywater Pond)

Why would you want to fish for that long? you may ask! Because Amberjacks, Luillims and Drum are all Barter Currency which can be converted into Farmers Faire Tokens, or select cosmetic gear at the Quartermaster. And after you’ve run around after everyone, 20 minutes fishing is quite relaxing I assure you!

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Great Mathom Fishing Swap

The main focus of this quest is fishing for Mathoms external-link-alt and Well-Kept Mathoms external-link-alt! These can be consumed (if you are L20 or over) to improve your reputation with the Mathom Society – with reputation increases granting LOTRO points, so share them with your other characters.

  • Pick up the quest from Mellia Pott at the Bywater fishing hut.
  • Equip your fishing rod and quick-slot your Hobby skill.
  • Fish for Mathoms for 10 minutes! And some weeds…

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Bywater Quests (non-Fishing)

While some quest-givers can be found near Bywater Pond, not all are purely about fishing. Here are the non-fishing quests you can pick up in, or near, Bywater.

Belongings Gone Fishing

Mosco appears to have lost things while enjoying the Summer heat. Who has left fishing equipment and *gasp* his Elevenses somewhere in the vicinity of the Bywater Fishing Lake! Thankfully you, unlike he, are capable of retrieving these things for him!

Coordinates and screenshots provided below to help you find them.

Mosco’s Fishing Pole

31.4S, 69.9W
Mosco’s Hoe

31.0S, 70.0W
Mosco’s Lucky Bait

30.5S, 70.1W
Mosco’s Elevenses

30.7S, 69.6W
Mosco’s Cloak

31.3S, 69.2W

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Manning the Market

Manning the Market Quest at the LOTRO Farmers Faire
Although a timed mission, you can help all 6 customers out easily within the 15 minute deadline. From collecting items on shopping lists from indecisive hobbits, to waking up lazy vendors, to making a delicious mushroom soup, you can earn 24 Farmers Faire Tokens in short space of time. Very rewarding! Here are the components.

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Shopping List Quests

There are 3 shopping list quests. These are lists made by Hobbits of items they need for the Faire. But you must read them carefully to make sure you pick up the right item. If you pick up a wrong one, then you have to start that list over. As you’re on a time-limit, you don’t want to waste time.

All items are in the Market area outside the Green Dragon in Bywater (See Shire Brew-Master Deed).

Note: I need to update this section as I missed a bunch of screenies because I was trying not to run out of time! But they will follow soon!

Apple Shopping

This is really easy! Behind the Market Stallholder are 3 crates of Apples. You must rummage around them to find:

  • 1 Golden Apple
  • 3 Green Apples
  • 6 Red Apples

Because the crates are randomly generated, you can loot the same crate over and over until you get what you need. It’s probably less annoying to the other players to do that too.

Note: if you get extra Red, Green or Golden Apples keep them for another day as they will still count!

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Fresh Savoury Mushroom Stew

For this quest you must find the recipe for the Fresh Savoury Mushroom Stew and then carry out the recipe’s instructions to make the stew! Unlike the shopping lists, which could be done in any order, you must do this in order. Which makes sense, as it’s a recipe! Here are the main steps to complete this quest:

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A Nosey Request

Hobbits don’t like to do much that requires effort! That includes manning the stalls at the Farmers Faire so that the Shire can enjoy a great time. So you need to go and find three “Lazy Vendors” and “encourage” them back to work. Their locations are on the map but you can find them:

  1. Behind the Bar at the Green Dragon
  2. In the Mushroom Tent (where you have just been while making stew)
  3. At the Methel-Stage North East of Bywater

Then just…yell at them!

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Fat Mayor

Can you guess what food or drink The Fat Mayor wants?
This is The Shire. Food is part of the culture, and possibly the identity, of any hobbit. And the Mayor leads by example.

You have to bring 6 things the Mayor asks for and not bring him 3 things he doesn’t want. This is time-consuming but yields 5 Farmers Faire Tokens. However you can do this alongside Bounder Rounds to reduce waiting time!

Please be aware that not all comments made by the Mayor require something fetching. If in doubt, wait for another comment. You don’t get penalised for missing an item, only for fetching a wrong one!

What Does He Want?

I didn’t use a cheat-sheet when I first wrote this guide, so here are the lines I figured out for you to use!

