LOTRO Spring Festival Cosmetics

LOTRO Spring Festival Outfit Cosmetics - Screenshot Pictures to Help You From 2021, I am collating all the cosmetics from the Spring Festival for my LOTRO Event Cosmetics Database. This year I will have a vault-keeper’s worth of screenshots to take. Even some of the ones I have already are dark and fuzzy so need re-taking. Please bear with me. My priority will be to get the main Spring Festival Guide updated with the latest rewards and any quest tweaks. Then I will return to update this page.

19th March 2021: I believe I have nearly all Spring cosmetics here now. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

Starting Pointers

  • All items are ordered by their name to make them easier to find. If you want to see the latest cosmetics, the main Spring Fest Guide will likely be easier for you.
  • In some cases, I have managed to show the same item either on different races or different genders. This is a reminder for me for next year to make a purposeful effort to do this for all items!
  • 19th March 2021: All items now have their name in a permanently-visible caption.

Head Cosmetics

Upper Body Cosmetics

Back Cosmetics & Cloaks

Shoulder Cosmetics

Hands/Gloves Cosmetics

(Nothing here yet! If you know I’m missing something, feel free to send me screenshots and I’ll credit you if I use it!)

Lower Body Cosmetics

Feet Cosmetics

Held Items & Cosmetic Weapons

Note: The Giant Flower item is not acquired with Spring Leaves. It is a possible drop from Green and Red Flower Gift boxes as part of the daily flower-picking quest.

Spring Festivity Token Cosmetics

From 2021, Spring Festival got its own Seasonal Instance, along with a host of cosmetics (and a goat mount) you can barter for with Festivity Tokens.

Spring Cosmetics Page is WIP

Until, probably, the first week after the 2021 Spring Festival, this page will be incomplete. And it may take another week for old/poor screenshots to be replaced. But I will get there in the end. Other cosmetics done so far can be found on the LOTRO Event Cosmetics Database landing page. I am still partially on a blogging break after my post on Like Butter Spread Too Thinly. But I will do what I can – so watch this space!

Spring Fest Guide

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