Steed of the Perfect Curl
Spring Festival 2024 Mount

Mount Description

The Steed of the Perfect Curl is the 2024 Spring Festival mount. And I love the swirly plate armour that is the source of its name. There is the standard horse (or pony), and there are Perfect Curl War-Steed Cosmetics too.

Steed of the Perfect Curl Overview

Under the Cosmetics

It is a pure white with black "boots". These are not even achievable on war-steeds, and I have to say I'm slightly envious of that. It has a "normal", white tail - by which I mean, it's not unique to this mount.

Steed Cosmetic

From the ornate headpiece down to the accessories at its rump, it is adorned with golden swirls. This firstly matches the name ("Perfect Curl"). But as the festival pet is the Perfect Curl Garden Snail, the swirls are also snail-y!

Under the golden brown platemail is draped green material. I like this as it makes the armour look like it's more comfortable for the horse to wear.

Both the swirly head-piece and neck plates are affixed with sturdy-looking leather straps. At the front is a sturdy, yet delicately-patterned "breastplate" with some type of jewel in the centre.

My Opinion?

I'm very picky about cosmetics, including those for my war-steed. But I think the 2024 Spring player cosmetics and mount cosmetics this year have been designed very well. For the steed, it looks protected without being overburdened, yet also has a hint of fun too. And I like that.

Perfect Curl War-Steed

You can pick up all the individual items of this mount as War-Steed Cosmetics, too.

Do the Cosmetics Dye?

Yes. The green fabric is the dyable area, though do try a few dyes out first - especially if you are yet to purchase them. Bolder and darker colours seem to dye with greater fidelity to the pallette.

Some of the lighter colours do not fare so well. For example, white becomes pale grey. And Sea Blue (which is a light Turquoise Blue) becomes a darker variant.

Individual War-Steed Pieces

Below are all the war-steed items available for this mount, along with their Spring Leaves Spring Leaf prices.

Head-Piece Spring Leaves 20

Caparison Spring Leaves 25

Saddle 15 Spring Leaves

Leg-Guards Spring Leaves 15

Accessory Spring Leaves 15

To reproduce the tail from the original Steed of the Perfect Curl, select "Simple Tail". The normal mount has a white tail, which you may need to unlock via the LOTRO Store.

Example Full Perfect Curl War-Steed

Here is the full set, shown on a:

  • Solid War-Steed
  • Fur/hide Colour: Black
  • Hair/tail Colour: White
  • Equipment Dye: Evendim Blue?

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Species: Horse/Pony
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Spring Leaves × 40 Spring Leaves
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