Steed of New Bloom
A LOTRO Spring Festival Mount

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Mount Description

For a mount that will be seven years old come Spring Fest 2022, the Steed of New Bloom is still really lovely. In fact, it makes me wish I was playing LOTRO back in 2015. Alas, I was not. (I've been playing since about Spring 2017 I think). This horse/pony is white - a favourite colour of mine for mounts - with enough barding to give it the feel of Spring, but not too much. Down the face and neck, strips of deep green are edged in a small yellow border. This pattern is repeated elsewhere too.And I'm sure it's meant to be a chain/clasp or something, but it totally looks like the Steed of New Bloom is wearing a necklace!It's a shame these older ones are for 70 Mithril Coin. I wouldn't mind playing Spring Festival a bit more to obtain the Spring Leaves Spring Leaves necessary.

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