Lamedon Steed
LOTRO Midsummer Mount

Mount Description

If mustard yellow with charcoal grey is your "thing" then the Lamedon steed is for you. For the horse/pony appearance, it is dark brown with black (or near black) man and tail.These colours make the yellow (or is it gold?) stand out more, which in turn highlights the Lamedon crest. The "plates" down the nose and the back of the neck are very similar for all the Gondor-themed mounts. Apart from the flag (also standard from the 2020 event's release) there are no other real adornments.

War-Steed Cosmetics

You can also obtain the Blackroot War-steed Cosmeticsexlink:
  • Caparison: Midsummer Tokens × 16
  • Flag: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Head-Piece: Midsummer Tokens × 10
  • Saddle: Midsummer Tokens × 10
or the whole set for Mithril Coin × 70.

Extra Details

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