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My Guide to LOTRO Zones by Level | From Level 1 to 75 - Which LOTRO regions can I quest in at my current level?

When I originally thought to do LOTRO Zones By Level, I figured it was going to be straightforward. But this is FJ and nothing’s ever simple. You see, I didn’t just want to give you a list padded by an intro and outro. So, over the course of a few weeks, I’m building you a tool to help you plan your next adventure.

Below you will find all the regions in LOTRO from Level 1 to Level 75, and more are on the way! So if you’re wondering where you can quest at your current level, then keep reading!

The Boundaries are Not That Clear

You really are not spoilt for choice when considering your levelling pathway to 7evel 75. Recent years have seen new starter areas with Before the Shadow, which they later linked in with the River Hobbit intro. LOTRO also added the Wildwood of Bree-land and the Angle of Mitheithel, areas not at all linked to the flow of the Epic story.

Choice Continues after Moria

Even after Moria, where I had thought the game took you on a single track, I was proved wrong.

This is great (genuinely), but having so many choices also blurred the already somewhat-messy “zones by level” issue. I hope to make it clearer for you.

Overlap Levels

There are some thresholds where you span different regions, or they are sort-of “transition levels”, for example:

  • Level 15: end of some starter zones and the beginning of Bree-land (west)
  • Level 20: bridges Bree-land, Yondershire, the Lone-lands and the North Downs
  • Level 30: is involved in the parts of the Lone-lands and the North Downs, and you can start Evendim from Oatbarton at L30 too.
  • Many “round” numbers: As expansions often come with level cap increases, you will find it’s often the case that every 10 levels, or thereabouts, you have some overlap.

Overlaps Tweaked

So, to make this tool work I have tweaked these overlaps. So some later regions have one level higher “starting level”, or one level less “finishing level”, than is actually the case.

LOTRO Angle of Mitheithel Starter Guide - Rangers and Ruins Quest Pack
LOTRO Yondershire Getting Started Guide
LOTRO Before the Shadow Expansion Review by FibroJedi

Where I was not sure on the level range, I’ve used the levels of enemies I found in those areas.

Be sure to check your level and plus/minus 1. Unless you have landscape difficulty set high, you are usually safe tackling quests one or two levels over your own. Just make sure you have your gear sorted as much as you can.

LOTRO Zones by Level (L1-75)

So, here we go, then!


You will need JavaScript enabled to make the most of this tool.

If you’re on a larger screen, you may find pinning the table of contents helps you navigate this huge zones by level guide.

Note: the Table of Contents links to the “cards” of level-ranges will deactivate when you filter the whole set by your level. Once you reset the tool, they will work again.

Bree-land (East)

Thumbnail shot of a ruin in East Bree-land that is held by Brigands.Level 1-15

From Level 1 at Archet, there are quests in that area, Combe Lumber Yard and Combe itself. These can take you out East into the Chetwood, as well as visiting some villages of the Bree-land Hobbits.

Ered Luin

LOTRO The Elven portion of the LOTRO Zone called Ered LuinLevel 1-15

Dwarves start in the frozen peaks of the Blue Mountains that give this region its name, while Elves begin their LOTRO journeys in Celondim in the Spring-like South. Taking quests from either end and heading towards Kheledûl will help you with the early levels.

Northern Barrow-downs

LOTRO Barrow-downs North in Bree-land (Thumbnail)Level 18-19

I see dead people. So will you once you enter the Barrow-downs, where evil spirits animate the bones of those entombed in the Barrows. If you're looking to level, then clear Wight-slayer, Barghest-slayer and the Barrow-down exploration deed.

Nen Harn

Nen Harn in LOTRO's Bree-land - an under-visited, beautiful area.Level 19-21

Nen Harn, tucked away in the North-East of Bree-land is under-visited and under-appreciated. It has a beautiful lake, an island with no enemies on it and has some repeatable questsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) from the nearby Hunters.

