LOTRO Midsummer Festival Event Guide

Celebrate the Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen!
LOTRO Midsummer Festival Event 2020 - The Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen

In 2020, with the release of Update 27, The Lord of the Rings Online introduced a brand-new annual event. The Midsummer Festival celebrates the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen, which took place some time after the overthrow of Sauron. Elessar, now finally King of Gondor and Arnor as Elrond mandated, can finally wed his fair Elven lady. So, throw off the armour and only raise your weapons in salute, for the new Midsummer Festival is on.

Event Guide In-Progress

As the Midsummer Festival is brand new, and only arrived on the 30th June, it will take me a number of days to get the new festival event guide put together. Please bear with me, as I also want to play the event to enjoy the event. And my LOTRO Event Guides take time!

I will add to this guide bit-by-bit, so it will grow over time.

I have now added this to my LOTRO Events Schedule calendar.

When Is the Midsummer Festival?

The event runs from 30th June to 20th July 2020. Though this frequently means the last full day is the 19th.

Token Limit!

Please be aware that, unlike all other events, the Midsummer Festival has a token limit! Since patch 27.0.1, you can hold 250 Tokens per Character.. So ensure you spend some before you hit it.

There is no shortage of things to do at this LOTRO event, so combine questing with enjoying the rewards. And rewards are really affordable. You can get a lot with 250 tokens!

How Do I Get Started?

Per the Release Notes:

  • When you log in you will have an auto-bestowed quest.
  • This contains a map to Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
  • From there you can get the intro quest and begin exploring. The NPC you need is in the next screenshot.

Or Alternatively…

Midsummer Wedding-planners are located in Thorin’s Hall, Duillond, Bree-town, and the Party Tree to direct players to Midsummer quests in those areas.

Note: You can Swift-Travel to Minas Tirith (Midsummer) from major stablemasters.

So wherever you are at in Middle-Earth you can get to the special instance of Minas Tirith and start celebrating!

↑ Top

“Wrapper” Quests

You pick up the Daily and the other wrapper from Faeleth. She is on the main path into Minas Tirith.

The wrappers are:

1. In Celebration of Midsummer

This is the Daily 10 × Festival Quests wrapper. It awards

  • Midsummer Tokens × 5
  • Legendary Item XP (if applicable)

2. A Fondness for Festivity

To complete this, you need to finish 5 × Daily Wrappers.

Show Quest Rewards
The first (intro) stage awards:

  • Figments of Splendour × 300
  • Virtue XP × 1,000
  • Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • Universal Optional crafting Ingrediant
  • Legendary Item XP

3. The Majesty of Midsummer

And finally, this stage is a reward for completing whichever stage of A Fondness for Festivity you happen to be on.
Show Quest Rewards

The (Intro) stage grants:

  • Midsummer Tokens × 5
  • Figments of Splendour × 500
  • Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll
  • Universal Optional crafting Ingrediant
  • Legendary Item XP

↑ Top

Navigating Minas Tirith

Sometimes in my guides, I put stuff in because I need it. This is one of those times! This section is incomplete, so it my “live notes”.

On Foot, or Mount

Minas Tirith is built into a mountain, in concentric circles. If you’re on foot or mounted, you’ll need to keep looking for stairs, ramps, or passageways that go up. This should help find the next circle in. When I first entered the Citadel, I found the first such ramp was behind me.

Stable Masters

You can find stable masters to many (though not all) of the circles. They do charge 1 silver, but everyone knows you have to take some coin when visiting a festival yes? And they save you some unwanted headaches.

Which is the Citadel Stable?

You need the High Stables to reach the Citadel by Horse-taxi.

↑ Top

Midsummer Quest-Givers

As I find quest-givers in Minas Tirith, I’ll update this list! If the quest is linked, I have either done the write-up or it is in progress. Most in-progress ones just need me to put screenshots in, which I will do tomorrow (2nd July 2020)

