LOTRO Deeds for Beginners

LOTRO Deeds for Beginners - a Guide

Deeds in LOTRO are found in every region of Middle-Earth, in many instances/dungeons, skirmishes and missions. This is just to name a few for you. If you’re new to The Lord of the Rings Online, then you may find the first introduction you get is when you receive the notification of “New Deed”. But what are LOTRO deeds and why should you complete them?

As we delve in, you’ll see that they are useful for all kinds of things and help beginners to get to grips with various aspects of the game. Let’s head into the detail!

What are Deeds?

People are judged by what they do, not by what they say. Or, to quote Strider from the Epic prologue in Archet:

Evil people, with evil intentions will commit evil deeds.

You too are judged by your actions. Your job as one of the Free Peoples is to let your good deeds shine before other people.

Therefore, these are things you have accomplished that aid the Free Peoples – or get to know them better. And the Deed Log (which we’ll come to shortly), is a record of those accomplishments.

In other games I've played, a more common term is achievements. The term 'deeds' is more appropriate to Tolkien-inspired content, I think.

Your Deed Log

The Deed Log is a diary of various accomplishments or achievements for your character. It is like a massive to-do list, with the main difference being that items rarely appear before you do something to trigger a deed.


Types of Deeds

There are many different classifications of deeds – more than might be obvious at the start. I’ve tried to simplify it a little bit for you.

Adventuring & Questing

Here are some of the main “adventuring” ones – those that relate to questing, combat and enemies.

Festival/Event Deeds

As well as your normal “adventuring” ones, festivals in the LOTRO Events Schedule also come with deeds. These may rewards tokens, titles, character frames or decorations, for instance. Here are a few sample ones from festivals.

Misc Deeds

I said earlier, probably more than you could reel off your head. Definitely more than I could, anyway! As this is mainly a beginners guide to LOTRO Deeds, I’ve kept “Instances” in this section, rather than devote a whole part of the guide to them.

Examples of other deeds are:

  • Emote: Using a certain emote a number of times may grant a different emote permanently.
  • Instances: These are (usually) group-based content, but some of those may have a Solo option.
  • The deeds inside Instances may include: Bosses defeated, Numbers of enemies defeated in the instance, finding locations inside them, completing them.
  • Crafting: When you first learn your crafting profession, you receive and auto-complete a deed that grants you a title relating to your profession. LOTRO-WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has the full list.

Meta Deeds

This is a strange term to any newcomers. The easiest way to define them is they are a “Deed of Deeds”. So, for example, the Deeds of Bree-land is a meta-deed. This includes:

And to give you another example: some of the above are also meta-deeds as they have two or more under them. So, Slayer of Bree-land includes:

Tracking Deeds

Keeping a grip on which deeds you intend to do, have done and haven’t started yet is messy. And, if you’re like me and you know a deed exists but cannot find it again, that can be annoying.

Quest Tracker Integration

By default, LOTRO lets you add in-progress deeds to your quest tracker. Since they recently expanded that tracker to contain ten items, this has become a much more viable option.

Simply hit “Add to Tracker” and it’ll appear alongside any active quests you have in there. You may need to lock the item in the Quest Tracker to make sure it’s not overwritten.

Quick Reminder

Deeds involving enemies or specific items have an additional prompt – the tooltip. But this is only true once you have initiated it.

Deed Tracker Plugin

Deed Tracker is one of the LOTRO Plugins created and maintained by “B4”.

It exists to help you track deed completions, rather than show progress of deeds. Their LOTROInterfaceExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) page says:

Unlike the in-game Deed Log, Deed Tracker cannot tell how far along you are on a deed. Deed Tracker is meant to be a companion to the in-game Deed Log, to serve as an easy way to guide your deeding.

So give it a whirl! And if you’ve never used LOTRO Addons before, see my How to Install LOTRO Plugins Guide.

Deed Accelerators

These are consumable items that increase the rate you clear a deed by – and pretty much only refer to slayer deeds now. They double-count non-Skirmish slayer-deed targets; so one brigand counts as two! Two for the effort of one!

There are a few such items listed Deed Accelerator Tome on the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Some can be acquired through playing the game and all are available on the LOTRO Store too.

It used to be the case that you could get class deed accelerators, but I think that stopped when trait points were granted at certain levels rather than by other ways.

Deed Rewards and Benefits

I’ve divided this up into rewards and benefits because, while most people look for the stuff they can get from deeds, there are additional benefits that are less tangible.


There’s no way I could list all the possible rewards for the completion of Middle-Earth’s many deeds! So, I’ll just cover the main ones.



When you trigger a deed, or complete one, you receive a notification – potentially multiple notifications. These will include any Title titles or LOTRO Points LOTRO Points you’ve received too.

However, sometimes when starting or finishing a deed off, clicking the notification does not open or highlight the deed in question. Look in your chat logs to find out which one you’ve completed – in case you missed it when it was happening.

Or check back to the section on Tracking Deeds above.

Tips on Completing Deeds

For Class Deeds

Yes, you can use the abilities mentioned, but not all are that simple. If you have to “evade enemy attacks”, that’s not something you can do with clicks or keystrokes.

Instead, boost the stats through gearing that relate to those deeds. To be fair, though, so long as your gear is up-to-scratch, you should passively increase these regardless.

Other Pointers:

  • You may find some types of food boost the stats you need. So, to take Evasion as the example again, a boost to Agility may increase your chances of advancing that deed.
  • If you have Legendary Weapons/Items then there are traceries for nearly every aspect of your combat stats. You can use that system to increase the probabilities also.

TL;DR LOTRO Deeds Are Not Just for Beginners!

Due to the way deeds are rewarded, this is not just feature for new LOTRO players. Completing deeds becomes a way to gain things that cannot be earned any other way. There are many different types to keep your gameplay varied and they can often be viewed as bonus achievements for stuff you’re already doing. So I encourage you to get to know your deed log, and in each place you adventure, see which are available.

But as you go about completing LOTRO Deeds, I urge you to StopAndStare. Ticking boxes is great, but SSG have made Middle-Earth an immersive place to be. Always take time to enjoy LOTRO, folks.

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