  • All this eating is hard work, I need to replenish! Water
  • Bland bland bland: Salt
  • Bread is too dry: Butter
  • Did Opal forget to season this? Salt
  • I need to cleanse my palate: Wine
  • It burns, it burns! Milk
  • It’s missing something: Salt
  • Need something tart: Wine
  • Needs a dab of something: Butter
  • Nice and salty, but my mouth is now dry: Bucket of Water
  • Not quite rich enough: Butter
  • S- s- spicy, save me! Milk
  • So Thirsty: Bucket of Water
  • Spicy, spicy, spicy!: Milk
  • Too fine a dish to be eaten without an accompaniment: Wine
  • Too much pepper: Milk

Phrases to Ignore

  • Adding to this dish would spoil its taste.
  • Crisp flavour, hearty, and a clean aftertaste!
  • First sweet, then salty, then savoury — the flavours compliment each other well!
  • Lovely, lovely.
  • Mmm! Whoever made this is worthy of great admiration.
  • That was a passable meal, I suppose.

From LOTRO-Wikiexternal-link-alt, which I used rather than waiting with baited breath for the next exclamation I could ignore him say!

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Bounder Rounds

Bounder Rounds sees you team up with The Bounders who are playing Bouncers at the Farmers Faire. They are here to make sure people don’t indulge in too much alcohol! Your job is to tell off 7 Hobbits for drunkeness, but avoid telling off 2 Sober Hobbits. The way to do this is to ‘listen in’ to people’s conversations. You can spot a drunken Hobbit if you look for a ‘say’ comment that indicates they have had too much booze, often indicated by a misspelling or words getting in the wrong order.

Community Tip: (thanks to 2 players):

If you’re quick, you can accuse the same Hobbit twice. Give them a good old telling off!

I was not clever enough to work this one out for myself, so to avoid duplication, here’s the Wiki entry external-link-alt with the complete list of what to watch out for!

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Revenge of the Drunkards

Once you’ve managed to successfully reprimand seven drunkards, you unlock Revenge of the Drunkards and switch sides! Speak with the nameless Drunkard near the entrance to the Green Dragon to begin! After downing a pint and addling your brain the fun begins!

The aim here is to throw 10 Rotten Vegetables at Bounders at the Faire without being spotted! The safest way I’ve managed to play this is to focus on the one wandering Bounder near the Green Dragon and stand on the hill or rooftop at the East of Bywater. You can then lob the vegetables like some veg-wielding sniper!

For Revenge of the Drunkards you can also stand behind the fence to the north of Bounder Boffin (i.e. towards the fishing hole) and lob veg at him with impunity. Every now and again the other Bounder will wander into range and you can clobber him also.

Thanks Phil, I immediatley changed to this strategy and probably halved the time it took to complete the quest!

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Restocking the Market

Sperling Took needs to keep certain aspects of the Faire working well, so needs your help fetching items from around The Shire. I’ll add to this section later, but there are a number of routes you need in order to get the Helping Hand title. He also provides you with a “magic” pie to help you run faster!

Note: The magic pie speed buff is NOT applied if you have another speed buff in play such as: temporary comsumables, out-of-combat run speed jewellery and Hunter’s “Find the Path” skill. You’ll need to cancel your current buff for the pie to work!

  • You can only do ONE Restocking the Market Quest per day. So it will take you 8 Days to complete the Helping Hand Deed.

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Egg Scramble Event

Warning: if there are three or more other players in this area, come back later to do this!

A fun, timed event, the aim is to pick up 5 White Eggs dropped by frantic, clucking chickens before the time runs out! Other players will be racing to collect the same eggs! There are other coloured eggs which have Deeds attached to them. But be careful of picking up bad eggs – the more you collect the more blurred your vision becomes! Look for the mouldy gas coming from them!

LOTRO Egg Scramble Event Video
Play this video
LOTRO Egg Scramble Event Video

There are also different coloured eggs that give multiple Farmers Faire Tokens. But using the different coloured eggs also progresses the Coloured Eggs Deed.

The Golden Egg?

I saw numerous players say ‘Wow I got a golden egg! I thought that was just a myth!’. Myth, no – legend, very likely! Thanks to Archosaur for providing the shot below proving that the mysterious Golden Egg does indeed exist! And also to Lasswen for the Collect the Golden Egg Deed entry too!

Egg Scramble Rewards

If you collect 5 White Eggs you win 10 Farmers Faire Tokens. And all good eggs can be ‘used’ to gain extra tokens too! So if you can collect 5 White Eggs, you come away with a minimum of 15 Farmers Faire Tokens. Even more if you find the coloured ones.

