LOTRO Rohan Housing Guide - and Take a Look Around my Eastfold Hills Premium House!

LOTRO Rohan Housing Guide - Kingstead Meadow and Eastfold Hills Premium Housing

I’ve been meaning to write this post ever since LOTRO launched Rohan Housing many months ago (okay I take it back, it’s nearly a year ago in Update 27.2!), but a combination of festival work, pretty-awful pain and more to do around the house has left little room for it. So, now we have a few weeks between events, I can finally introduce you to my Eastfold Hills home (Premium House)! But, in classic FJ style, I couldn’t just leave it there, so here’s my guide to Premium Houses in Rohan including: where to buy and which method I think is cheaper, the features of the new housing areas, where to acquire Rohan-themed decorations (if that’s what you want to do, of course) and also a bunch of improvement suggestions to SSG themselves. So, let’s dive in and take a look at Rohan Housing in LOTRO!

What is Premium Housing?

If you’re fairly new to The Lord of the Rings Online, you may wonder what Premium Housing is and how it’s different to other homestead locations in the main starter zones. The TL;DR is that you cannot use in-game gold and silver to purchase a Premium House – you have to use Housing Writs and/or Mithril Coins. I’ll get to my calculations on which I think is cheaper later. Another Premium Housing area is the Cape of Belfalas in Gondor.

Do I Have to Sub to Buy a Premium House?

No. However, you will need to pay maintenance fees (see below). It will also take you longer to acquire one if you don’t want to pay real money for your new home, as you’ll have to complete deeds for points. I bought mine with a combination of earned LOTRO Points and my free monthly subscriber points.

No Maintenance for VIPs

If you are a VIP (Subscriber) then you do not need to pay upkeep/maintenance on a Premium House. This means you won’t get evicted because you haven’t paid your maintenance crew – while you’re VIP anyway! This is not the case for standard houses where all players must pay upkeep.

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Eastfold Hills or Kingstead Meadows?

If you want to move into a property in Rohan, the first choice you have to make is which location you want to live in. You have two choices:

Eastfold Hills

High up in the mountains, hidden away in the forest, are the Eastfold Hills houses. Despite the trees, some properties afford stunning views of the valleys below, so don’t assume you can’t see the world for the trees! See this Foredawn from @Eldalleth, for example. You can almost convince yourself that Middle-Earth is not in dire peril while here. Almost.

Kingstead Meadows

In contrast, this apparently-peaceful homestead location (because, you know, Rohan is still overrun with Orcs – some who roam pretty close to the housing area!) has a country feel to it. Country, as in geographical location, not the music.😉 Catch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that bathe the region. Maybe build a farm to help reverse some of the destruction of the Enemy?

If you are below or around L75 and you take a Stablemaster's Horse taxi here, be warned that it's possible you might get attacked. As soon as you're dismounted get the heck into the housing area.

What are the Differences?

Aside from geography/geology, the main differences seem to be around property size. Eastfold Hills houses seem to be, on the whole, larger inside. I visited a few houses in my neighbourhood and I think most had one room, if not two, more than some of those in Kingstead Meadows. The inside layout of some Meadows properties were similar to those in Eastfold too – this may be intentional for a variety of reasons, not least to make sure people who choose one neighbourhood over another are not missing out.

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As anyone who rents – and buys (I assume, I’ve never been a position to be able to buy a house in real life) – arranging a viewing is important. So if fancy moving to Rohan, you must visit both locations to see which environment suits you – or your character – best. My choice of the Eastfold Hills was an Role-Playing decision based on my main character’s preferences. Then it’s time to look at a few properties themselves. Thankfully for you, if a house is “For Sale” you can waltz right in – literally, if that’s your thing. Just look for a property with a For Sale Sign.

Peek Inside

For an unoccupied house you can just go in to check the layout. Occupied houses may or may not be open to visitors. You may be able to open the door, “but you shall not pass”, because it depends on the owner’s settings. My house is open, and I’ve put the address in this post for you.