Minas Tirith Quest-Givers

  1. Merilien (The Citadel: 22.5N, 55.8W)
  2. Othnoron: (The Citadel: 22.3N, 55.8W)
  3. Florist (The Citadel: 22.1N, 56.0W)
  4. Colladan: (Houses of Lore: 21.7N, 56.3W, Upstairs)
  5. Ulthir: (The Splitered Shield, Soldiers’ Tier: 21.7N, 56.3W, Upstairs)
  6. Borlach of Rimmon: (Soldiers’ Tier: 21.4N, 54.4W)
  7. Ciriel: (Craftsmen’s’ Tier: 21.0N, 55.3W)
  8. Postmaster: (House of the Craft: 21.0N, 55.3W)
  9. Melthend (Marriage-Write): (House of the Craft: 21.0N, 55.3W)
  10. Lebadar (Gardener): (Soldiers’ Tier: 23.9N, 54.9W)
  11. Ioreth: (Houses of Healing, the Citadel: 21.9N, 55.8W)
  12. Loboríis (Stable-Hand) (City Stables, 22.4N, 53.8W)
  13. Duillam (The Blue Theatre, Players’ Tier, 21.4N, 56.6W)

Other Regions

Thanks to @fruinjuice for this list:

  1. Bree near crafting at west stables
  2. Thorin’s Hall in back of forge area
  3. Duillond gazebo at south end where festival dance quest is
  4. Celondim docks
  5. At the Party Tree north of Hobbiton (2 Quests)
  6. Skori in Thorin’s Hall Inn
  7. Prancing Pony in Bree

I will add these quests, once I’ve done the bulk of Minas Tirith ones.

Firefly quests can be picked up at any time. However fireflies logically only appear from Gloaming until Dawn.
↑ Top

Minas Tirith Quests

There is a shedload to do at this Festival, so will go very slowly and add these gradually!

Tasty Morsels

3 × Midsummer Tokens
Othnoron, a Cook, wants you to deliver samples of his “experimental treats”. These are for the tactfully-described “loftier citizens”. Basically he’s using the tried-and-tested free sample to make sales. Well, don’t all vendors at festivals the world over do the same?

These need delivering to NPCs in the Players’ Tier (they are all marked on your map). I suggest you take the Stable-Master from the Citadel (High Stables), unless you can navigate Minas Tirith already.

Arastil (21.4N, 56.1W)

Hates nuts, but thinks maybe it needs…nuts.

Brandion (21.3N, 56.2W)

Shockingly has no suggestions for improvements.

Daghir (21.8N, 55.0W)

Suggests adding bacon on top! (I approve.)

Gwàrben (21.3N, 55.7)

Thinks it’s delicious and wants more!

Pelnen (21.4N, 55.4W)

Says it needs a tad more salt.

↑ Top

Lightning in a Bottle

3 × Midsummer Tokens

When You Can Do Them

The four quests to catch fireflies for the lanterns at Minas Tirith are only available from Gloaming until Dawn. You can see this in your minimap or use Titanbar, one of the LOTRO Plugins I always have active.

You can also only have one firefly quest active at once.

Play Nicely

Just some pointers:

  • Fireflies seem to spawn at random intervals (e.g. number of seconds)
  • You may be “competing” with other players for them
  • You have plenty of times to collect the fireflies
  • Don’t chase one another player is heading for.

Amethyst Fireflies

Amethyst Fireflies can be found in the Low-Lands of Ered Luin at The Grimwater

You need to place these in lanterns in the Sixth Circle.

  1. Houses of Healing: (Entrance: 21.9N, 56.1W))
  2. The Alcove: (22.0N, 56.3W)

Emerald Fireflies

Emerald Fireflies can be found in the Midgewater Marshes at in Bree-land. The part of the marsh is East of Marshwater Fort.

Where to Find Emerald Fireflies in Midgewater Marsh

Catch 12 × Emerald Fireflies, which appear as quest rings when they (re)spawn.

Placing the Lanterns

Merilien, who hates that you smell of the place she just sent you to, says you should: “places them about the stage in the Merry Swan”. This is found in the Craftsmans’ Tier.

Take the Stable-Master, then head South/West around the circle. The Merry Swan‘s entrance is at (21.0N, 56.6W). The stage is at the back of the Inn.


↑ Top

Something Floral

3 × Midsummer Tokens
Merilien wants to liven up the Houses of Lore with flower arrangements. Apparently the “room with dead things” really needs it! (do read the quest text from NPCs, there are some fab gems in there!).

These need placing in the Fifth Tier, which is the Sage’s Tier. The Coordinnates of the entrance are (21.7N, 56.3W). Take the stable-master to the Sage’s tier then ride around the semi-circle, heading South.

Place 6 Floral Arrangements in the obviously-marked locations inside.

