Simbelmynë Cloak
LOTRO Spring Festival Cosmetic

In keeping with the rest of the set, the Simbelmynë Cloak is predominantly gold in its undyed form. At the top features a large Simbelmynë flower with petals being blown off by the wind. These then "float" down your back, accompanied by some pink blossom petals, iun an inverted 'S' shape until the bottom of the cloak.

A fairly broad muted pink border holds most of the cloak in place, which goes down each side and meet in an upturned arc at the bottom.

Is there a Hooded Simbelmynë Cloak?

Not as far as I can tell, no.

How Well Does It Dye?

Very! All the gold area can be dyed. So it's just the flower, petals and border that cannot. LOTRO-Wiki show this in turquoise on a male Race of Man character hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

I would also argue that the whole set looks better dyed any other colour, as it makes the actual symbology much clearer.

Simbelmynë Cloak Information

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Price: 13 × Spring Leaves Spring Leaves
  • Set Name: Simbelmynë
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak

Items in this Set

Simbelmynë Dress

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Simbelmynë Tunic and Trousers

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