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LOTRO Events and Festival Cosmetics Database and Tool

Hello and welcome to my LOTRO Event and Festival Cosmetics Library!

Here you can find the cosmetic outfit items available at various in-game festivals and events. As each one comes around in the LOTRO Events Calendar, I update the specific event’s range.

I have also created new pages so you can browse by gear slot too, if you want to. This pages automatically update when new items are added to the database.

Hopefully, this will be useful to you and stay tuned for further updates or features.

Cosmetics by Event/Festival

I have ordered them alphabetically to make it easier to find specific events.

  • To View an Event’s Cosmetics click/tap the image.
  • To View an Event’s Guide click/tap the button underneath the image.

Anniversary Event

LOTRO Anniversary Event Cosmetics List and Library

Anniversary Event Guide

Buried Treasure Event

LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Cosmetics

Buried Treasure Event Guide

Farmers Faire

LOTRO Farmers Faire Cosmetics Library and List

Farmers Faire Guide

Fall Festival

LOTRO Fall Festival Cosmetics - the outfit rewards you can buy with Festival Tokens

Fall Festival Guide

Ill Omens

Ill Omens Outfit Cosmetics - Event Rewards

Ill Omens Guide

Midsummer Festival

LOTRO Midsummer Outfit Cosmetics Rewards Library

Midsummer Festival Guide

Spring Festival

LOTRO Spring Festival Outfit Cosmetics - Screenshot Pictures to Help You

Spring Festival Guide

Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner

LOTRO Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner Event - Guide and Cosmetics

Shipwrecked Mariner Guide

Yule Festival

LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetics for Outfits - Catalogue of Winter-tide Clothing

Yule Festival Guide

LOTRO Cosmetics by Gear Slot

Here are the items, with each gear slot having its own page. It’s debatable whether I need a separate page for each, and I may well merge them. I’ve had so much data entry to do also, that some don’t have proper title graphics. I will fix that by the end of Yule 2022. But, for now, here they are.

LOTRO Head Cosmetics from Festivals and Events
Head Cosmetics


LOTRO Shoulder Cosmetics from Festivals and Events

Upper Body

LOTRO Upper Body Cosmetics from Festivals and Events
Upper Body Cosmetics


LOTRO Back Cosmetics from Festivals and Events


LOTRO Hand Cosmetics | Gloves, Gauntlets and Bracers
Hand Cosmetics

Lower Body and Feet

LOTRO Lower Body and Feet Cosmetics from Festivals and Events

TL;DR Thank You for Your Support of my LOTRO Festival Cosmetics!

It’s your support of my LOTRO Event guides that mean I have so much information I can organise for you all here. There is a lot to do, to bring all events up to the standard I set for myself since the LOTRO Midsummer Festival and Farmers Faire.

Thank you for your support, whether that’s simply by utilising my guides, or by helping me out with Ko-Fi or Patreon. Being part of the LOTRO family is amazing.

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