LOTRO Bree-land Slayer Deed Map and Guide

LOTRO Slayer of Bree-land Deed Map and Guide

The Slayer of Bree-land Deed in LOTRO takes you all over this vast region, but earns you a lot of LOTRO Points! From the relative beauty of the Southern Bree-fields, to the oppressive Old Forest and into the haunted Barrow-Downs, you’ll be taking out many enemies of the Free Peoples. Here is my guide to this rather huge Slayer Deed – along with a map to assist you. A final note, ticking off some of these targets also progresses the Ruins of Bree-land Deed, so you can run the two Deeds together. Let’s get to it!

Barghest Slayer

Barghests are a evil wolf-type creature. If your character is an Elf or Dwarf, you will have encountered some of these during your introductory quests. They are drawn to areas of intense evil and death.

Where to Find Barghests in Bree-land

Barghests roam the Barrow-Downs – both Northern and Southern. As the Epic passes through here, and is a common place to find people clearing the Deeds of Bree-land, you may need to scout both sections. If you’re new to LOTRO, please be aware that the Southern Barrow-Downs has higher level enemies. So you may need to consider coming back to clear this deed – or recruit a friend to help you.

Note: I haven’t mapped individual Barghests on my map because they wander around a fair bit. So should you when you’re hunting them!

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Bree-land Woodsman Deed (Huorns)

Although I did originally do a separate guide to hunting Huorns in Bree-land, I wanted to retrace my steps a little. I especially wanted to map out the Old Forest. You can see the new map either to the right on larger screens, or lower down the page on smaller ones.

Where Are Huorns in Bree-land?

There are two locations to locate Awakened Trees, or Huorns. If you’re new to LOTRO, or to Lord of the Rings lore, then a Huorn is a tree that is able to move around of its own free will. Huorns are not Ents, which are a separate species/race altogether. For the Bree-land Woodsman deed, if you can shoot the tree it counts!

The two main locations are The Old Forest and the very South of the Southern Barrow-downs (which borders the Old Forest).

The Old Forest

Huorns in the North of the Forest are called: Warped Oaks

In the Southern part of the Old Forest they are called: Grim Barren-Oak

The Southern Barrow-Downs

The vicious Dreadful Barrow-Maple Huorns can be found in the Southern Barrow-Downs.

Although I’ve marked some locations for Huorns, they are approximate. A defeated Awakened Tree tends to respawn nearby, but not always in the same spot it fell. The map is also likely incomplete, simply because you’re rarely alone in the Old Forest. Other adventurers are ensnared by the Forest pretty much all the time.

Note: Unless you use AoE (Area of Effect) damaging skills, the Huorns in the North of the Forest won’t trigger their roots when you attack them. This is often not true of the Trees in the Southern half. I don’t recall the Barrow-Maples having roots, but I’ll check that.

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Brigand Slayer

If there’s a type of enemy you’ll have absolutely no problems in finding it’s Brigands. Lawless men and women appear to be the main scourge of Bree-land. They are almost everywhere! If you are simply questing in the region, you’ll clear this slayer deed without even trying. However if you are “deeding” here are a few hotspots:

For Race of Man

If you are of the Race of Man or Beorning, then after the Burning of Archet, you’ll start out back in Archet. This pretty-much guarantees you’ll clear Brigand Slayer very early on in your questing.

Blackwold’s Roost

Coords: 26.7S, 46.4W

Although you come here during the intro, neither the explorer nor the slayer deeds advance at that time. After the intro, you can take your revenge out on the Blackwolds!

See Blackwold’s Roost

Blackwold Headquarters

Coords: 27.1S, 56.1W

A number of quests may bring you in here and you won’t receive a warm welcome! An additional warning, the warg Baugarch roams around this ruin. Don’t get eaten.

See Blackwold Headquarters

Additionally, some Blackwold Brigands can be found camped and wandering around South of Blackwold Headquarters.

Note: Both these locations count towards the Ruins of Bree-land Deed. You can also find the Ancient Cairn in Blackwold’s Roost, which is an item for the History of the Dúnedain Deed.

