Naruhel's Vine Dress
LOTRO Spring Festival - Festivity Token Cosmetic

The last time I wrote about Naruhel's Vine Dress I did not have time to actually understand who Naruhel was. The main reason for not knowing is that I've never run the group instance of Garth Agarwen: Fortress.

Well, I ran it overlevelled to finish the Explorer of the Lone-lands Deed but I'd never done the story surrounding it. You can find out about who Naruhel is, as per usual, on the Wiki. I don't want to redo what they've done so well.

Naruhel's Vine Dress Description

This version is almost identical to the boss of the instance mentioned above. Wrapped cloths in various greens, vines as the item name says, and worn red sash.


The primary difference is that your version has shoulder straps, whereas Naruhel's is strapless. Yours also does not show any midriff and has fewer things growing on your chest area. I guess that's a good thing, you're not corrupted, after all. Hopefully.

Oh...and despite the fact that Naruhel is shoeless, your dress comes

Naruhel's Vine Dress Information

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