4 Locations are Downstairs in this room:
2 Locations are Upstairs in this room:

↑ Top

Love is in the Air

3 × Midsummer Tokens

A poor poet called Colladan is trying to woo the lady he loves by putting a poem together. Taking other poems as inspiration (plagiarism), he sat down to write (well, collate), only to doze off. Now a window has been opened and his precious sheets are floating around the Houses of Lore! Your mission, should you choose to accept it (naturally), is to catch these for him.

Catching Wayward Verses

The mechanic is the same as Lost Invitations in the LOTRO Anniversary Event. And other players will also be trying to catch them!

These spawn as Wayward Verse envelopes and (unlike Anniversary) they have quest-rings in the mini-map. They are all indoors, but you may need to run around a few times to catch enough of them.

↑ Top

Toss a Coin

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: The Splintered Shield, Soldiers’ Tier (21.7N, 56.3W)

A very, very drunk flower merchant is faring worse than usual. Apart from having to check you’re not actually his wife, his main problem is a stonking headache. Hardly a surprise. He decides the source of it are badly-playing minstrels. Instead of leaving the inn for peace and quiet, he gives you some coins to toss at the instrumentalists to make them go away.

A bit harsh.

Toss a Coin to Noisy Minstrels × 6

You can find various minstrels both upstairs and down in The Splintered Shield. The most obscure one appears to be in the sleeping quarters up the wooden steps. I’ve included that screenshot here. Simply right-click on them to hurl the insult and offend a musician.

NB: I’m pretty sure Toss a Coin does not count towards the Daily. Probably because offending minstrels isn’t “joining in the celebrations”!

↑ Top

Artistic Direction

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Craftsmen’s Tier 21.4N, 54.4W.

An artist, who would rather you got lost than him, has run out of painting materials. So, in true quest-giver style, sends of you, his errand-servant, to go find them. They are marked on your map, but what use a guide, without guidance?


Charcoal can be obtained from Ciriel, Pastry Chef. (21.0N, 55.3W)


The otherwise-nameless Potter can be found at 23.3N, 54.9W.


The gardener Lebadar is just inside the Soldiers’ Tier, at the bottom of the ramp from the Craftsmen’s Tier. He is at (23.9N, 54.9W).

↑ Top

Sweet Treats

Location: Craftsmen’s Tier (21.0N, 55.3W).

Ciriel is concerned that guards of Minas Tirith are overworked and not being able to join in the celebration. So she proposes to take some pastries to them at their guardposts.
All four Hungry Guards are on the Craftsmen’s Tier and marked on your map. And I was gratified to find out, there is no stressful countdowntimer on carrying the pastries either. Nice, quick and easy tokens.
Note: the Guards do wander around a bit, as is right and proper. But the map markers are accurate guides.

↑ Top

Honouring Healers

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Quest-giver Location: House of the Craft (Craftsmen’s Tier: 23.2N, 55.0W)

The Postmaster has a lovely errand for you, sending thank you notes to those that work in the Houses of Healing.

Where are the Houses of Healing?

They are in the Citadel just down the ramp by the High Stables. The entrance to the House of Remedies can be found at (21.9N, 56.1W). Note: this is different to the High House for “A Cure for All Ills”.

Where Are the Healers?

They are all over the House of Remedies, often walking around, but not always. So just check all parts of the building. I will try to make a map at a later point. But this place is stunning. See the NPC-chasing as an opportunity to #StopAndStare and enjoy the artwork of LOTRO designers and developers.

↑ Top

Growing Pains

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Lebadar, Soldiers’ Tier (23.9N, 54.9W)

A gardener who is concerned about the many, many garden in MT is one who is overworked. So, quite simply, he needs help with watering some plants and pulling up weeds.

Statue of Steward Egalmoth

The “third circle” is the Craftsmen’s Tier. However it is in the very North West of Minas Tirith but it a beautiful garden.

  • Pull up 5 × Pesky Weeds
  • Water 4 × Unwatered Plants

↑ Top

A Cure for All Ills

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Ioreth, The High Hall, Houses of Healing (21.9N, 55.8W)

Ioreth is most put out by festival-goers forgetting that the Houses of Healing are supposed to be for rest. She enlists your aid in cleaning up mess made by “that rabble”, as she calls them!

  • Dispose of Half-emptied bottles in the High Hall × 10
  • Remove 6 × Noisy Revellers. Basically, you’re a bouncer.

Noisy Revellers

These are not open-tapped, so other players may be kicking these out at the same time as you. You’ll need to eject more noisy revellers once they make themselves loudly obvious. AKA, when they respawn.

