Cloak of the Mountain Meadow
Hooded and Unhooded | LOTRO Spring Festival

As cloaks go, the Cloak of the Mountain Meadow is lovely in its simplicity. In its undyed form, it is based on white cloth with a two-style border. On the outside are green hill-like (or maybe leaf-like) bumps, whereas inside, brown floral shapes are embroidered.

Differences with the Hooded Cloak

But, while I describe colours, there is one key difference with the hooded one below. Except the existence of a hood, that is! The slightly furry-looking triangle over the shoulders and forming a point in between your shoulderblades is turquoise on the unhooded one. But it appears greener on the hooded variation (see the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too).

This is in keeping with the other Mountain Meadow cosmetics from Spring Festival. The Dress of the Mountain Meadow has different colour schemes for each sleeve length.

Enjoy the colours!

Cloak of the Mountain Meadow Information

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Price: 13 × Spring Leaves Spring Leaves
  • Set Name: Mountain Meadow
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak

Hooded Cloak Of The Mountain Meadow

Items in this Set

Cap of the Mountain Meadow

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Cloak of the Mountain Meadow

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Dress of the Mountain Meadow (all)

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Tunic Set of the Mountain Meadow

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