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LOTRO Lone-lands Exploration Deed Guide - Lone-lands Explorer Deed

The Explorer of the Lone-Lands Deed is a so-called ‘meta-deed’, one that completes after finishing sub-deeds. It is divided into four distinct sections, one of which should be left until you are either a higher level or can recruit a friend or two to help you complete them. I’ll tackle the soloable parts first, then we can move onto the trickier bit. Rather than split this into four separate guides, I decided to do “one guide to rule them all”, so you can clear the Lone-lands exploration deed without leaving the page.

Many Places to Visit

This is not the Chicken Play deed! If you want that then see LOTRO-Wiki

As you can see from the post sections menu, there are a lot of places to visit, which span most of the region. I found it easier to clear the deed group-by-group, rather than a West-to-East journey. Tackle it in whichever way you’re happiest and most comfortable.

Explore the Grimfens

Explore the Defences of the Lone-lands

Barad Iachiant

I hope you’re ready for a trek, because the Defences of the Lone-lands has nine different locations!

The Lornspan

Explore Weathertop


Until today, I had not managed to find the easy route to the top of this hill. It’s quite embarassing, to be honest! You can take an almost direct route from Candaith’s Camp heading as as the Craban flies, pretty much. Though that route is very steep.

However, a much more rational path is here: From Echad Sûl, travel directly due South, until you reach…wait for it…a path! Then just turn left (East) and follow it up. Now, I really feel stupid!

Weathertop in Lore

Weathertop is a really crucial location from a Lord of the Rings lore persepctive. It is here that Frodo is stabbed with a Morgul-blade when he and his companions are attacked by Nazgûl on their way to Rivendell. It is Aragorn’s quick-thinking and gratuitous use of fire that keeps them at bay. You can find more lore about this on LOTRO-Wiki. As that tower used to belong to the Free Peoples, in LOTRO, you will work with Candaith to take it back from Enemy forces. Though, you’ll be grateful to learn, not from Nazgûl!

Weathertop Exploration Map

Explore Garth Agarwen

Right, this is where the Explorer of the Lone-lands Deed gets a bit tricky. For that reason, although the Garth Agarwen Exploration Deed appears first in the overall deed log, I decided to tackle this last. Garth Agarwen is a higher-difficulty area of the Lone-lands, originally designed (I think) for groups to tackle in the early days of LOTRO. Some of this deed is technically soloable – and if you’re a Lore-Master or Captain then may well be so. But three locations are not actually on the landscape, but in group instances.

Solo Locations

The Outer Gates

Okay, this is where it starts to get tricky. The Epic will eventually transport you to Radagast’s second delightful base at Agamaur. In the event you have not mapped the Outer Gates beforehand, you can reach the Eglain base at the edge of this area by taking the Red Pass.

Warning: Many of the enemies in Garth Agarwen are at least signature difficulty and L27-30+. If you want to journey here unimpeded, ensure you’re at least L38.

Group Content Locations

The next three locations will appear as markers on your map once you’ve ticked them off the deed, but they cannot be reached on the landscape. Instead, you have to run six-person instances in a group – at least if you’re a low-ish level. Once you’re significantly over-levelled you may be able to solo them. I have run into issues attempting this before, especially with certain bosses where the mechanics can still kill you. But I did manage these Garth Agarwen Exploration locations with minimal hitches.

Explorer of the Lone-lands Deed Rewards

  • Marks × 100 Marks
  • 3 × Rejuvination Potions
  • Virtue XP 2,000 Virtue XP
  • Reputation +900 (The Eglain)

TL;DR Exploration Deed is lot of work for an Early Zone

Considering this is the fourth of the early zones in the classic Shadows of Angmar base pack, clearing the Explorer of the Lone-lands Deed is really involved! But, in one sense, it helps to set the scene of the various stories your LOTRO character is involved in. Weathertop is a key moment for the group that would become the Fellowship of the Ring. The Defences of the Lone-lands gives you insight into structures that used to be there before Enemy forces destroyed it all. And Garth Agarwen introduces the darker side and paves the way for your continued struggle against Angmar and its allies.Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you and I’ll see you soon for more LOTRO goodness.
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