Helmet of the Perfect Curl
Spring Festival 2024 Cosmetic

Helms take various forms and shapes and I feel like the Helmet of the Perfect Curl would suit a Hobbit, or a River Hobbit, if they had to represent themselves in a battle.

When I say "it has a garden-gnome" look, I'm not criticising it. After all, such a hat is fine for gnomes. Not all outfits suit every person in the world - digital or otherwise! I certainly couldn't see Gimli in the Helm of the Perfect Curl.

But, for the right character, it could work really well. While it has a cloth exterior, it is edged in a gold-like material and that curl on top is solid metal. So it is a helmet, not a cloth hat. In fact, you can see how thick it is from the front view.

And your ears are very well protected: from orcs, stray arrows, and from your commanders or annoying neighbours from bossing you around!

Helmet of the Perfect Curl Information

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Price: 15 × Spring Leaves Spring Leaves
  • Set Name: Perfect Curl
  • Gear Slot: Head
  • Category: Helmet
  • Dyable: Yes

Front View

Items in this Set

Helmet of the Perfect Curl

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Shoulder-guards of the Perfect Curl

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Tunic and Leggings of the Perfect Curl

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