This quest has a one-hour cool-down so can be repeated frequently. If you have Mithril Coins you can reset it quicker, if you want.

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Going Hungry

Summer seems to make an awful lot of people very forgetful. Blame the heat, the overflow of food and drink…or the pipe-weed! Who knows? This time Melliot has lost his lunch, which consists of: Bread, Eggs, Cheese, Porridge and Fresh Mushrooms. Interesting Picnic! Here’s where you can find them all!

Cheese Basket

29.7S, 72.0W – Appledores

29.4S, 71.4W
Fresh Mushrooms:
29.4S, 70.5W
Egg Basket

30.4S, 71.4W – The Grange
Bread Basket

30.8S, 71.2W

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Maggot’s Mushroom Hunt

I am totally awful at this event! Farmer Maggot is famous for his mushrooms and Hobbit’s love to try to sneak into his field and steal some! So that is your aim! In the time the event runs, you have to pick 8 mushrooms and avoid Farmer Maggot’s dogs – Grip, Fang and Wolf!

  • White Mushrooms give you 1 Farmers Faire Token and coloured ones grant you two tokens
  • Coloured Mushrooms also have adverse effects!
  • To get the quest’s 10 Token reward you have to avoid the dogs until the round is over.

If you succeeed however you’ll have earned a minimum of 18 Tokens and likely 20+. And the Mushroom Hunt only has a 1-hour Cool-Down, so keep repeating it if you enjoy it!

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Party Tree Quests

Here are the formerly Summer Festival quests, which can be found around the Party Tree.

Defeat the Heat / Heatwaves

Heat Waves are wandering flames you can find around the Party Tree and nearby paths. In years past you had to clear these from different areas. Now, however, you can defeat them wherever you find them.

So long as you don’t annoy other players, you can defeat the same one over and over, if you like.

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Too Much Festival

The first ‘lost items’ quest is Too Much Festival. Foxglove Tunnelly external-link-alt is the quest-giver. It requires you to search an area of The Shire for: a teapot, a parasol, some wine, a book and a ball of twine. Here is where you can find all the items she needs!

Foxglove’s Book

29.7S, 72.1W
Foxglove’s Parasol

30.2S, 71.5W
Foxglove’s Teapot

29.7S, 71.5W
Foxglove’s Twine

29.9S, 71.5W
Foxglove’s Wine

29.9S, 71.7W

Too Much Festival Additional Reward

You receive 50 Virtue XP for this quest. As of 2020, you also get 4 × Farmers Faire Tokens.

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Crash Landing – Find Crashed Kites

You are given a very vague area to look for the crashed kites. However I’ve provided a minimap below to 5 of them, and some screenshots of some crashed kites too. There are more crashed kites on the ground than you need!.

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Ice Delivery

Ice Delivery actually starts a mini quest-chain. After delivering the huge block of ice to Bywater, you can then help to make frozen sweet cream. This ends up being delivered back to the Party Tree.

Here’s route I take for Ice Delivery, which avoids all hobbits and cats and completes the delivery in half the available time:

LOTRO Ice Delivery Video
Play this video
LOTRO Ice Delivery Video

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Other Quests

I wanted to mention these, but they really require no write-up.

Flying High

Flying High Quest - Fly Kites in and around Hobbiton

Fly kites around the Party Tree and Near Hobbiton. All kites are marked on your map, no searching needed!

Cooling Off

LOTRO Cooling Off Fountain Emote
Play this video
LOTRO Cooling Off Fountain Emote
Gulp some water into your mouth and “Create a Fountain” to cool off overheating patrons. Yes, spit that water over them and hope that they’re grateful! See Emotes to get this spit-spray for your character. Lovely.

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Ered Luin Quests

While you’re roaming Ered Luin on Fishing quests, you can also pick up two others.

Missing Things – Lalfor’s List

Elves may be immortal, but they are not perfect – Lalfor has lost a few things around Duillond. You will need to look up as well as around – so enjoy the views while you retrieve his items!

Lalfor’s Goblet

24.1S, 93.2W
Lalfor’s Jewellery Box

23.9S, 93.0W
Lalfor’s Blue Book

23.8S, 92.9W
Lalfor’s Brown Book

23.8S, 92.7W
Lalfor’s Bundle of Books

23.9S, 92.7W

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Forgotten Errands – Ambi’s List

The carelessness spreads around Ered Luin next where a failed delivery means items spread all over Thorin’s Hall! Ambi can be found in Thorin’s Hall Inn external-link-alt.