North Downs (West)

LOTRO North Downs at Dusk (Thumbnail)Level 20-25

North of Trestlebridge is where most people will start adventures in the North Downs. The shadow of Fornost hangs over much of the earlier portion of this zone. But where there is darkness...there is deeper darkness.

Lone-lands (Harloeg)

LOTRO Harloeg area in the Lone-landsLevel 28-30

In case you thought the Barrow-downs was the worst that wights could get, welcome to Harloeg, a ruin in a swamp. You can aid a man with his research and a friendly spirit (no, really) in uncovering its truths. Just don't eat the Sicklefly Pudding. I'm not joking about that either.

Lone-lands (Garth Agarwen)

LOTRO Garth Agarwen ThumbnailLevel 31-35

The stronghold of the Créoth, who serve the being known as the Red Maid, Naruhel. Yes, the same name as belongs to the Naruhel's Vine Dress. Don't you feel so much better about your fashion choices now?

In a region cornered by Agamaur to the West and Haragmar to the South, Garth Agarwen is not a fortress of light, let's say.

Evendim - Parth Aduial

LOTRO Evendim Zone Thumbnail, Rangers at TinnudirLevel 36-38

Evendim is another region where there is plenty of history, especially in relation to the Dúnedain. Take your time to read the quest text. The Epic brings you to Evendim on several occasions, and I love it here. See the various NPCs in Tinnudir and Ost Forod for landscape quests.

Evendim - Annúminas

LOTRO Annúminas area of Evendim - Dúnedain and Angmarim fighting for control.Level 40-45

Annúminas, the City of the Kings is in a never-ending battle between the Dúnedain and the Angmarim. Reclaim fortified positions, with quests from Level 39, if you're roughly on-level there's good XP to be had.

Angle of Mitheithel

The Angle of Mitheithel in LOTRO, showing blue on the horizon in the middle of the night.Level 41-45

The Angle is one of the newer LOTRO zones to be added to the earlier levels. It a beautiful extension to your Trollshaws experience, and I'm overdue another visit there. Teeming with wildlife, Elves and (wo)men work together to understand why the enemy is taking an interest in the Angle's ruins.

🔒 Requires: Angle of Mitheithel Unlock

Walls of Moria

LOTRO Walls of Moria Zone, where you open the Moria gate.Level 45-50

This is where your quest to acquire your first Legendary Items begins. If you're looking for an alternative levelling experience, then do all the side-quests in the Walls of Moria. There are more than you think.

The side-quests here are no longer available once the Epic sees the Dwarves enter Moria.

The Shire

Thumbnail depicting the Shire, one of the starting LOTRO zones.Level 1-15

The land of the Hobbits and protected by the Bounders, the Shire is full of quests and deeds. For an alternative levelling experience, you could also pick up the Bingo Boffin storyline from his house in Michel Delving.

Bree-land West

Starmere Lake, in the western portion of Bree-land.Level 16-19

Quests from Bree itself and the Epic will see you adventuring in the western portion of Bree-land. Those arriving from the Shire will find L16+ quests in Buckland. Brigands are the main issue in these parts. That, and the spectre of the Old Forest.

Southern Old Forest

LOTRO Southern Old Forest, where spiders nest.Level 18-20

I think the more deadly portion of the Old Forest is largely optional, except for clearing The Old Forest Deed and Flowers of the Old Forest. It also leads to/from the Southern Barrow-downs. There are plenty of Huorns, destructive roots and spiders to make your trip here... eventful.


LOTRO | A Farm in Yondershire (Thumbnail)Level 20-23

In case the LOTRO zones of the Shire, East Bree-land, Enedwaith and Swanfleet did not give you enough Hobbits, then head to Yondershire. More rugged than the Shire itself, it features ruins of Elves and Men. Inhabited - but not by Elves or Men (obviously).

🔒 Requires: VIP status, or a Purchase of Yondershire in the LOTRO Store.

