LOTRO Slayer of Swanfleet Deed

LOTRO Slayer of Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide by FibroJedi

Welcome back to Swanfleet in Before the Shadow! I’m continuing my series of posts covering the deeds in this region. Today we’re homing in on the Slayer of Swanfleet Deed. Unlike original starter deeds, Swanfleet only has three groups of enemies you need to beat senseless: Uruks, Wargs and Brigands. You will visit all these locations – even the obscure ones – if you complete all the side-quests in Swanfleet. But if you just want to clear the deeds, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get on with it!

Randoms in the Wild

As you quest throughout Swanfleet, it will not be unusual for you to come across slayer deed targets on their own. Just keep your eyes peeled as your journey. Enemies defeated while questing reduces the amount you’ll feel like you’re grinding.

Warg-Slayer of Swanfleet

Uruk-Slayer of Swanfleet

Uruk-Slayer Deed Rewards

Brigand-Slayer of Swanfleet

Just to clarify here, not every thieving non-orc-kind NPC is an official brigand. For example, there are Dunlendings among the Uruks of Caras Gelebren, but they don’t count for this deed.

As far as I can tell, Radlaw (59.6S, 29.6W) is the only major place for progressing the Brigand-Slayer of Swanfleet Deed. As I mentioned earlier, you will find the odd ones here or there so take advantage of those.

How Many Brigands Do You Need?

  • Stage 1: 30
  • Advanced: 60

Brigand-Slayer Deed Rewards

Deed Map

Slayer of Swanfleet Deed Rewards

Total for All Slayer Deeds

The total rewards for each of the invididual deeds and for completing the Slayer of Swanfleet Deed are:

TL;DR Wreak Havoc During the Slayer of Swanfleet Deed!

Killing enemies is the right thing to do so long as you’re getting recognition and being paid, yes? Slayer Deeds make us into a sort of bounty hunter really! So go crazy, beat up a bunch of enemies and grab some Virtue XP Virtue XP and LOTRO Points LOTRO Points. If you’re looking for more help with this region, see my Before the Shadow Guides. And, if you are just deeding, make sure you take time to look at your surroundings, relax and enjoy your time in Middle-Earth!

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