Do keep reading, but if you want to have a quick look inside now, then have a look here.

7 Ridge Road
Eastfold Hills

Walk Around the Grounds

While I’ve said indoor layouts are fairly similar, the opposite appears to be true of the gardens, fields and paddocks outside. So make sure you take your time looking around the houses – including behind them. See what views you are treated to and make a note of those you prefer.

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Housing Stables!

At long last we can have some of our mounts in stables, or a field, outside our houses! (My only niggle here is that it’s a Premium House-only feature so players won’t be able to use this unless they invest real money into LOTRO points, or deed like there’s no tomorrow).

How Do You Place a Mount “Decoration”?

To be able to place your favourite horse, or goat, or elk or… pig… mount in the grounds of your home, you’ll need a Steed Halter. You can acquire these a few ways:

“Free” Steed Halters
When you first purchase a Rohan property, you’ll receive 5 × Steed Halters as part of the package. And if you purchase a Mead Hall, then 8 × Steed Halters are included.

Whenever the Curator is around at the Bree Fountain (near the otherFigments of Splendor Figments of Splendour vendors) you can trade 2500 Figments of Splendour for 1 Steed Halter.

While Decorating
If you don’t have steed halters in your inventory, then you can “Create Housing Decoration” from skill while using a Hitching Post. This costs Mithril Coin 20 Mithril Coins

Rohan Housing Set
Per the Wiki, if you purchase the Rohan Housing Set from the LOTRO Store, then you’ll receive 3 × Steed Halters.

You can find a detailed guide on creating your mount decoration over on LOTRO-Wiki

Pets as Decorations

I think that Pet Decorations were introduced by LOTRO at the same time as Rohan housing – but are not limited to any house type. It’s worthy of a mention, because there is some overlap with how Steel Halters work. Instead of tying your pet to a post, you need a Pet Harness. Again, you can acquire these for Figments of Splendour (only with the Curator), or for Mithril Coins when you create the decoration.

Please see the Wiki for a guide in making a Pet Decoration.

Ambient Lighting

With the introduction of Rohan Housing into LOTRO came a new hook type – Area Lighting. These ambient light hooks create a room aura without having a physical light-emitting object in place. I have provided two screenshots here – the brightest one is from another player’s house and the the darker one is mine, both of which have different Ambient Lighting “decorations”.

Ceiling Hooks?

I love the ambient lights – but the immersion/reality person in me cries out to have *something* to emit the light. It’s for this reason I haven’t used any of the more unusual light colours such as deep pink or blue. A way around this, would be to move the ambience hook over an object that should emit light and doesn’t (some of the candlestands are good examples).

But you’ll find that there are very few ceiling hooks – and in the cellar area of my house at least, there are no ceiling hooks. So if you’re RPing the house – make sure you put some free standing or wall-mounted light sources in rooms that need light, then move an Ambience Hook over them.

Buying Ambient Lights

Each housing area has an Ambience Furnisher who sells a wide range of colours and light intensity (brightness/luminosity), for just a few silver. So buy a bunch and try them out.

How Many Hooks?

While you can see this at the Housing Broker, so too can you see the hook information by right-clicking a For Sale Sign. But, for you to see rough rates, here is one from Hills and another from Meadows.

Eastfold Hills

1 Peak Way

  • Interior Hooks: 142
  • Interior Lighting Hooks: 17
  • Exterior Hooks: 31

Kingstead Meadows

1 Colt Road

  • Interior Hooks: 142
  • Interior Lighting Hooks: 11
  • Exterior Hooks: 32

I intend to add some more property comparisons at a later date.

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My Eastfold Hills House

Right, before I dive into issues like cost, other features and the like, here’s a look in and around my Eastfold Hills Premium House in Rohan.



