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Caethir's Journey: LOTRO FanFicion

Welcome to the landing page for my LOTRO FanFiction. By default the post list 'pages' on my site start with the most recent at the top, so I created this page for those who want to start reading Caethir's Journey from the start!

How Often Do I Write LOTRO FanFiction?

Chapters of FanFiction based on The Lord of the Rings will come out sporadically. This is because I often have to research aspects of each one before I write, and especially before I publish to make sure everything is allowable in LOTR lore! But please do read and enjoy. My core story here will feature various LOTRO characters I have created, as well as exploring the history/back-stories of a few key people. I'm loving writing these, so do check back for additional chapters later!

Caethir's Journey - Chapters

Here are all my LOTRO FanFiction posts in chronological/chapter order, enjoy!

More LOTRO FanFiction Coming

Although this story does have a 'destination', I don't know how long it will take me to reach it - and that will not be the end of the story either!

So please keep an eye on Twitter to know when the next chapters are released!

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