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Hello and welcome to my new in-development LOTRO Event and Festival Cosmetics Database. As each one comes around in the LOTRO Events Calendar, I’m creating new pages for each one. Here, you’ll be able to see (hopefully) all the outfit cosmetics available during the festival or event.

Tool is Not Even Beta!

LOTRO Events and Festival Cosmetics Database and Tool

This tool is in early development, so I’m still doing data entry, screenshot taking and cropping, and creation of a landing page for each event. My guides can really only take a certain number of outfits before becoming overwhelming, so the “plan” is eventually to leave the current- and prior-year rewards on the main guide. Then you can come over here for everything else.

And, of course, when the next one comes around I have all the new outfits to add, as well as plug any missing old ones. I’ll do my best!

Please be patient as landing pages are created, and if you have any ideas for future development, I’m happy to hear them.

Developments to Come

The current stage is mostly categorising the many clothing items I already have in my database. And, when a festival occurs, adding those I am missing. But other things in the pipeline are:

  • (Started!) Item Names: Most galleries should now be ordered by item name and most items should show the item name when you hover over them. On mobiles, the caption should appear by default, hopefully.
  • (Started!) By Gear Slot: As part of my data entry I am already marking items according to their gear slot, so hopefully by Autumn I will be able to make landing pages per gear slot. This will help you find that perfect hat, for example!
  • (2022) Search Feature: there are so many awesome outfits available from events and festivals, looking up specific ones would be much easier when you’re wondering whether to spend your tokens on them or not.
  • (2022) Example Dyes: As we know some items dye differently – and some better than others. So I’d like to be able to show example dye colours so you can see which bits dye – and the effect when they do.
  • (2022-23) All Races & Genders: Ouch! But this tool is most useful if you can see the clothes on your preferred race and gender. That’ll take some time.

Cosmetics by Event/Festival

* these are just the ones I’ve managed so far.
May 2021: I have started the work on Midsummer Festival. This will be ready before the event kicks off and Patreon supporters will get that one on Early-Access.

I have ordered them alphabetically to make it easier to find specific events later on.

  • To View an Event’s Cosmetics click/tap the image.
  • To View an Event’s Guide click/tap the button underneath the image.

Anniversary Event

LOTRO Anniversary Event Cosmetics List and Library

Anniversary Event Guide

Buried Treasure Event

LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Cosmetics

Buried Treasure Event Guide

Fall Festival

LOTRO Fall Festival Cosmetics - the outfit rewards you can buy with Festival Tokens

Fall Festival Guide

Ill Omens

Ill Omens Outfit Cosmetics - Event Rewards

Ill Omens Guide

Midsummer Festival

LOTRO Midsummer Outfit Cosmetics Rewards Library

Midsummer Festival Guide

Spring Festival

LOTRO Spring Festival Outfit Cosmetics - Screenshot Pictures to Help You

Spring Festival Guide

Yule Festival

LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetics for Outfits - Catalogue of Winter-tide Clothing

Yule Festival Guide

TL;DR Thank You for Your Support!

It’s your support of my LOTRO Event guides that mean I have so much information I can organise for you all here. As my LOTRO Events and Festival Cosmetics Database (LEAF CD? ha) is very much in its early stages, please bear with me. Midsummer Festival is the next one in the LOTRO Events Calendar, so watch this space!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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