Cellar Dining Area

There is technically another “room” between this and what I’ve used as the kitchens. But it’s more of a passageway, so I’ve not featured it here.

Cellar Kitchens

I wanted to have more in here than there are hooks, so I used the hooks from the room above to place more in the kitchen.

Above the Ground Floor

There are two floors above the entrance way, with the highest one being the smallest as you reach the apex of the roof.

Main Bedroom

The necessity of pillars to, you know, make sure your roof doesn’t cave in, makes decorating this area a little tricky, but I just placed most things against the back wall. I didn’t photograph the top of the stairs as I’ve mostly placed rugs there.

Guest (or Child?) Bedroom

As you can see, this room is small – but that makes perfect sense – small is a description, not a criticism. So it makes it perfect as a guest or maybe a child’s bedroom. A study or a small crafting facility might work here. Just not the forge – they’re enormous and would likely fall through the floor. Just saying.

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Where Can I Buy a Rohan House?

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How Much Does a Rohan House Cost?

The answer to this question depends on the size/location of the property – and payment method(s) you want to use. There is varying pricing even between houses with the same number of hooks. So you’re best having a look around the available properties themselves. The average price seems to be around 500-520 Mithril Coins or 20-22 Housing Writs, but there are houses slightly cheaper and some a bit more expensive too.

Housing Writs

Premium Housing Writs as featured in the LOTRO Store
Premium Housing Writs are basically a type of barter currency which you can use either in total, or along with Mithril Coins, when purchasing a Premium House.
More on the Wiki

Mithril Coins (MC)

Buuying Mithril Coins in the LOTRO Store
MC is a type of in-game currency that can usually only be acquired through exchange with real-world money. I say “usually” because they are also a rare drop on VIP’s Gold Hobbit Presents. By purchasing Mithril Coins, you can then buy things from in-game vendors, such as outfit cosmetics, mounts – and housing writs. See other things on the Wiki

Which is Cheaper?

That depends on a few factors, such as whether you have obtained, or been granted, housing writs another way beforehand. It will also depend if you have purchased Mithril Coin Mithril Coins when they’re on Sale (usually 20% off) or Housing Writs on Sale (25% off). To make this useful and not a page of math(s), I’ve made the assumption you’re only paying in Writs or Mithril Coins, and not a combination of the two.

Also, when I’m talking “cost” I’m referring to “LOTRO Points” not real-world currency. That would be too complicated for a post I’m trying to make interesting! LOTRO Points come in various bundles too, with bonus points – and sometimes SSG do a promotion to include more bonus points, so far beyond the scope of this guide to Rohan Housing!

Mithril Coins

To keep this simple, I’m going to work on 525MC being the target value. I did a check that the largest bundle was, in fact, the cheapest per MC and it was. I’ve hidden it below, just in case you’re curious.

MC Bundle Calculations
For a start, let’s work out which bundle of Mithril Coins (MC) is cheaper.

  • MC × 5: 10LP/MC
  • MC × 25: 10LP/MC
  • MC × 100: 8.5LP/MC
  • MC × 250: 8LP/MC

Good, that’s nice and straightforward, but in the world, it’s not always the biggest bundles that are the cheapest – so it’s always worth checking.

Assuming you start from a balance of zero MC and you only want to buy enough for the house, this is the method:

  • 2 Bundles of 250 Mithril Coins: 4,000LP
  • 1 Bundle of 25 Mithril Coins: 250LP
  • Total Cost: 4,250 LOTRO Points (3,400 if MC are on sale)
If MC not on Sale
4,250 Points
If MC are on sale
3,400 Points

Housing Writs from the Store

This is far quicker to calculate:

  • 20 Housing Writs: 250 × 20 = 5,000 LOTRO Points
    When writs go on sale, they are 25% off, so cost 187 each. 20 On-sale Housing Writs: 3,740LP
  • 22 Housing Writs: 250 × 22 = 5,500 LOTRO Points
    22 On-sale Housing Writs: 4,114LP
If Writs not on Sale
(20): 5,000 Points
(22): 5,500 Points
If Writs are on sale
(20) 3,740 Points
(22) 4,114 Points

Housing Writs from Barter

The last way (I think) you can buy is to first acquire the mithril coins, then convert those to housing writs. When you barter for them from the Housing Broker, they cost 25 Mithril Coins per Writ.

