Boots of the Perfect Curl
Spring Festival 2024 Cosmetic

There are two things I struggle with when making LOTRO outfits: trousers and boots. While the first one is sometimes built into tunics, the Boots of the Perfect Curl answer my call for the second.

Overview: Boots of the Perfect Curl

From a gold-edged 'v' at the knee, the boots form the 2024 signature swirl and curl. These reach to a gold button or stud where a strap is wrapped around and under your foot.

The rest of the mateiral is the soft, green type found in all the Perfect Curl items. It is also similar to the dyable portions of the War-Steed of the Perfect Curl.

Why I Like Them So Much

Yes it's true, I love the design of these boots. They are simple enough not to be overly ornate, yet patterned enough to be unique. And I'm also a sucker for vine-like patterns.

The second reason is that they (mostly) dye really, really well. Just keep an eye on lighter colours and preview them before using your pots of dye. But darker colours are spot-on, and that's how I usually roll when dying cosmetics.

You can see the black dyed version below. Nice.

Other Races' Feet

I'll add to this once I've done all major Spring Fest updates.

Boots of the Perfect Curl Information

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Price: 15 × Spring Leaves Spring Leaves
  • Set Name: Perfect Curl
  • Gear Slot: Feet
  • Category: Boots
  • Dyable: Yes

Dyed Black

Items in this Set

Helmet of the Perfect Curl

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Shoulder-guards of the Perfect Curl

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Tunic and Leggings of the Perfect Curl

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