LOTRO Anniversary War-steed Cosmetics

LOTRO Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics

Another birthday means we can re-look at the Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics! For players who are in Rohan and beyond, making LOTRO outfits is not just limited to our characters. War-steeds not only enable mounted combat in specific regions, but can also be dressed up in much the same way as our own avatars. And the Anniversary Event comes with its own range of outfits too; from fur to cloth and from platemail to…making it appear like a dragon, you have plenty of options. Let’s have a look.

How Do You Want To Pay?

Just a brief note here; as with Anniversary Mounts themselves that have some MC Mounts available, you can buy some war-steed outfit items with either Anniversary Tokens tokens and/or Mithril Coin Mithril Coins.

Some are available for only one or the other, but some can be purchased with either. So have a look through the lists of mounts in the drop-downs before buying your Anniversary war-steed cosmetics.

Anniversary Tokens

Here are the war-steed outfit items you can acquire for Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens.

Crystal Resolve War-Steed Cosmetics

Green Dragon Inn War-Steed Cosmetics

Remembrance War-Steed Cosmetics

Regal Revelry War-Steed Cosmetics

Sea-Ward War-Steed Cosmetics

Mithril Coins

A few years ago, LOTRO stopped migrating older mounts from event tokens to Mithril Coin Mithril Coins. However, there were plenty of years before that time. So here are the sets and items only available for Mithril Coins.

Unflagging Dragon War-Steed Cosmetics

Items Not in Full Sets

Special Sets

There are a couple of sets of Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics that you cannot acquire via tokens.

Festive Azure War-Steed

This set is a 6-year Anniversary gift. So if this is your account’s 6th Anniversary Festival, then you should get a giftbox with this in it:




Reveller’s Gilded War-Steed Appearance

This is a special one that I forgot to add. The Reveller’s Gilded Appearance can only be obtained as a rare drop from envelopes for Lost Invitations. It also seems to be bound on acquire, rather than “to account”, so if you want this on other characters, you’ll need to at least run Lost Invitations on them.

Experiment with Colours

While War-Steed dyesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) are radically different to player-character ones, you can still preview them in the Mounted Combat panel. All I’ve given you are the default, undyed versions – but I rarely leave them like that!

So enjoy customising your horse – both its equipment and its fur/mane.

Loads of Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics – Enjoy Outfitting Your Horse

Even ignoring the Mithril Coins items, there are plenty of Anniversary War-Steed Cosmetics to be acquired. Many focus on plate mail – I wonder if it’s to do with military celebrations, coming off the battle-field and such like. Unfortunately, there’s still no way to preview War-Steed cosmetics in-game, so I hope the pictures here helped you. Enjoy the LOTRO Anniversary Event, folks!

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