  • 20 Writs: 25 × 20 = 500MC
  • 22 Writs: 25 × 22 = 550MC.

On the whole this works out at about the same cost as buying Mithril Coins with LOTRO Points directly (because the average of 500 and 550 is 525). I guess, if you have some MC already and writs are on sale, then it will work out cheaper, assuming you have enough MC to pre-buy some writs.

So Which is Actually Cheaper?

Depends on what is on sale!

  1. If Mithril Coins are on Sale, then MC is always cheaper, even if Writs are also on sale.
  2. If Writs are on sale but MC is not, Writs are cheaper.
  3. If neither writs nor MC are on sale, paying with Mithril Coins is cheaper.

If I have these calculations wrong, please feel free to DM me on Twitter. I’ll then correct it and credit you for the correction, thanks!
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Rohan Housing Dailies

A unique aspect to Rohan Housing is the inclusion of dailies available from the Housing Broker in the housing area. These quick, fun quests also build reputation in the area. From clearing leaves from the path, to delivering pies (good ones, not sourced from the Shire, I promise) to skimming stones on a pond with the children, the dailies are a light-hearted way to spend a few minutes.


While there is no reputation vendor (which is a pity), as you increase in reputation you earn titles and decorations. These are the ones from the Eastfold Hills, the Townsfolk of the Eastfold Neighbourhoods:


  • Citizen to the Eastfold
  • The Mighty Neighbourly

Carved Rohirric Horse Pole
Rohirric Wooden Cradle

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My Suggestions to LOTRO

As we live in an imperfect world, nothing anywhere is perfect. First off I’d like top point out that I have no regrets using my earned LOTRO points to make my Rohan house whatsoever. However I would like to input some ideas and also some thoughts on what could improve.
  • Small Cottages for Gold: Many people in Rohan live in small cottages, not to dissimilar in size to the Bree-land homesteads. I think it would be lovely to give all players the option to live in cottages in Rohan. It may even give them a taste of the region as they push on with content.
  • Ceiling Light Hooks: Especially in the cellar area, one or two hooks per room would really help here.
  • Editable Cellar Walls: You can only set a floor texture and colour in the Cellar. You can’t even whitewash the walls. Please consider adding this.
  • Reputation Rewards: While I’m glad for a couple of free decorations, as many of the decos available from the vendor in the area relate to Mead Halls, please add some decos for us plebs. They can be items already available elsewhere in the game, just to Rohanify the interior more.
  • Unstick the Mounts a Bit: most animals found in the wild have a “roaming area”. Could the horses have a bit of freedom to turn, walk a few paces, move their heads a bit so they feel a bit more alive, please?
  • Halters and Harnesses: the Curator appears so rarely that it would make more sense to add these to a regular Motes/Figments vendor. As these have to be earned, for example, through deeds or festivals, people still have to engage with the game to earn them – and could increase engagement rate in festival wrappers.

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TL;DR – Come and Enjoy Rohan Housing!

Rohan Housing is something I’ve wanted since I saw how stunning the regions of Rohan are – and I am very glad to have invested in a home here. The houses are pricey, but they make up for that with the number of hooks, additional stables and ambience hooks, amazing views and other features. I would love for these neighbourhoods to grow to include smaller properties available to people who don’t have loads of LOTRO Points LOTRO points, so the hard work in creating the Eastfold and Westfold homes is shared by more people. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and to have a nosey in my house (7 Ridge Road, Frithenwood, Eastfold Hills, Evernight). Take care, friends.

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