Lone-lands (Forsaken Inn to Ost Guruth)

LOTRO Lone-lands Zone showing Weathertop at Dusk (Thumbnail)Level 20-25

The dry lands of the Lone-lands follow from quests in Bree-land. As well as normal quests and deeds, there are multiple repeatable quests at the Forsaken Inn if you're looking for an extra XP boost.

Lone-lands (Agamaur)

LOTRO Agamaur (Lone-lands) ThumbnailLevel 29-30

I don't know how best to describe a flooded wasteland whose water may be red because of blood, or may not be red for that reason. A dark and twisted area of wights, spirits and huorns. It's good hunting for the Bog-lurker Slayer, though.

North Downs (Dol Dinen)

LOTRO Dol Dinen, North DownsLevel 31-35

This is challenging and fun to do on-level solo only if you have a companion (Lore-master Pet, Captain herald etc), or have a healing Skirmish Soldier. Otherwise come back with a friend or two. Quests are all L30s, leveling somewhere up to L35 if you completed all the quests is reasonable. I think!

Evendim - Emyn Uial

LOTRO Emyn Uial part of the Evendim ZoneLevel 36-38

Giantkind and Gauradain are your main foes here, though a certain Ent needs help with calming the actions of Wood Trolls. Be glad for the boat travel too, apparently this LOTRO zone was nicknamed "Everswim" before boats were introduced!

Misty Mountains

LOTRO Misty Mountains regionLevel 41-45

North of idyllic Rivendell are the snowy peaks of the aptly-named Misty Mountains. The Epic's involvement here is pretty short, really, but you'll find quests at Gloín's Camps (both of them), north of Giants' Table and...Goblin Town.


LOTRO Forochel Zone thumbnail (during a clear sky night time and the Northern Lights)Level 44-50

I've heard some unkind things said about Forochel, but I absolutely love it here and it's still one of my favourite LOTRO zones. The scenery is magnificent and I enjoy the fact that no one trusts or likes you when you first arrive. Work with the Lossoth from Outsider status and, well, enjoy!

Angmar East

LOTRO Angmar East (in this case, Imlad Balchorth)Level 46-49

It's dark, it's evil and filled with dead, dying or warped creatures. But it is here that hope is most needed and the Epic questline here is...emotive.


LOTRO Eregion Zone thumbnailLevel 48-53

Known for its Ring-lore, it is Eregion where the Elves were deceived and eventually destroyed by the Enemy. There are plenty of ruins, including an ancient library. This LOTRO region may not look like much, until you scratch past the surface.


Swanfleet at Dusk, the starter LOTRO zone for Levels 1-15.Level 1-15

The beautiful LOTRO zone of Swanfleet is full of history, rugged peaks and Stoor Hobbits. Just don't mention the Uruks that threaten their peaceful way of life - you may not be believed.

🔒 Requires: Before the Shadow Expansion.

Northern Old Forest

LOTRO Northern Old Forest, featuring Goldberry.Level 16-17

Whether you wish to or not, the Epic will bring you into the northern part of the Old Forest. This is a key location in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Meet Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and...Old Man Willow. Just don't let him sing you to sleep.

Southern Barrow-downs

LOTRO Barrow-downs South in Bree-land (Thumbnail)Level 20-21

Generally, the level of the Wights and Barghests here is higher than in the Northern Barrows. But you'll probably find Barrow-Wardens easier to clear in the Southern Barrows. You will have to stray here if you want to clear the Bree-land Exploration deeds.


LOTRO Cardolan ruin (thumbnail)Level 20-25

The follow-on region to Swanfleet, Cardolan is steeped in tons of wonderful, rich Lord of the Rings lore. As well as the Epic there are a couple of other long-form quest lines to get your teeth into.

🔒 Requires: Before the Shadow Expansion.
→ Expansion also includes Missions/Delvings.