See Map

For Non Race of Man

If you are other races, then you’ll almost certainly be entering Bree-land from the West. So these targets are more on your route than the ones above.

Old Sweetgrass Farm

Coords: 28.0S, 56.0W

Brigand’s Watch

Coords: 27.1S, 56.1W

Outlaw’s Haven

Coords: 28.8S, 59.1W

There are also a bunch of Brigands just South of Adso’s Camp at (29.3S, 55.7W)

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Neekerbreeker Slayer

Neekerbreekers were so named by Samwise Gamgee. During The Fellowship of the Ring, when camped out in Midgewater Marshes he heard the sounds of “neek-breek, breek-neek”[1]http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/n/neekerbreekers.php. There are various incarnations of these critters in Middle-Earth. And for Neeker-Breeker Slayer in Bree-land, you can find them in two key locations.

Midgewater Marsh

Neekerbreekers can mostly be found in the Northern half of Midgewater Marshes. The bonus is you can also progress Spider Slayer, as well as pick up objectives for The Ruins of Bree-land and History of the Dúnedain deeds.

Other Nearby Deeds:

Halecatch Lake

Just South of Bree, as you head towards Andrath is a pool called Halecatch Lake (32.7S, 52.0W).

Assuming you don’t get distracted by the cute baby turtles, there are loads of Neekerbreekers for you!

Other Nearby Deeds:

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Orc Slayer

The threat of Orcs invading Bree-land stems from them spilling out of the North Downs. Consequently, Orcs are only found in the Northern area of Bree-land. Thankfully there are a lot of them, so completing the Orc-Slayer Deed is pretty easy. If another player is also taking out Orcs in the area you’re deeding in (there being many Orc-centric quests), then you can move to a different one. No problem.

Where to Find Orcs in Bree-land

The main three areas for your slaying hunt are:

Cirith Nûr Encampment

Coords: 20.8S, 54.9W
There are loads of Orcs here at Cirith Nûr. However, because of quests and deeders, you are unlikely to find yourself alone there. Instead of competing for Orc-Slayer, why not finish the deed someplace else?

Northern Bree-Fields

Coords: 20.7S, 53.4W
There is a whole quest chain, starting at Thornley’s Farm that brings you out here. Rob Thornley has been captured by Orcs and taken North.

This camp has no official name, but there’s a good cluster of Orcs here.

Eastern Bree-Fields

Coords: 21.1S, 46.7W
Once you have quested so far through Bree-land, you get a summons from Andreg. From Old Greenway Fort, the quest-chain takes you to the Eastern Bree-fields. There is a large contingency of Tarkrip Orcs here, so there really are enough to go around in Bree-land.

If you really want to be thorough, a couple of Orcs can also be found just East of The Horsefields. They’re in a small circular ruin at (22.1S, 51.1W).

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Sicklefly Slayer

Until putting this Bree-land Slayer Deed guide together, I had thought Sickeflies could only be found in one area. But @RebelRealCanon reminded me that wasn’t the case.

Where to Find Sickleflies in Bree-land

So here are the two places when taking on the Sicklefly Slayer Deed in Bree-land:

Midgewater Marsh

Sickleflies can be mostly found in the Southern section of Midgewater Marsh. Check along the banks as well as on clearly marshy ground. As with other deeds, there’s a chance you’re not hunting these alone. If that’s the case go do a different deed or head to Far Chetwood.

Other Nearby Deeds:

Far Chetwood

Far beyond the Eastern Bree-fields is Far Chetwood. You can go from Far Chetwood into Archet, if you want. So if you haven’t completed Brigand Slayer or Spider Slayer, this is possible in Archet Dale. Just be considerate: Archet Dale is a place for a new characters, yes, but also new players. Think of others before storming in.

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Spider Slayer

Spiders in Tolkien’s works always represent evil on eight legs. And throughout LOTRO, the spiders only get bigger, hairier and more vicious! There is also no lack of spiders for you to kill to progress the Bree-land Slayer Deed!