There’s only one noisy-reveller per group, at least in most cases. I think one group near the entrance had two from “that rabble”.

Half-Emptied Bottles

These come in various names and are found on the floor. You may find this easier with floaty names on (default keybind: N)

  • Beren’s Blood
  • Falas Draught
  • Posset
  • Pinnath Plum Wine
  • Naruvor
  • Galadnen

Always take time to #StopAndStare. This is inside the High House!

↑ Top

Aiding the Stable-Hands

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Loborís, City Stables (Interior) (21.9N, 55.8W)

Unsurprisingly, the main way wedding celebration guests have arrived is by horse. This leads to very dedicated, but overworked stable-hands. Want to be a stable-hand for a shift? Don’t worry, no mucking-out needed! Just grooming and giving of apple treats.

Where is the Grooming Brush?

The equipment crate is at the back of the stables (in the North-West corner if you load the map). They’re just up a few steps:

Grab the apples for the nearby crate too.

Groom & Feed

Head back down the steps and do your chores! Relevant hworses are found on both sides of the stables.

Although you don’t have to select the quest item, what is happening is:

Feed Apples to Well-Behaved Horses:

Groom Disheveled Horses

↑ Top

Arranging Arrangements

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Florist, The Citadel (21.1N, 56.0W)

Oh boy, the florist needs you to place 5 × Floral Arrangments “around the city”. You’d think these fine business-folk would learn they need to employ temporary staff during busy times of the year, right?

Rant over, here are the three Event Locations:

Event Locations Map

The Merry Swan

Craftsmen’s Tier: (21.0N, 56.6W)
2 × Floral Arrangements

The Blue Theatre

Players’ Tier: (21.4N, 56.6W)
1 × Floral Arrangement

The Hall of Air (Outdoors)

Sages’ Tier: (23.1N, 56.3W)
2 × Floral Arrangements

Writeup in Progress..
↑ Top

Floral Crowns

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Florist, The Citadel (21.1N, 56.0W)

The florist’s “easily distracted” daughter has been sent to gather flowers to make into Floral Crowns. She’s likely somewhere around the First Circle. Thank the Valar for Festival Stable-Masters!

Find the Florist’s daughter

Take the Stable-Master to “City Stables” in the First Circle. You can find her running around near (21.7N, 53.8W). She also appears as a quest ring in your mini-map.

And yes, she has forgotten her errand, so asks you to help her. Not do it for her? Gasp! Well she’s grow out of it.

Pick 10 × Summer Blossoms

Yes the quest text reads “blossoms” but you’re simply looking for Summer Flowers in the areas marked on your map. Remind me next week to write the coords for the flowers.

Some are obvious, but look behind pillars and in the middle of bushy sections. Again, floaty names will really help here.

Make a Floral Crown

I had expected the florist’s daughter to have already forgotten again, but she actually collected some flowers. As a Dad of one such “easily distracted” daughter I was genuinely surprised.

Use the nearby checkered blanket to fashion a floral crown. then head back to the Florist in the Citadel.

↑ Top

Something Misplaced, Something Blue

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Duillam, The Blue Theatre, Players’ Tier

Duillam, who appears to despise the band name of a group he acknowledges as “fine enough musicians”, has lost the performers. Being dutiful, he has been waiting for a random visitor to minas tirith to go find them for him.

Cloudyheads Move

I have provided a map showing places I found members of the Cloudyheads. However, Musicians may/do appear in more than one location, which is why there are more than six dots on the map. e.g. Here’s Gord Dunley’s two spawn points:

Cloudyheads Locations Map

It is highly likely that I do not have all spawn points recorded!

↑ Top

To The Last Drop

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Merilien, The Citadel, 22.5N, 55.8W

Meldis runs one of the Inns in Minas Tirith – the Splintered Shield. Sadly her previous one was destroyed during the War. Various Vintners have sent bottles for a feast Merlilien is planning. You need to head to Meldis’ inn and find the correct wine.

Where’s the Splintered Shield?

Soldier’s Tier, in the South of the circle at 20.6N, 55.6W.

Where are the Wines?

They are downstairs in the kitchen. Take the door on the left as you enter the Splintered Shield. The kitchen is the first right.

Samples of Wine

I don’t know if the correct wine is based on RNG, or whether it’s the same sample each time. Mine was at this place on the table.