North Downs (East)

LOTRO North Downs (Eastern Side) ThumbnailLevel 26-30

The hideaway camp-come-fortress of Esteldín stands at the centre of the North Downs. From there you can find quests against Angmarim and enemy Jorthkin. Just don't approach Dol Dinen until you're nearly level 30 and/or take friends with you.

North Downs (Fornost)

LOTRO Fornost gate ThumbnailLevel 26-35

I will say I have precisely zero experience of the Fornost instances. However, the solo questsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) outside of its gate (and inside its courtyard) are fun to do. They are Level 26 and the minimum level of the instances are L25 or L30, depending.

See the Treasure Hunters' CampExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) (8.0S, 56.0W) for quests.

Evendim (Oatbarton to High Kings Crossing)

LOTRO High Kings' Crossing in the Evendim zoneLevel 31-35

More Hobbits! And to roughly quote an NPC, "they'll put you to work if you're not careful". Get ready for the Oatbarton Farmer's Market with largely combat-free quests, before heading to the Glass-blowers' camp. You're at the start of the first region of LOTRO I fell in love with.


Rivendell in the Trollshaws LOTRO zoneLevel 36-40

While the Trollshaws are not so-called without reason, they're not the majority of this region! The autumnal forests eventually climb towards the refuge of Rivendell. Plenty of Elves have their tasks and stories, so take your time as you quest through the area.

Angmar (West)

LOTRO Angmar West areaLevel 41-45

The western portion of Angmar is not too bad, actually. You get to know some friendly Jorthkin and meet some non-enemy inhabitants of the region. Just make sure you pass the Epic in this part of Angmar to get safe passage to the Eastern part.

The Wildwood of Bree-land

Sunset in the Wildwood of Bree-land LOTRO zone.Level 45-50

The Wildwood of Bree-land is an optional side-quest area that you need to unlock. Deceptively simple in its concept, can you work to unite two reputation factions with very different ideas on how the woods should be used?

🔒 Requires: The Wildwood of Bree-land Unlock

Includes Dailies and Missions.

Angmar (Carn Dûm)

The Entrance to Carn Dûm in the Angmar LOTRO ZoneLevel 49-50

I have done quests here, but a very, very long time ago. I'm not referring to the patch "Return to Carn Dûm", either. Of course, one does not simply walk into Carn Dûm - it is protected.

The Gate here takes one third from your health in fear debuff. Many enemies beyond the gate are signature strength. You may need a friend, or a few levels for this area.

Level 50-75 Regions

Mines of Moria

The Second Hall in the Mines of Moria zone of LOTRO.Level 50-59

One screenshot cannot capture how epic the Mines of Moria are. From crystals and Dwarf-statues, to the depths of the Waterworks and the evil stenches of the Nameless in its darkest corners, each area offers you something different.

You could mix up your travels with the skirmishes in Moria, assuming you have completed the Epics to unlock them, of course.


My main LOTRO character under the flets of the Golden Wood, Lothlórien.Level 56-59

Take the Elven equivalent of a "chill pill" and take your time to wander and quest under the trees of the Golden Wood.

There are Lothlórien questsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) in and out of Caras Galadhon and plenty of deeds to help with the Galadhrim reputation.

Just be careful not to defeat any creatures marked as Protected. These decrease your reputation standing.

Tâl Methedras

Tâl Methedras, a snowy mountainside settlement east of Dunland.Level 67-72

I almost did not include this area because it is solely related to the Epic. But if you missed it, or skipped parts of the story, then do pick it up.

It starts with Volume III, Book 4, Ch 6, The Will to StandExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Nan Curunír

My Hobbit Myrlas with the Tower of Orthanc inside Isengard behind him. Oh and he has a parrot on his shoulder, because...why not?Level 75

Long after you've escaped from Isengard Depths, you can start quests for the Rangers in the Ring of Isengard. It is much later that you'll return with the Ents (and it's worth it when you get to that point!).

