Lonely Mountain Fiddle
LOTRO Spring Festival Musical Instrument

If you're in a band, or just love to play different instruments while questing as a Minstrel, then the LOTRO Lonely Mountain Fiddle should be added to your collection.

How Does It Sound?

As the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) says, the tooltip is:

"This Fiddle has a sweet, moving voice"

I'm not in a band, so I did a quick look up, and you can hear it being played here:

Lonely Mountain Fiddle (Gangstas Paradise)
Play this video
Lonely Mountain Fiddle (Gangstas Paradise)


The instrument itself is made of a rich, medium brown wood with some grain still visible. It is edged in white, or pale cream, and has a lovley little leaf-and-vine motif at the bottom of the strings.

Lonely Mountain Fiddle Information

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Price: 10 × Spring Leaves Spring Leaves
  • Set Name: Fiddles
  • Gear Slot: Held
  • Category: Cosmetic Weapon

Items in this Set

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