Once you have found the correct wine from the sample, you’ll need to pick up the barrel from behind the table. Only then, head back to Merilien.
↑ Top

What Ales You

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Merilien, The Citadel, 22.5N, 55.8W

The best drinks is not just true of fine wines, but of the ales too. Merilien wants you to fetch 4 × Barrels of Ale from the best taverns in Minas Tirith.

* Click/Tap images here to load the large one.

The Splintered Shield

Soldier’s Tier at 20.6N, 55.6W

This is in the kitchen, as per To the Last Drop:

Here’s the barrel of Ale:

The Mûmak and Keep

Soldier’s Tier at 20.8N, 55.9W

Just head straight to the back of the small inn. The barrel is next to the enormous Mûmak Skull.

The Merry Swan

Craftsmen’s Tier at 21.0N, 56.6W

As you enter, look left. There’s a raised bit where the stack of barrels is.

The Thirsty Seer

Sage’s Tier at 21.8N, 56.5W

Go to this location inside The Thirsty Seer:

Here’s your Barrel of Ale:

↑ Top

Wedding Supplies

3 × Midsummer Tokens

Location: Merilien, The Citadel, 22.5N, 55.8W

Merilien is in the business of making weddings the best possible memories. To that end, she has a special shipment of fine goods. The person who should have ensured safe delivery has gone AWOL. So who gets to go and fetch them? Muggins, of course. all Wedding Supplies are on the Craftsmen’s Tier.

Note: these are not open-tapped so you may need to wait for respawn.

House of Craft

Craftsmen’s Tier (23.3N, 54.9W)
2 × Wedding Supplies

1. Outside at (23.3N, 54.9W)

2. Inside: turn immediately left. Wedding Supplies are nexdt to the Weaponsmith’s Guild vendor.

Near Ciriel

Craftsmen’s Tier (21.1N, 55.4W)
1 × Wedding Supplies

Head behind Ciriel and turn right.

Raised Table/Eating Area

Craftsmen’s Tier (20.9N, 56.0W)
1 × Wedding Supplies

As you head to the marked circle on your map, heading West, you can find this table area on your left.

Outside Middle Stores

Craftsmen’s Tier (21.1N, 56.1W)
1 × Wedding Supplies

If you have floaty names on, you can see a plaque for Middle Stores. The wedding Supplies are towards the door on the right:

↑ Top

Without a Hitch Quests

Location: Melthend (Marriage-Wright), House of Craft (23.3N, 54.9W)

These quests are crafting related. You will need:

  • Relevant crafting profession started. Only Apprentice Level is needed, so these are good for new players and characters.
  • Crafting Recipes: These can be acquired from Melthend for one Midsummer Token each.
  • Relevant crafting Kits: You can also buy these from Melthend for 2 × Midsummer Tokens each. However, completing a Lightning in a Bottle quest also grants one of these for free.

As with all crafting materials, these appear in your bags. Once you have 3 Kits, head to the relevant crafting facility to make it. 1 Kit Makes 1 Item.

Banners of the Newly-Wed

Craft banners from 3 × Banner of the Newly-Wed Kits. This crafting quest is for Tailors and Woodworkers.

Drinking Horns

Craft 3 × Midsummer Drinking Horns from Drinking Horn Kits. If you are a Metalsmith or Weaponsmith, you can craft these.

A Celebratory Snack

This quest is for those who have the Cook Crafting Profession. You will need to deliver 6 × Strawberry Buns made from Strawberry Bun Baking Kits to Melthend.

A Wedding Favor

You will need to craft 3 × Wedding Centrepieces from kits. You must be a Jeweller or Scholar to complete this.

↑ Top

Festival Title Deeds

In Progress…

Flickering Flame Title

Complete each colour of fireflies twice in the Lightning in a Bottle quest.

Also grants 1 × Midsummer Token

Midsummer Merry-Maker Title

Complete 120 Festival Quests.

Also grants the Midsummer Frame.

↑ Top

Midsummer Festival Rewards

Here, I have listed the current event rewards. As I write this, it’s Day 1 (and 2) and so I haven’t bought anything yet. But no reason not to give you a flavour, eh?

Cosmetics (Updated!)

Previews here are from my large Dressing Room UI as it’s too early for me to have bought all these! I’ll gradually replace them, but I think they’re still useful – and some beautiful cosmetics here!

All cosmetics cost 10 × Midsummer Tokens.