Forgotten Errands requires you to find: A Red Jar, a Green Jar, a Blue Bottle, a Note and a Pack. Here’s a map where the pink dots represent an item’s location:

The only tricky one is Ambi’s Pack, which is above the river near the entrance to Blue Stone Garrison.

If you want to see screenshots, tap below:

Ambi’s Red Jar
Ambi’s Green Jar
Ambi’s Blue Bottle
Ambi’s Note
Ambi’s Pack

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At the Races!

It’s not quite betting, as there’s no entry fee – but the aim of both The Keg Races and The Taste of Hobbiton is to ‘bet’ on who will win the drinking, or eating race. The Quests are repeatable, even if you fail. Make sure you keep an eye on the cool-down timer to see when you acn repeat it!

If you manage to ‘bet’ and win on each individual contestant you unlock a new title: Lucky Duck!

If you win the bet you earn 6 Festival Tokens (Need to check this number). If you lose you can pick up 1 Farmers Faire Token from the Consolation Prize Box!

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All rewards are now correct: Mounts, Cosmetics, Dyes and Pets! Enjoy!

You can purchase rewards (for tokens) from two vendors:

Newest Rewards

Visit the Caltha Tunnelly for the new rewards and previous Farmers Faire themed items.

Old & Summer Rewards

You can barter for previous Summer Festival rewards from Dill Goodchild.

LOTRO Farmers Faire Mounts *

2021 New Mount

Steed of the Green Grocer

Vendor: Caltha Tunnelly

2020 Mounts

The 2020 Farmers Faire offered three steeds purchasable with Tokens.
I will check which ones are still available for tokens on the 10th August when the event starts.

Steed of the Shimmering Breeze

Vendor: Festival Announcer

Farmer’s Feast Steed

Vendor: Festival Announcer

If you’re looking for a different one, it may be that it is now included in the Mithril Coins Steeds.

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New Cosmetic Outfits 2021

This year's theme is the Green Grocer, so vegetables feature across items in this theme.

You can see the following cosmetics on different races and body shapes.

2020 Cosmetics

Last year's theme was the Shimmering Breeze which featured a combination of brown materials with some highly reflective metal plate.

You can also see the following items on different races, genders/body types:

Previous Years’ Cosmetic Outfits and Items

I have started putting together the Farmers Faire Cosmetics Library and have about half done so far! This includes showing some items with various races and body shapes. Click/Tap the button below to have a look. Head to the A-Z tab to see which items of clothing I’ve written individual pages for.
Farmers Faire Cosmetics Library

Festivity Token Cosmetics

As the old Summer Festival (not the LOTRO Midsummer Festival, remember!) was merged into Farmers Faire, that makes it now technically a “Seasonal” event. As such there are Festivity Tokens to earn. This is through the Seasonal Instance The Perfect Picnicexternal-link-alt. You can earn Festivity Tokens at any event that has a Seasonal Instance and they’re valid all all those too. Here are the cosmetics available during Farmers Faire:

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Quartermaster Cosmetics

From the Quartermasters at Celondim Docks, Thorin’s Hall and Bree Pond you can obtain a Ceremonial Dress. The colour varies at each location – white, green and blue. You can’t preview other colours in outfit preview, so I don’t know that you can dye the dress other colours. I need to test whether this is feasible if you have Wardrobe access, however.

To purchase a Ceremonial Dress you will need one of the Rare Fish from each region plus 6 Festival Tokens.

  • Celondim: Celebhal
  • Thorin’s Hall: Silver Haddock
  • Bree Pond: Golden Redfish

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Cosmetic Pet(s) and Kites *

All pets cost 60 Farmers Faire Tokens.

New Pets for 2021

This year there are two new pets:

Woodland Doe

Spotted Woodland Fawn

New Festivity Token Pet

Inline with the Woodland Doe and Fawn, there is a new Woodland Hart pet available for 20 × Festivity Tokens

Woodland Hart

Previous Years’ Pets

Grey Pig

Gloaming Kite

Black Peacock

Big Goat Kid

Black Peahen

Blue Peacock

Thanks to @delphs the two kite ‘pets’ are pictured below.