Where to Find Spiders in Bree-land

I have a genuine fear of spiders in the offline world. Thankfully online I’m a wee bit better. That said, LOTRO have done an amazing job with the design Spider Matrons/Queens. Don’t worry, most of your targets for the Spider Slayer Deed are much, much smaller than these!

The Old Forest

While there are a few spiders in the North part of the Old Forest (see: Old Forest Map), the vast majority are in the very South. Lebrennil roams around Weaver’s Den too, so be warned!

Read FanFiction: Escape from the Weavers’ Den

Other Nearby Deeds:

The Barrow-Downs

While Spiders do not roam on the landscape of the Barrow-Downs, they can be found in some of the Barrows. This is especially true of the Barrow of Taradan. This barrow has its own deed – Brood Hunter. However this is not required to complete the Slayer of Bree-land Deed.

These Spiders may also drop items for Men of Bree reputation.

Other Nearby Deeds:

  • Barrow-Downs Exploration
  • Brood Hunter

Archet Dale

Despite Archet Dale being a starter area, there’s definitely no lack of drama here. Nor is there a lack of spiders!

There is a whole spider cave just east of Archet itself and there are even more in and near Sprigley’s Cellar.

Other Nearby Deeds:

Midgewater Marsh

Marshwater Fort in the middle of Midgewater Marsh is home to many, many spiders. In fact, the Race of Man and Beorning Epic questline brings you through here while you are chasing Amdir.

But don’t worry there are plenty of Marsh Spiders around outside the Fort for you to “play” with.

Other Nearby Deeds:

A bonus, and likely to be encountered first by Race of (Wo)Man and Beornings: you can find spiders near the road Chetwood North not far from Blackwold Headquarters.

See Map

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Wight Slayer

If all you want is the Wight Slayer Deed then it is likely to be less stressful outside the barrows. Tombs such as a the Barrow of Ringdor are very commonly filled with players, as farming reputation items is pretty easy there.

Wights are reanimated humanoids, inhabited by evil spirits. I believe elsewhere in LOTRO, you are reminded that you are not killing the person the wight originally was. You are banishing the indwelling spirit, at least temporarily.

Where to Find Wights in Bree-land

As with Barghest Slayer, wights are only found in the Barrow-Downs within Bree-land. However, in terms of those on the “landscape”, look around the burial mounds and entrances to Barrows.

Many of the barrow “dungeons” also contain wights of varying numbers and strength. In case you’re farming Men of Bree reputation, or searching for the pages of Cardolan’s Journal, these more commonly fall from wights inside barrows.

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Slayer Deed Map

Here’s the regional map for the Bree-land Slayer Deed. Remember for Bree-land Woodsman, that this map may be more helpful.

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Slayer of Bree-land Deed Rewards

For all of the creatures, except for Sickleflies, you are required to deafeat 90 foes to clear both stages of the slayer deed. You are only required to take down 60 Sickleflies.

Each Slayer Deed

Each 8 individual creature’s slayer deed nets you:
  • LOTRO Points: 15
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 1,200
  • Marks: 30
  • Virtue XP: 2,000

Overall Deed Rewards

Once you complete the actual Slayer of Bree-land Deed, you will be rewarded with:
  • Marks: 100
  • Virtue XP: 2,000
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 900

Total Rewards

Therefore your complete take-home pay is:
  • LOTRO Points: 120
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 10,500
  • Virtue XP: 18,000
  • Marks: 340

You will also earn additional LOTRO points for each level of Men of Bree Reputation you reach.

TL;DR – Earn Plenty of LOTRO Points with the Bree-land Slayer Deeds

There are a lot of foes that need defeating to aid the Men (and Women) of Bree. The Bree-land Slayer Deeds let you see all aspects of the region too, which is a great thing on its own. So take down those brigands, pillage the Barrow-Downs and hack down those Huorns for LOTRO Points, reputation and coin. A Hero of Middle-Earth must get rewarded for their insane, death-defying acts, after all!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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