Cosmetic Shield of New Growth
LOTRO Spring Festival Cosmetic

Before you use up 25 Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens on the Cosmetic Shield of New Growth, just have a read here first.

Initially, I was really excited at the prospect of having another cosmetic shield. We haven't had another one from festivals in the LOTRO Events Schedule since Shield of Eldar Autumn was introduced. Other cosmetics with "Shield" in the name are backpacks, or "carrying shields".

A Let-Down

But I was a tad disappointed in this Cosmetic Shield of New Growth. Why?

It's a Reskin/De-skin

It is a slightly smaller, but very rusty Bronze BucklerExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). I was hoping for something thematic, the way the Shield of Eldar Autumn fits with the Autumn Leafmail Hauberk.

Instead of doing a "reskin" (as often happens), it's like a "de-skin", taking the shiny appearance of the original and removing it to leave the raw materials underneath.

It's Pricey

At 25×Festivity Tokens it's a lot of tokens when you have a limit of 40 per character. And it feels a lot because the cosmetic doesn't match up with having to spend more than half of them.

With a Weapon Aura

You can sort of make this presentable by adding a weapon aura. The glow/effect is applied around the outside edge, and a small circle right in the middle.

That may work to distract you from the rust. Or it...may not.

This is the Rakish Charmer's Weapon Aura.

Why You Should Get this Shield Anyway

After all I've said, why would I then advise you to use your Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens on it? Here's my reasoning:

If no-one buys this shield, the LOTRO team may well decide people don't want cosmetic shields and not produce one in future events. If you have plenty of Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens, can I encourage you to get it anyway, as a signal to SSG that we want this type of cosmetic, just...better?

And if you feel strongly about this - or any other festival item - can you take to the forums in a respectful manner and see if there are others who share your view?

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