Circlet of Lórien

Groom’s Myrtle Circlet

Crown of Summer Flowers

Groom’s Boots

Groom’s Bracers

Arwen’s Dinner Dress

Bridal Veil (Cloak)

Bride’s Dress

Galadriel’s Dress

Groom’s Tunic

↑ Top

Mounts (Updated!)

There are 4 Mounts available. The “normal” horses cost 20 Midsummer Tokens. The equivalent War-Steed cosmetics cost 16 Midsummer Tokens per caparison and 10 tokens a piece for the other components.

Midsummer Festival Barter Mounts

Thank you to Baeleron of Landroval for providing these screenshots!

Blackroot Steed

Lamedon Steed

Lebennin Steed

Lossarnach Steed

Story Mount

If you complete the “Epic” within the Midsummer Festival, then you will be awarded Gondor’s Steed. Thanks to @TwitchTex for this shot!

Gondor’s Steed

↑ Top


All cosmetic pets cost 20 Midsummer Tokens.

  • Blue Firefly
  • Purple Firefly
  • Red Firefly
  • Gondor Midsummer Kite

Screenshots of these pets are coming soon. Another LOTRO player has offered to send me them. As soon as I have these, I will add them.
↑ Top


Emotes will set you back 30 Midsummer Tokens, but there are only two.

  • Coin Toss
  • Wine Tasting


It’s a celebration after all, so why not set off some Wedding Ring Fireworks or White Niphredil Fireworks when night falls on Minas Tirith?

These cost 2 Tokens each.
↑ Top

Housing Decorations

Déco du Milieu have been working overtime too, to get you previews of all the housing decorations you can obtain during the Great Wedding! As per usual, I won’t feature them here. instead go visit their fab collection:

↑ Top

TL;DR Celebrating the LOTRO Midsummer Festival – Watch This Space

There is so much for you to get into and enjoy in the new LOTRO Midsummer Festival! Tons of repeatable quest, crafting-for-tokens, the “Epic” book leading to the wedding ceremony and events happening across Middle-Earth. Take your time to enjoy the artwork, sculptures, quest text etc as well as your quest objectives. Rewards here are extensive too, with a raft of cosmetics, four horse mounts, several pets and more. So dive in, celebrate, enjoy – and take in the Great Wedding event with the rest of the LOTRO community!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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3rd July 2020 10:02 am

Thanks a lot for your work in collecting these information; highly appreciated! A few additions: The crafting kits you need for the “Without a hitch” quests are also rewards from the quests outside of MT. For example, the two quests in Thorin’s Hall award 1 Drinking Horn Kit each, Shire gives strawberry buns, etc. After finishing the wedding epic a new set of 9 quests open up in which you aid guests at the banquet. You can do one quest a day which gives midsummer tokens and count toward the “10 a day” wrapper quest and the festival deed. Also,… Read more »

Phil Boswell
Phil Boswell
2nd July 2020 9:36 pm

The different coloured fireflies go to different places: for example, the amethyst ones go to the Sixth Tier, some inside the Houses of Healing, some further along the way.

2nd July 2020 11:11 pm

Thank you so much for this guide (yes I know it is a work in progress but I am still grateful). My bloody ME/CFS brain fogged, thinking makes me more exhausted than moving is not a good state for a place like Minas Tirith. After exhuasting myself finally working out i needed to horse taxi to the High Stables and then trying to find my way to Aragorn I had to give up with a headache, uber barin fog, uber uber fatigue and a total sense of despair. Aaargh I HATE ME/CFS why oh why does it make any thing… Read more »

3rd July 2020 12:52 am

FJ your guide is wonderful already! I’m amazed at the terrific guide you’ve provided us with once again! Don’t hurt yourself trying to do more than you can!

3rd July 2020 1:36 am

Think there are 2 more deeds for buying and using 25 each of the two different kinds of fireworks also.

Reply to  Fibro Jedi
3rd July 2020 6:25 pm

Its fine. I still havent earned enough tokens to buy all 50 fireworks either but you get 2 deeds that lets you learn the fireworks skills so youll have it forever after using enough fireworks.

Angela Dawn
Angela Dawn
3rd July 2020 12:29 pm

Thank you FJ!

Ther is one more on the Soldier’s Tier from the Worried Woman – Unhelpful Hounds. 24.1N 55.2W. 🙂

Just Gary
Just Gary
3rd July 2020 2:37 pm

Can you add info on the quest chain Vol. V, Book 1: A Time of Celebration?

3rd July 2020 3:30 pm

I think you’re doing a great job here. Thank you for all of the helpful info.

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