Work to undermine Saruman's efforts, starting at Dagoras' CampExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). You can also find one Ent within the walls of Isengard who also has quests: visit Quickbeam's Grove once you have completed the quest Seeds of Hope.

Dimrill Dale

The beautiful Mirrormere in the Dimrill Dale, just outside the exit door of Moria.Level 58-59

You finally emerge from the darkness of Moria, and squinting you are met with the stunning Mirrormere lake. In the distance you can make out the tops of the trees of Lothlórien.

But your path to the Golden Wood is not easy, as Orcs have set up several camps as they seek to intrude on Lórien itself.

Mirkwood and Dol Guldur

The Shadow of Dol Guldur over the Mirkwood in the Lord of the Rings Online.Level 60-65

The shadow of the Necromancer hangs over the Mirkwood, formerly Greenwood the Great. From the outset, your focus is drawn towards Dol Guldur, a stronghold of the Enemy. Join with the Elves in their siege of Dol Guldur, or fight the spiders of the Scuttledells, or delve into the history of the region. Mirkwood is steeped in rich Lord of the Rings lore.

There are many side quests in Mirkwood, along with repeatable onesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) - which you may need if you want max reputation.

Gap of Rohan

Rohirrim horses await in the camps of the Gap of Rohan in LOTRO.Level 70-74

The Gap of Rohan is historically very important in Lord of the Rings lore, and LOTRO bring it alive really well here.

Join the Rohirrim forces and key figures like Théodred and Grimbold in their battles against Dunlendings and Orcs. The Gap of Rohan is a beautiful region, but the Enemy cares little for that when conquest is all that matters.

The Wold

From Level 75 onwards you can pick up quests in the Wold, the first 'real' Rohirrim region.Level 75-77

From Level 75, embark on the next stage of the War of the Ring - or quests around it - by venturing into The Wold.

This area is connected to the Great River zone and throws you into the Rohan storylines face first. It is here that you will acquire your War-Steed, but you must complete the storyline in LangholdExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) first. I am genuinely sorry about that.


A Dunlending village in the LOTRO Region of EnedwaithLevel 60-65

Enedwaith is hugely varied region, making it a good choice to add to your adventures in zones by level. It has Dunlending villages, animal spirits, a village of Stoor Hobbits, haunted barrows and dragon-inhabited snow-capped mountains.

While the Epic focuses on how to get the Grey Company through to Dunland, if you're making your own adventure, different experiences await you in all the compass directions in Enedwaith!


A friendly Dunlending village in Dunland, shown at dusk as the sun sets behind the hills in the far background.Level 65-75

Welcome to the land of the clans. Dunland is a wild country and its people revere and/or fear spirits. Here you can explore tombs, the wilds, woods and marshes. In terms of exploring LOTRO's zones by level, you can do worse than include Dunland.

Its side-quests offer some of the best quest-given outfit cosmetics that I, and others in-game still use. It's also the place where you learn the reference "Isengard Bids Five" that occasionally enters World Chat!

Great River

A settlement in the Great River zone of LOTRO during a bright, yellow dusk.Level 70-75

After leaving Lórien, your path leads you to Rohan. The Great River region has some amazing storytelling and variation in your part too. The ones in/around Stangard in particular are excellent.

But your first task is to help protect the entrance to Lórien against those who purposefully, or even unwittingly encroach upon it. The narratives here are really powerful in my humble opinion, so, regardless of your level, don't storm through here, but go slow and enjoy them.

