A Flurry of Fireworks Guide
LOTRO Anniversary Seasonal Instance

LOTRO A Flurry of Fireworks - Anniversary Seasonal Instance Guide and Walkthrough

A Flurry of Fireworks is a Seasonal Instance first introduced during the LOTRO Anniversary Event in 2022. It can be played Solo, or in groups of two, three and six. However, this guide will cover the Solo Version only. In it, you are helping Gandalf the Grey to get his fireworks in position at various points up the hill above Bree-Town. How the quest progresses and which NPCs join may vary each time you run it, though. There is a reason for this – and a Deed that relates to it. Lastly, there’s also a daily quest inside the instance to add some variety into your wrapper completion. So here’s your walkthrough guide to A Flurry of Fireworks:

How Do I Start A Flurry of Fireworks?

To begin the quest, open the Instance Finder panel, which can be found in the buttons at the very bottom of your screen (if you use the default UI layout). The quickest way to find the instance is to:

  1. Search for the name, though “anniversary” will suffice.
  2. Click the instance name once.
  3. Choose the party size at the top (select 1 if it’s only you, or 2 if you’re overlevelled or if you’re just that good!)
  4. Set the level you want to run it at.
  5. Click “Launch Now” at the bottom and then “Travel Now” when the popup… pops up.
A Flurry of Fireworks in Instance Finder

Sparkling Sparklers – Optional

Sparkling Sparklers is an extra daily repeatable. This means it counts towards your Another Lovely Year daily festival wrapper.

Quest Reward

  • Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens × 6

A Flurry of Fireworks Solo Walk-through

And now we come to the actual reason for you being here: A Flurry of Fireworks! As I said earlier, the aim is to set up fireworks. The instance is divided into three phases – three being a magic number in quests, of course. Each stage follows a similar pattern:

  1. Pick up Crates of Fireworks.
  2. Follow/Lead an NPC to a Festival Banner.
  3. Defeat Enemies along the way.
  4. Don’t die.
  5. Fireworks get delivered.

On the first two phases, Gandalf and his Cart rejoin you. The last phase is slightly different, but we’ll get to that.

Thwart Nosey Hobbits

Objective 1: Reach First Banner

Objective 2: Reach the Second Banner

Don’t progress Sparkling Sparklers any more until you reach the second banner. Your helper will not stop running just because you want to do something nice!

Objective 3: Reach the Summit

Get Your Festivity Tokens!

Instance Rewards

  • Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens × 5
  • Silver Coin 15 Copper Coin 74 (Anyone else think these numbers are just random?!)
  • Legendary Item XP Legendary Item XP (if applicable)

Helping Hand (Anniversary) Deed

Firstly, thank you to Kari on Facebook who clued me in to the fact that there is a deed for A Flurry of Fireworks. Also props to @MVPtheBrave for confirming it can be completed on any level.

The reason I did not know about it is that I have run it some ten times on one character and no deed has triggered. I think I now know why.

Earlier I mentioned different helpers coming to join you. These are not personal to your character, but a random selection from eight possible NPCs. These are:

  • Lagorlam
  • Anurandir
  • Flík
  • Pengail
  • Machan
  • Gwin Curhonon
  • Lalia
  • Robb Thornley

How to Complete the Helping Hand Deed

Per the Wiki once you have helped all eight NPCs you’ll clear the deed. But it’s not quiet that straightforward. Each stage of quasi-skirmish has a different group of helpers it randomly selects from.


Stage 1
Lagorlam or
Stage 2
Flík or
Pengail or
Stage 3
Gwin Curhonon or
Lalia or
Robb Thornley

Other Requirements

Additionally, the Wiki says this:

This deed can be completed by doing the quest A Flurry of Fireworks at your level during the Anniversary Event.

I didn’t know about the deed until the weekend just past, because I nearly always run Skirmish-type content a few levels below mine. I’ll have to try and do this (again) at least on my main, as there is still a week of the LOTRO Anniversary Event left!

Deed Rewards

  • Title The Exemplary Escort
  • Anniversary Tokens × 8 Anniversary Tokens


Here are some questions you may have:

TL;DR Get that Flurry of Fireworks Started!

A Flurry of Fireworks (Solo) is a fairly quick, Seasonal Instance that is more about teamwork than fighting. (*cough* So many goats! *cough*). The Sparkling Sparklers daily is easy Solo, and a lovely touch. Celebrations are for the whole family, so I do like it when LOTRO include children in this kind of way. I hope this walkthrough was helpful. Don’t forget my Anniversary Event Guide and Anniversary Celebration Rewards are resources to help you make the most of the Event too. Have fun!


  1. I was unable to give a sparkler to the first child (for Sparkling Sparklers) while a Nosey Hobbit was nearby. If you try that, you get interrupted and temporarily stunned.

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