Harvest Revelry Kite

Golden Grain Kite

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Emotes *

You can acquire previous Summer Festival emotes from the “Festival Rewards” Hobbit at Bywater. You simply use your Farmers Faire Tokens to acquire them, now.

All emotes cost 80 Farmers Faire Tokens:

Hobbit Dance 4

This is ‘ow I wash me dog, do-dah!
LOTRO Hobbit Dance 4 Emote Video
Play this video
LOTRO Hobbit Dance 4 Emote Video

Bubble Fish Pipe

It’s smoking, Frodo, but not as you know it!
LOTRO Bubble Fish Pipe Emote Video Cover
Play this video
LOTRO Bubble Fish Pipe Emote Video Cover


Spray water… out of your mouth! Like so:
LOTRO Cooling Off Fountain Emote
Play this video
LOTRO Cooling Off Fountain Emote

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There are four dyes available at this event, two for Mithril Coins and two for Farmers Faire Tokens. These alternate each year, so stock up while you can!

  • 6 × Shire Peach Dyes: 30 Tokens
  • 6 × Dark Clay Dyes: 30 Tokens
  • 6 × Rohan Green Dyes: 10 Mithril Coins
  • 6 × Sunset Orange Orange Dyes: 10 Mithril Coins

The other two can be purchased with Mithril Coins. The dyes that are Token vs Mithril alternate each year, so if you like the dyes, best stock up!

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Homestead Decorations

See  Déco du Milieu for Farmers Faire Decorations
LOTRO Events are a community affair. And as is now my custom, to see the decorations you can acquire for your homestead in Middle-Earth, please see the excellent resource at Déco Du Milieu!

There are definitely new decorations in 2021!

If you want to see decorations in their previous Summer Festival and Farmers Faire here are the links:

Which Vendors Sell Decorations?

You can exchange LOTRO Farmers Faire tokens for decorations from Caltha Tunnelly (Current Rewards), Dill Goodchild (past Summer Festival rewards) and Quartermaster NPCs.

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Farmers Faire Deeds

There will be duplicates in this guide until I’ve finished merging in the old Summer Festival deeds.

Rare Fish Title

Lastly, you can pick up, and possibly finish, the Fortunate Festival Fishes Deed. This grants the Rare Fish title, but it takes some dedication! You will need to catch:

  • 20 × Starry Flounder (Bywater Pond)
  • 20 × Golden Redfish (Bree Pond)
  • 20 × Silver Haddock (Thorin’s Hall)
  • 20 × Celebhal (Celondim Docks)

Fine Faire Fishing

Earn 5 × Tokens by completing:

  1. Big Fish, Little Fish × 3
  2. Pond or Thief? × 3
  3. Hired Hook × 1

Helping Hand Title

If you complete all the delivery routes for Restocking the Market, then you earn the Helping Hand title and 5 × LOTRO Points.

Sunshine Title

The Celebrating Sunshine Deed gives you the Sunshine title. A few notes:

  • The “Go Fishing In” parts only complete once you have finished Stocking the Pond. Then complete the 20min fishing quests at Thorin’s Hall, Celondim Docks and Bree-land Pond.
  • The “Go Fishing at Bywater” part is granted by completing the 10min fishing quest “The Fishing-Hole”, which is immediately available after finishing Stocking the Pond.
  • Fireworks for the Festival external-link-alt (Bree Festival Grounds) is a timed 1hr quest but you can pre-purchase the fireworks before picking up the quest. To do so, find the Fireworks Vendors in: Bree-land Festival Grounds, Duillond, Thorin’s Hall Inn, the Party Tree.

Important: if you logged into LOTRO during the Anniversary Event, you should have received a bunch of these through gift boxes. Check your bags and other storage before spending coin!

Farmer-Friend Title

To gain this title, you have to complete five deeds: Helping Hand, At the Farmers Faire, Fine faire Fishing, Sandsons’ Egg Scramble (first tier) and Maggot’s Mushroom victories (first tier) .

At the Farmers Faire

Earn 5 × Tokens by completing:

  1. Bounder Rounds × 3
  2. Revenge of the Drunkards × 3
  3. Fat Mayor × 3
  4. Manning the Market × 3
  5. Restocking the Market × 3
  6. A Tour of the Farmers Faire × 1

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TL;DR Enjoy The 2021 LOTRO Farmers Faire

An event with a wide variety of activities, the LOTRO Farmers Faire is a really fun festival to attend. Tokens are pretty easy to rack up in this event, so kick back, relax and enjoy!

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