L1-50 Zones by Level Summary

For completeness, LOTRO regions by level, from 1 to 50 are:

  • Level 1-15
    • Bree-land East
    • Swanfleet
    • The Shire
    • Ered Luin
  • Level 16-19
    • Bree-land West
    • Northern Old Forest
    • Northern Barrow-downs
  • Level 19-21
    • Southern Old Forest
    • Southern Barrow-downs
    • Nen Harn (North-East Bree-land)
  • Level 20-23
    • Yondershire
  • Level 20-25
    • Cardolan
    • North Downs (West)
    • Lone-lands (West of Ost Guruth)
  • Level 26-30
    • North Downs (East)
    • Lone Lands (Harloeg)
    • Lone Lands (Agamaur)
    • North Downs (Fields of Fornost)
  • Level 31-35
    • Lone Lands (Garth Agarwen)
    • North Downs (Dol Dinen)
    • Evendim (South of High Kings' Crossing)
  • Level 36-40
    • Evendim (Parth Aduial)
    • Evendim (Emyn Uial)
    • The Trollshaws
  • Level 40-45
    • Evendim (Annúminas)
    • Misty Mountains
    • Angmar (West)
    • The Angle of Mitheithel
  • Level 44-50
    • Forochel
  • Level 46-50+
    • Angmar East
    • The Wildwood of Bree-land
    • Angmar (Carn Dûm)
    • The Walls of Moria
    • Eregion

L51-75 Zones by Level Summary

This summary excludes the breaking down into regions for Moria, Enedwaith, Dunland and The Great River regions.

  • L50-59
    • The Mines of Moria (L50-59)
    • Dimrill Dale (L58-59)
    • Lothlórien and Caras Galadhon (L56-60)

While quests in Lórien do have L60s, if you're trying to level, move onto regions that start at L60. If you're in no hurry, then The Golden Wood is, of course, perfect.

  • L60-65
    • Enedwaith
    • Mirkwood and Dol Guldur
  • L66-70
    • Dunland
    • Tâl Methedras (Epic)
    • Gap of Rohan
    • The Great River
  • L71-75
    • All of those in L66-70 will help
    • Nan Curunir
    • Rohan: The Wold

Why You Don't Need to Worry About Level

My Hobbit Myrlas at Tinnudir in Evendim. He's been L83 for ages. Levelling is not the only way to enjoy LOTRO.

If you follow the Epic through Eriador, and on ino Rhovanion, the issue of zones by level doesn't really matter. It will take you to almost all the non-side areas. If you stay roughly on-level then you will level-up efficiently.

If you're looking to level quicker, but without feeling like grinding missions or whatever, then you can consider zones by level. By clearing a few quests in a region and maybe ticking off some slayer deeds there too, you'll get maximum XP benefit on defeating enemies (or 'monsters' if you want to use that term).

Where to Quest After Level 75

Most of the immediate journey at Level 75 and over is in the Riders of Rohan areas.

As mentioned above, though, you can still do the quests in Nan Curunir (Isengard) if you haven't done so already. If you're Level 76 or even 77, there is XP to be had.

Plug "75" into the tool to get a couple of ideas.

LOTRO Plugin: WhereToPlay

If having a reference in-game will help you, then there is a plugin for that. Yes, this will mean you need my guide less, but I'd rather be useful!

WhereToPlayExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) is a simple LOTRO Plugin that does all it needs to.

It takes your level, then highlights areas you can quest in for that level. Obviously, it cannot know if you have access to all those places (such as those you need to unlock with LOTRO Points LOTRO Points). But it's definitely worth having, but not necessarily on auto-load.

TL;DR Zones By Level is a Guide, Not a Must-Do

If you are only focused on levelling, then questing in on-level zones makes sense. But I don't think a lot of LOTRO is designed for that. There are ways for faster levelling - Missions being a key one - but when it comes to landscape quests LOTRO Zones By Level should be a guide only. Completing "grey quests" is absolutely fine, if you are engaging with the stories, or like the environment.

You may also decide not to engage with the Epic on your 99th character. Apart from a couple of key areas, you can make your own path through Middle-Earth. And that is actually really cool.

However you play The Lord of the Rings Online, focus on doing the things you get the most enjoyment out of. And I'll see you soon for the next update to LOTRO Zones by Level.

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